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There has been a recent discussion on the BayONet ( about orienteering videos on the Internet. I spent some time searching through people's recommendations and YouTube, and came up with this list (PDF/68KB). I tried to pick ones that cover the main aspects of orienteering, showing beginners, how to's, as well as advanced races, relay, night, and Ski-O, plus a few short advertisements for orienteering. I sorted them in what I think would be roughly the order of interest for a newcomer.
I think it would also be useful to add one made at a BAOC event, showing the entire process from finding the road signs to get there, to registering, running, reporting back, downloading, and post-mortem discussions with friends. I also could not find anything good explaining how to read an orienteering map, so we might want to make one of those if we can't find one already done. Anybody interested in helping?
Werner Haag
(November 19, 2010)
[Editor's note: The list of videos will soon be included on this page, instead of in a PDF file.]