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Guidelines for Volunteers

Table of contents

The information on this page should be of particular usefulness to Event Directors, Course Setters, and other event volunteers. Without the many and varied skills and efforts provided by volunteers, this club's events couldn't happen!

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Official Forms

Event Director Guide

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Course Setter Guide

Volunteer Instructions

A step-by-step guide to Condes software package, by Evan Custer.
Werner Haag has provided both a description (PDF/4KB) (http:/pdfs/starto_info.pdf) of this children's course and a guide (PDF/6KB) (http:/pdfs/starto_checklist.pdf) to setting one up.

Equipment Information

Historical Information

An archive of old event announcements, which is useful for finding out what was done in the past at the park where you may be putting on a new event.


Are you giving a presentation about Orienteering? Ian Tidswell (former BAOC President) prepared an excellent set of slides for introducing people to orienteering.

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The OUSA "Virtual Binder"

Electronic version of the Orienteering USA information "binder", containing everything from the Rules of Competition, to National Event guidelines, to funding policies, to ...:
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Forms (
National Event organization (
History (
Annual general meeting (
Administrative policies (
Administrative documents (
Board of Directors (
Board-related documents (