Calero '14 A-meet
Calero 2014 A-meet

O' in the Oaks 2014

Orienteering USA Sanctioned A-meet

2014 Western States Orienteering Championships

Calero County Park¹

Date: Sep. 27 - 28, 2014
Location: San Jose, CA
Event Director: - 650.941.8251
Course Setters: Theo Verhoeven, Cedric Lasfargues
Type: A; OUSA sanctioned 2-day Classic A-meet with recreational courses for beginners and others who do not want to compete; this event will be the 2014 Western States Orienteering Championships

Event Director's Notes


Welcome to the O in the Oaks 2014 A-meet​—​we are looking forward to seeing you all for some classic California Fall orienteering.


Temperatures are likely to be high 70's to low 80's, with cooler mornings. Rain is very unlikely but not impossible. Competitors should prepare for sunny, hot and dry conditions, and hydrate appropriately before starting your course.

Course Setters' Notes

The Course Setters' Notes contain a lot of useful, and important information about the Calero map and courses. Please be sure to read them.

Starts Procedures

There will be two separate Starts on both days:

White/Yellow/Orange – Beginner and Intermediate Courses
Brown/Green/Red/Blue – Advanced Courses

Details of the Start locations are in the Course Setters' Notes.

Please arrive at the Start at least 10 minutes before your start time.

Note: The Day-1 advanced Start is a 30-minute uphill walk from the registration area. Please allow for that time.

Water will be available at the Starts.

The following procedure will apply at the start area​—​at both Starts, on both days:

At the 4-minute call-up line, a volunteer will call your name, check that you have a whistle, check your bib number, and will hold a Check unit for a final verification of your E-stick.
There, you will be at the Start line, and will have two minutes to pick up a control description sheet, if needed, and receive a map. Do not look at the map during that time.

The Start Triangle will be at the Start punch units on all the courses on both days.

The Day-1 Finish is not far from the White/Yellow/Orange start area.

E-Punch Procedure

All competitors must download their E-punch at the tent located in the assembly area immediately after their run​—​even if you did not complete the course.

Recreational runners must register at the E-punch tent before going to the Start.

All the courses close at 3:00 PM. Everyone must report to the Finish by then, and to the E-punch tent, even if they have not completed their course.

Poison Oak

Poison Oak is present throughout the park. Competitors are encouraged to wash all exposed areas with Tecnu, or water and soap, as soon as possible after their run.

Full leg cover is recommended.


We have arranged a special dinner at a nearby restaurant for the event participants on Saturday evening. Advanced reservation is needed to guarantee a seat. However, you might be able to purchase a ticket on Saturday based on availability.

The dinner will be held at 6:00 PM at the Sonoma Chicken Coop in San Jose (5925 Almaden Expy, 408-997-1272), 15 minutes from Calero Park.

See the event announcement for details of the menu and prices, and for a map showing the location.

Labyrinth O

Please try our fun "labyrinth" course in the assembly area to test your small-course speed and navigation skills.

Event Volunteers

Listed below are the volunteers who have worked in advance to make this event happen.

In addition, nearly every club member and many visiting participants have also volunteered to help during the event​—​a big thanks to all!

Course Setters: Theo Verhoeven, Cedric Lasfargues
OUSA Course Consultant: Francis Hogle
Vetters: Daniel Engovatov, Matthias Kohler, Shura Kretchetov, Derek Maclean, Luc Poppe
Registrar: Steve Beuerman
E-Punch: Rosemary Johnson
Starts: Marie-Josée Parayre
Finishes: Graham and Christine Brew
Registration: Ev and Jean Beuerman
Control Pickup: Steve Harrison
Social, Including Dinner: Cornelia Coolen
Contingency: Misha Kreslavsky, Dan Greene
Website: Chuck Spalding
Labyrinth O: Matej Sebo
Safety: Wes Erck
Camping: Nancy Lindeman
A-Meet Advisors: Gary Kraght, Dennis Wildfogel, Steve Harrison
Santa Clara County Park Staff: Carolyn Tucker, Steve Famalette, Bill Burr