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Club Communications

BAOC has a Facebook Page

Visit it here ( Please join and contribute!

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BayONet E-mail List

BAOC has an electronic mailing list called the BayONet. It's used by club members to plan future events, discuss event results, and discuss the sport of orienteering in general. You don't have to be a club member to subscribe; once you join, you can send e-mail to the group, as well as receive all the messages sent by other members.

The BayONet also has a Web page at that contains searchable message archives, a subscriber list, subscription management services, polls, chat, and file storage (for photos, maps, etc.). Access to the Web services requires a Yahoo ID (you don't need a Yahoo ID just to use the mailing list).

If you already have a Yahoo ID, then you may need to associate your subscribed e-mail address with your ID; go to Account Info at and follow the instructions. If you want an ID, then go to and make a Yahoo ID. Then there are a few steps to associate your new ID with your subscription to BayONet; follow the instructions at, or contact the if you need help.

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Monthly Schedule E-mail

Once a month, an announcement of upcoming events is sent to a list of subscribers to that service. This list is administered like the one for the BayONet, but the addresses are different. Unlike the BayONet, however, only the list administrators can post messages to the list.

Like the BayONet, the Events list has a Web page at It contains the most recent announcement, both as the original email (but with the formatting corrupted [Thanks Yahoo!]) and as a downloadable file. Access to the file requires a Yahoo ID (you don't need a Yahoo ID just to subscribe to the mailing list, or to access the latest message on the Web page). See above for more information about Yahoo IDs.

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BAOC Training E-mail List

BAOC has an additional electronic mailing list called baoct, which members use to discuss training in more detail or organize training activities. For example, we use it to organize the weekly running workouts in the South Bay. Make sure you join the BayONet, too.

The baoct group also has a Web page, at, that you can use to find out more about the list.

BAOC COOL Juniors E-Mail List

If you are a junior or a parent of a junior, please register for the BAOC COOL mailing list called BAOC_Juniors.

The BAOC_Juniors group also has a Web page, at, where you can join the group and see previous messages (after joining).

BAOC Ski-O E-Mail List

If you are interested in the annual Ski-O events, you can register for the BAOC Ski-O mailing list.

Here are the "rules" for the group:

Here are instructions for how to interact with the group: