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Burton Creek State Park

Date: (Sat.) Jun. 25, 2005
Location: Tahoe City, CA
Event Director: - 916.632.8856
Course Setter: Dwight Freund (GCO)
Type: B; This is a joint BAOC-GCO event

Course Setter's Notes

By Dwight Freund

Welcome to Burton Creek Orienteering, sponsored by Gold Country Orienteers of Sacramento and the Bay Area Orienteering Club. This area is a lovely mix of alpine meadows and runnable forest in a remarkable level area with altitude ranging from about 6300 to about 6700 feet above sea level.

Today's Courses

  Course    Length    Climb    Controls    Difficulty
  White     2.4 km     25 m       8        First-timer
  Yellow    3.5        50        12        Beginner
  Orange    4.2        55         9        Intermediate
  Brown     3.9        60         7        Advanced
  Green     4.8        75        11        Substantial
  Red       6.6       125        14        Challenging
  Blue      8.7       145        20        Rigorous

Terrain and Map

No snakes or poison oak that I noticed with my myopia. Time and man have had some effect on the correspondence of the map to the terrain. There may be new lone trees, trees no longer lone, new clearings, new non-clearings, new fallen trees, new areas of deadfall and tree trimmings. Some areas are relatively free of boulders, and have boulders mapped that would be ignored in areas with more numerous and impressive rock features. Nonetheless, the map is still satisfactory for detail-oriented orienteering. Remember to drink lots of water to counter the effects of altitude.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Vogons have decided to build an intergalactic bypass right through the course area. In preparation thereto, they have strung up a plastic fence along both sides of a road, as marked with a thick purple line on your map. There are openings in the fence where established trails intersect this road, and the fence itself is probably crossable by determined runners.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some streams marked on the map are seasonal, and may have run dry by the time you run the course. The stream courses are rather shallow and may be non-trivial for inexperienced orienteers to spot when dry. Verb. sap. ["Verb. sap." = "verbum sapienti sat est" = "A word to the wise is sufficient" -- Orienteering and a Latin lesson, what a deal! -- Thanks Dwight!]

Driving Directions

Take Highway I-80 to Truckee. Take the exit for Hwy. 89, which goes to the SE. Go about 12 miles to Tahoe City. Continue NE through town on Hwy. 28 and go 2 or 3 miles. Turn left on Fabian Way (across from the 7-11), then immediately right onto Village Rd. Go 3 blocks, then turn left onto Polaris drive and go to the end of the road.

They are doing things to the old parking lot, so you will have to turn right and park up along the east side of the high school, or continue along the north side of the school to the parking lot on the west side. Registration and starts will be located to the west side of the school.