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Schedule (2022)

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Unless otherwise noted, all of the club's events take place within the San Francisco Bay Area, are on Sundays, go on rain or shine, and offer courses for beginners. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for information about event schedules, costs, and what to bring.

Click on the event date to go to the event webpage/website. For the latest information for any event, please check the event webpage/website closer to the event, or (for local events) contact the Event Director. There are additional details about the event schedule below.

Note that there is a Google calendar of "local" events below the list of events. You can subscribe to that calendar to have the events shown on your personal Google calendar.

If an event you are interested in no longer appears on the schedule, please check the Archive of event announcements or the Results.

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Date Event Name,
Type, and Notes
Event Director
or Contact
Course Setter(s)
Oct. 1 - 31 Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve
Antioch, CA
NAV-X Challenge (NAV-X)
Rogaine; 3h/6h do-it-yourself map-trekking courses using the MapRun6 (smartphone) and MapRunG (Garmin) apps (dates shown are due to website limit; actual dates are Sept. 1 through Nov. 15)
Oct. 8 - 9 2022 Masters Nationals; Union, CT New England Orienteering Club (NEOC)
A; 2-Day combined-time Classic championships; sanctioning approved (entry deadline: Oct 2)
Oct. 8
Campbell Find-Your-Way 5k & Scramble; Campbell, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Discover the quirks & wonders of Campbell—its parks, views, decor, & history. Choose a 5k (you plan the route) or a 90-minute Scramble (you find as many of the 36 checkpoints as you can). Preregister for lower fees. (Not a BAOC event)
Oct. 13 - 16 South American Orienteering Championships; Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
A; Elite, Youth, Junior, Master, & Open competitions in 3 countries: Sprint in Paraguay, Long in Argentina, Middle in Brazil (entry deadline: Sept. 5). NOTE: U.S. citizens need a visa to enter Paraguay, but not for Argentina or Brazil.
Oct. 16
Mt. Madonna Scramble; Gilroy, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
2-hour map-adventure course; teams of 1 to 5 enjoy a trail and wilderness scramble among the majestic redwoods, tan oaks, and Miller Estate ruins at Mount Madonna County Park. Preregister by Oct. 9 or 13 for lower fees. (Not a BAOC event)
Oct. 22
Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
San Ramon, CA
TBD (You?)
Possible 2022 Golden Goat & Golden Kid—after a 2-year absence from the schedule, we hope for the return of an extra-long "Goat" course, and a long "Kid" course, with a shared mass start; and (hopefully) regular beginner courses with separated starts (pending park approval)
Oct. 29
Haunted Village 5k & 10k; Point Richmond, Richmond, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Trick or treating for adults (and families) in teams of 1 to 5! Bring a headlamp or flashlight, and adventure through the wickedly decorated neighborhoods of Point Richmond, finding awesome displays. Preregister for lower fees. (Not a BAOC event)
Oct. 30
Tilden Regional Park
Berkeley, CA
George Minarik
B; Details are TBD as part of the permitting process (pending park approval)
Nov. 5
Mendocino Find-Your-Way 5k & Scramble; Mendocino, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Discover the quirks & wonders of Mendocino—its parks, views, decor, & history. Choose a 5k (you plan the route) or a 90-minute Scramble (you find as many of the 36 checkpoints as you can). Preregister for lower fees. (Not a BAOC event)
Nov. 6
Hendy Woods Trail Scramble; Hendy Grove, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Enjoy a trail scramble among the majestic redwoods of Hendy Woods State Park. Discover the legend of a hermit & see his huts! In teams of 1 to 5, find as many of the 20 checkpoints as you can in 2 hours. Preregister for lower fees. (Not a BAOC event)
Nov. 11 - 13 2022 U.S. Nationals; Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Orienteering Club (LAOC)
A; Sprint at Pierce College (not yet sanctioned), Middle at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area, and Long at Red Rock Canyon State Park (event hotel rate ends Oct. 11; entry deadlines: Oct. 16, Nov. 1)
Nov. 20
Briones Regional Park
Lafayette, CA
NAV-X Challenge (NAV-X)
Rogaine; 2h/4h "in person" map-trekking courses
Dec. 3 - 4 Possum Trot 2022; Lenexa, KS Possum Trot Orienteering Club (PTOC)
The Pre-Possum location is TBD; the Possum Trot will be at Shawnee Mission Park (details TBD)
Dec. 4
Spring Lake Regional Park
Santa Rosa, CA
- 415.456.8118 James Roney
C; Beginner and intermediate/advanced courses. This park is suitable for first-timers.
Dec. 23
Holiday Hustle 5k & 10k; Alameda, CA - 510.681.6181
terraloco (LOCO)
Rex Winterbottom
Adventure through the decorated neighborhoods of Alameda's east end, finding awesome displays, & answering simple questions about 20 checkpoints on the 5k, 36 on the 10k. Costumes are encouraged! Preregister for lower fees. (Not a BAOC event)

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Google Calendar of Events

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Working Calendars of Upcoming Events

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Another working calendar of events, named the CA OR WA NV AZ Adventure Calendar is available here ( In addition to BAOC and other regional events, it lists major national and international events.

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