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Huddart Park

Date: (Sat.) Mar. 11, 2006
Location: Woodside, CA
Event Directors: - 650.851.5688, - 857.361.8984
Course Setters: Mike Fleishman, Jitka Hiscox, Brian Kirshner
Type: C; "Come and Try It" event -- White and Yellow, and more

"This event is on, RAIN OR SHINE!!!" - N. Lindeman

Bring your family and friends, and come out and enjoy orienteering at beautiful Huddart County Park in Woodside on Saturday, March 11th.

This will be a good event for families, scout groups, school teams, hikers, adventure racers wanting navigation practice, trail runners, and others who want to spend the day outdoors. Please invite your family, friends, and coworkers.

There will be 3 courses offered: a White course for beginners and families with young children, a Long White course for those who want a longer point-to-point course, and a special "Western Massachusetts Rules" Score-O course for those who want to get a little more exercise!

The format of the Score-O course is a little different from standard a Score-O. There will be 22 controls set out — participants need to find any 6, 10, 15, or 20 controls, depending on how long they want to be out on the course. There are no bonus points for extra controls. And there is no time limit — as long as you get back by 2:30 when the courses close.


Registration is open from 9:00 am to noon. Short clinics for beginners will be ongoing from 9:30 am. Starts are from 10:00 am to 12:30. Courses close at 2:30 PM. Everyone must check in at the Finish by then.


See the Frequently Asked Questions for information about fees, what to bring, what to expect, etc.

The park charges a $5.00 entry fee per car. No dogs are allowed in the park — not even in cars.

There are nice picnic areas, and a small playground for young children. Volleyball nets will be up. We have the covered Werder Shelter reserved, so you can stay for a picnic even if it's raining (but it won't be!). Restrooms are available near the registration area.

We will have a potluck picnic during the event. The club will provide utensils, cups, and plates. Everyone is invited to bring something (e.g., a dish, snacks, beverages) to share and join us.

Groups of 6 or more should let us know ahead of time that they are coming, so we'll be sure to have enough maps and have enough clinic leaders for newcomer groups. School teams and scouts please let us know if you want a special clinic for your group.

To volunteer to be a clinic leader, to help with Starts, Finishes, or Results, or do control pickup, please e-mail or call one of the Event Directors. For further information, call or e-mail us.


Here are the details of the courses that will be offered:

 Course               Distance    Climb      Controls      Navigation
 ------               --------    -----      --------      ----------
 White                 1.7 km     ~105 m        11            Easy
 Long White            2.8 km     ~130 m        15            Easy
 Short Score-O          ~3 km     ~150 m    Any  6 of 22      Easy
 Medium Score-O         ~5 km     ~250 m    Any 10 of 22      Easy
 Long Score-O           ~7 km     ~300 m    Any 15 of 22      Easy
 Extra-Long Score-O    10+ km     ~400 m    Any 20 of 22      Easy

Rules for all courses:

  1. You must stay on the trails at all times. We are not permitted to go off the trails at Huddart Park!
  2. Everyone must check in at the finish by 2:30 (even if they don't finish their course).
  3. Have fun!

Additional rules for the Score-O:

  1. You don't need to decide which class you are running until you turn in your score sheet.
  2. There is no bonus for extra controls.

We will have preprinted maps for all, and will use manual punching on all the courses. A number of previously accessible (minor) trails have been blocked off by the rangers. The map has been revised (thanks Bob) to reflect these changes. The forest is beautiful — quite green and lush from the recent rains. Although nowhere near the totals of last year, the rainfall has brought out a gorgeous assortment of colorful wildflowers. The well-maintained trails should all be quite runnable.

Campgrounds & picnic areas where water is available are indicated on the map. Since we're restricted to the trails, poison oak will not be a problem.

Driving Directions

From Interstate 280, go west on Highway 84 (Woodside Road) towards Woodside. From the intersection of Mountain Home, Canada Road, and Highway 84 in Woodside Village, continue on Highway 84 for 0.7 miles to Kings Mountain Road. Turn right (northwest) at the tiny sign, and follow Kings Mountain Road for 2.1 miles to the park entrance. Pay your $5 entry fee, keep to the left, and look for the grass area and Werder Shelter.