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Trinka Gillis and Bjorn Widerstrom managed the E-punch operations (2004 Royal Gorge Ski-O, Photo: Tony Pinkham)

Bear Valley Ski-O

Date: Saturday and Sunday, February 26-27, 2005
Location: Near Arnold, CA.
Event Director: - 650-969-5320
Course Setters: Trinka Gillis and Jim Waite
Event Type: Ski-O; Score-O courses on Saturday, point-to-point courses on Sunday

Course Setter's Notes added on 2/25.

The last Ski-O event for 2005 will be at Bear Valley, where we'll once again have a two-day event. The first day will have Score-O courses that utilize the entire resort, and the second day will have point-to-point courses that utilize a smaller, though still extensive, area. As always, we'll include a bunch of bushwacked trails (perhaps a new set this year) to alter your perception of the area.

Brenda Giese, repeat California Ski-O Champion, finishing at Bear Valley in 2002

On day 1, you'll be skiing Trinka Gillis' Score-O courses. Everyone will have the same controls but the course you choose to do determines the amount of time you have to look for controls. Typically, beginners would have enough time to only get controls in the easier areas, intermediates would have a little more time to get the controls in the easier hills (intermediate trails), and experts would have more time to brave the steeper expert areas with longer trails to get to the most difficult controls. E-punch will probably not be used for these courses (check the Web page to be sure).

On day 2, you'll be skiing Jim Waite's point-to-point courses. There will be two beginner courses (mostly flat easier trails), one intermediate course (using intermediate trails in hilly areas), and two advanced courses (these courses go anywhere he can challenge your skiing skills and strengths). E-punch will be used for these courses.

Thorsten Graeve gives a beginner clinic (2004 Royal Gorge Ski-O, Photo: Tony Pinkham)

Registration, beginner clinics, and starts/finishes occur at the main trailhead for the cross country trails. Ski rentals are available in the ticket office/store across the highway from the trail head. Registration begins at 9:00 and continues to noon, (free) clinics begin at 9:30 and continue through the morning, and starts occur from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. All participants must finish their courses by 2:30, so we have time to pick things up. You can continue skiing until the resort closes each day (we are always looking for people to help pick up controls--hint, hint).

The per day ski-orienteering fees for our two-day ski-orienteering event at Bear Valley include your trail pass and are as follows:

	Super Senior (70+)             $8
	Senior (60-69)                $20
	Adult (18-59)                 $26
	Junior (13-18)                $16
	Child (9-12)                  $12
	Child 8 & under              free

This event is one of three qualifying events for the 2005 Sierra Ski-Orienteering Championships. To compete in the championships, you must attend at least two of the four planned event days, and have the highest average placings for a racing category. When ties occur, we prioritize the results by the event day as follows:

  Highest priority     - Bear Valley day 2 (point-to-point)
  2nd highest priority - Royal Gorge
  3rd highest priority - Burton Creek
  4th highest priority - Bear Valley day 1 (Score-O)


There are plenty of places to stay in Arnold, plus a few places to stay right in the Bear Valley area.

Driving Directions

Take Highway 4 east from Stockton, through Angels Camp and Arnold, to Bear Valley (30-45 minutes from Arnold with good driving conditions). Follow the orienteering signs to parking and then to the trailhead.