2013 Sierra Summerfest
2013 Sierra Summerfest

Sierra Summerfest

Day 2 (PM): Mass-start Motola Fun Event

Burton Creek State Park

Date: (Fri.) Jul. 26, 2013
Location: Tahoe City, CA
Event Director: - 650.281.5280
Course Setter: Nik Weber
Type: C; Afternoon mass-start Motala fun event

Course Setter's Notes

By Nik Weber

After racing the ultrafast Sprint at Donner Lake State Park in the morning (and having a nice lunch somewhere in Truckee), come down to North Lake Tahoe and have fun on the Burton Creek Motola! This is not an A-meet course, just a chance to stretch your legs and enjoy more time in the woods.

The Motala will consist of four loops with one common control behind a big rock. The last loop (we like to call it "Loop 4") will be the same for everyone, but the order of the first three loops will be randomly distributed. Each loop will have a common control description as well, because this is a fun course. For example, the controls on one loop will all be on boulders. There will be ample opportunity for spectating, especially since the last loop is about 75% visible from the Start/Finish area, and the shared control, too. Spectators can watch the last 1.5 km happen in real time!

The map is fairly accurate, for the most part, and most of the controls will be easily visible. Most of the controls are approaching Orange level, but there are a couple advanced-level controls on two of the loops. In general, if the control feature is very obvious (e.g., gigantic rock, light pole, etc.), the control itself will be less obvious, and if the control feature is not as obvious (e.g., 1/2 m knoll) you might see the control before you see the feature. As usual at Burton Creek, some of the indistinct trails and narrow rides are kind of iffy. Not all trails are mapped and not all mapped trails exist, especially close to the school​—​the students apparently change them often. There are many more rocks and stumps than are on the map, but around controls they are generally accurate.

There is very little vegetation that can damage you, but you probably want shin protection. I tried to avoid slash, but there are about three legs that you have to go through some downed logs. Remember, slash builds character. There probably won't be any dangerous wildlife either, but don't feed the bears. There will be two dangerous environmental factors, however: the thin air and the blazing sun. Plan accordingly.

The Motala course is 5.7 km total length with 100 m of climb. Each loop goes uphill then back down, and Loop 4 is almost flat to provide an exciting head-to-head finish. It should be smoking fast for everyone, because the navigation is fairly easy, so the 2-hour time limit should not be a problem. I'll guess the winner will finish in about 36 minutes or just under. The Start is 250 m northeast (and maybe 5 m climb) from the parking area of the high school, and the Finish is about 50 m from the parking area.

Remember that there will be a mass start, so you won't want to be late. The schedule and driving directions are in the event announcement.