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How is the Site Utilized?

by Van Boughner, 3/1/04

I have compiled a few statistics regarding web site usage within the last few months in case you are interested.

Traffic on the web site reached a high point last September with a count of around 18,000 visitors to the site during the month. Please keep in mind that this number is not a measure of unique, human visitors, but rather a total of all visits to the site, by search engine robots, return visitors, me testing the site, anything at all.

Photo gallery image (click to enlarge)

The number of visitors slowly declined toward the end of the year, with about 14,000 in December. The number of visitors has begun increasing again since the beginning of the year, with 17,000 in January, and nearly 18,000 in February. All in all, traffic on our web site remains relatively consistent.

The most popular pages/sections on the web site are (as an approximate percentage of total page views):

home page:     22%
results:       17%
schedule:      12%
maps:          10%
club info:      4%
FAQ:            3%
volunteer info: 2%
rankings:       2%
training:       1%
site info:      1%
reno-tahoe:   0.5%

Gerry Goss at Briones, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

10% of our traffic comes from Google referrals and 2% from Yahoo referrals, but 78% of our traffic comes from nowhere in particular (i.e. the visitor typed the name directly into their browser, or selected from a favorite list). This leads me to believe that nearly 80% of visitors are club members.

The average visitor looks at 3 to 4 pages on the site when they visit.

These are the top keywords people typed in when they were searching for or searching on the site:

bear valley skiing
compass bearings
bay area orienteering
bay area parks
pace count
event planning checklist
bay area orienteering club
orienteering bay area

I hope you found this informative!