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In orienteering, "the thinking sport", you use a map and compass to navigate a course through unfamiliar terrain. People of all ages enjoy orienteering as a leisurely walk in the woods or as a competitive cross-country race.

Newcomers are welcome at BAOC events, which are held throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer beginners' courses suitable for both individuals and families, as well as advanced courses that challenge the technical and physical capabilities of individuals and small teams. Learn more here.

We encourage all runners to try orienteering. A runners' welcome page is here.

What About COVID-19?

BAOC events follow the COVID-19 rules laid down by the Federal Government, the State of California, the County in which the event is being held, and the competition area landowners​—​whichever is more stringent. Please follow event guidelines to help us protect participants from exposure to COVID-19.

News and Notes

A Google calendar is on the Schedule page​—​if you have a personal Google calendar, you can subscribe to this one to have the events displayed on your calendar.

Various "news" items are posted on this page. Recent items:

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Other Northern California Orienteering Opportunities

The organizations listed below put on events in Northern California and nearby. Their events are listed on the Schedule page (i.e., when "All Clubs" is selected).

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