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Presidio of San Francisco

Date: (Sun.) Sep. 14, 2008
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 415.453.3679
Course Setter: Vic Revenko
Type: C; National Orienteering Day Event: Beginner and intermediate courses in a beautiful venue

Course Setter's Notes

By , Event Director & Course Setter

Welcome to the Presidio. This is an ideal locale for beginning and intermediate orienteers, with relatively easy terrain and plenty of trails and buildings to navigate by. Experienced orienteers should also have a few challenges on the Orange and Long Orange courses. There will be intermediate- and advanced-runner clinics between 10–11 AM.


  Course        Length  Climb  Controls  Comments
  White         3.2 km   20 m     11     Beginner’s course, no experience needed
  Yellow        5.0 km   70 m      8     Advanced beginners, mostly trail course
                                         requiring little orienteering experience
  Orange        5.2 km   80 m      9     Intermediate, longer, off-trail course, of
                                         moderate difficulty.  Requires experience.
  Long Orange   7.6 km  100 m     13     Intermediate, long, off-trail course of
                                         moderate difficulty.  Great for
                                         experienced orienteers of all levels.
                                         A great runner’s course.

Course Comments

Beginners and intermediate orienteers will enjoy the color and detail of the new map. Advanced runners will find some new challenges and sites that will make the courses more interesting.

The Presidio is an open urban park, so there will be activities in many areas, but this should not interfere with your enjoyment. Please do not interfere with other activities.

Please note the following:

Miscellaneous Comments

Beginners Clinics are available between 9:30 AM and noon. Adventure racing, advanced, and intermediate clinics are available from 10–11 AM.

There is some poison oak in spots on the Yellow, Orange, and Long Orange courses. It's low-growing and not too prolific. It can be easily avoided.

Write your name and car license on both parts of the punch card—the start crew keeps the stub, while you carry the punch card with you. Orienteering rules will disqualify you for incomplete or lost punch cards.

No yelling or loud talking please. Orienteers like to find the controls on their own.

Please carry a whistle with you in case you are injured. They are free at the registration desk. Use your whistle only for an emergency—iut is not a toy.

Water is available at the Start and Finish and also on all courses, except for White. Water is located near the registration desk. Restrooms are located near the registration area. Please ask for directions. Please use only this restroom facility.


There is a large lot just west of the registration area; it is the most convenient location. Do not park elsewhere. There are no direction signs to the orienteering event in observance of park rules. There will be signs by the parking area.

We hope you enjoy your day.