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Why a New Design?

By Van Boughner

I proposed some sweeping changes to the BAOC web site in January 2004. Visually, you probably found most the noticable the changes to the the new navigation system and color scheme. Behind the scenes, however, I also worked hard to modernize the site and make it easier to maintain (more on that below).


I realize that people get attached to the look of a website (I know I do), and I didn't want to leave people out of the process, so I conducted a two-week feedback period during which I could address concerns or incorporate new ideas from club members before switching over from the old design (on the left) to the new look (what you see in this page).

What To Look For in Site Design

A good first impression is important, and the look of a web site sets the tone for a visitor's experience. The top-level page should contain links to the most useful information available and create a good jumping off point for a search. You'd like new visitors to stay a while, and hope that something will capture their interest, or if they are looking for something in particular, you hope that they will find it easily.

The look of the top-level page should be carried into every page on the site. This makes it easy to recognize that you are still within the website. The navigation system should be consistent across the entire site, make it easy to move around within the site, and give you an idea where you are right now.

New Features in this Design

Photo gallery image (click to enlarge)

Photo gallery image (click to enlarge)

How to Help

People react to colors and navigation systems in a variety of ways. I'd like to know how you react. Please send your feedback on the design to . Tell me how it makes you feel. Do you like what's in the navigation menu? Is there something missing from the menu that you need often?

If you are confused by anything, let me know. If the design isn't easy to understand, it needs to be fixed.

Update May 2005

The look of the web site remains the same, but we are slowly converting all of the pages to use a wiki. This will allow for easier editing of the web site by any club member, right from the browser.