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Joseph D. Grant County Park

Date: (Sun.) Apr. 28, 2013
Location: San Jose, CA
Event Director: - 408.878.5073
Course Setters: Werner Haag, Rory Maclean, Derek Maclean
Type: B; Classic courses on the Joe Grant North map

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Event Write-Up


Werner Haag and Rory Maclean (supported by his parents Derek and Stephanie) performed the heavy lifting for this event. Werner was the driving force in the selection the northern portion of Joe Grant Park (which is rarely used) as the venue for this year’s event. Rory, now 14 years old, set the White and Yellow courses for the second year. Werner set the intermediate and advanced courses.

This was the first classic orienteering event in quite a while. 169 people showed up. The day was beautiful, if a bit warm. The wildflowers and poison oak were abundant. The ground was hardening. A hawk was seen on the Blue course wrestling a snake; the snake escaped.

Werner put in a lot of effort trying to accommodate various comments in setting the advanced courses, including many from Derek. The Orange and Brown courses turned out to be tough: many participants did not finish. Several Blue contestants said the course was perfect.

The White and Yellow courses received rave reviews. Two groups liked White so much that they went on to do Yellow. Rory, the course setter, provided a fine example for the younger generation of how to take charge.


Of course, the event couldn't have happened without the help of the many volunteers.

E-punch: Rosemary Johnson, Jeff Lanam, George Minarik, Gian Coolen, Rory Maclean, and Derek Maclean
Registration: Steve Haas and Sarah Williams
Saturday Setup: Werner Haag, Rory Maclean, and Derek Maclean
Sunday Setup: Werner Haag, Derek Maclean, George Minarik, Deron van Hoff, Greg Ehrensing, Bill & Barbara Straka, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Nick Giori, and Robert Lewis
Starts: Rory Maclean and Derek Maclean
Beginner Clinics: Deron van Hoff, Werner Haag, and Derek Maclean
Control Retrieval, Equipment Packing, and Clean-up: Misha Kreslavsky, Daniel Sebo, Matej Sebo, Monika Sebo, Lubomir Sebo, Greg Ehrensing, Steve Haas, Wes Erck, and Mary & Scott Sampson
Map Printing: Bob Cooley
Web Page Updates: Chuck Spalding

The younger generation pitched in to help. Gian Coolen (11 years old) helped with epunch. Daniel Sebo (9 years old) and Matej Sebo (16 years old) helped clean up. Together with Rory, the enthusiasm of the younger generation makes me think the club has a good future.

Mary & Scott Sampson​—​first-timers to the sport​—​also enthusiastically helped with clean-up.


The White course winners were the team of Ryan Gini, Cameron Owings, & Lucas Hobbs by 5 seconds, with Leander Coolen in second, and Emma Jansson in third. The top three on the Yellow course were Gian Coolen, Daniel Sebo, and Chris Danek. On Orange, the winner was Huba Horompoly, followed by Dennis Kourakin and the team of David Strong & Spencer Tai. The Long Orange course was won by the team of Pubudu Wariyapola & Jessica Cook, with the team of Eugene Bychkov & Ruslan Halavach in second, and Shawn Poston in third. Mikkel Conradi ran Brown as a second course and won. Otherwise, Dennis Wildfogel won Brown, followed by Evan Custer and Gary Kraght. The Green course winner was Cornelia Coolen, followed by Bruce Wolfe, and Marie-Josée Parayre. The top three on the Red course were Misha Kreslavsky, Tapio Karras, and Graham Brew. Blue was won by Mikkel Conradi, with François Léonard in second, and Vladimir Gusiatnikov in third.

This was George Minarik’s first Joe Grant event since his recovery. He came in fifth on Brown, a very respectable showing. It was a joy to see George back in action.

Do not forget to fill in your routes on RouteGadget. The routes will be used by other orienteering clubs to analyze route choices, thus supporting the sport. Years later you will be able to look back and be reminded of your adventures.

Lost & Found

These items were left at the orienteering event at Joseph Grant Park:

Call at 408-245-7457 if any of these items belong to you.


Joseph D. Grant County Park

San Jose, CA
Sunday, April 28, 2013

White Course         Brown Course
Yellow Course         Green Course
Orange Course         Red Course
Long Orange Course         Blue Course

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results (

These results do not include Anna Voegele (Red course) and Matej Sebo (Blue course), who had SI-10 e-sticks. We hope to be able to recover their punches.

White Course    (2.2 km, 35 m climb, 10 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                             Time
   1  Ryan Gini, Cameron Owings,
        Lucas Hobbs                       20:50
   2  Leander Coolen                      20:55
   3  Emma Jansson                        21:28
   4  Luke, Danek, Shane                  21:41
   5  Spencer & Kevin                     25:46
   6  Gavin, Donovan Danek & Andrew       29:31
   7  Brett Hinz, Silvia Xia              30:23
   8  Matthew, Michael, Nick              31:21
   9  The Thinmints (5)                   33:13
  10  Carbajal family                     34:48
  11  Joey Wycoff, Daniel Nichols         35:20
  12  John Rant                           45:37
  13  Maria & Matvei Yershov            1:14:36  (estimated Finish)
  14  Samuel Krechetov, Lena Eydelberg  1:48:58

Yellow Course   (2.8 km, 120 m climb, 12 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                             Time
   1  Gian Coolen                         29:44
   2  Daniel Sebo                         36:59
   3  Chris Danek                         38:58
   4  Kenneth Brown                       49:07
   5  Evan Alex                           50:04
   6  Oleg Yershov                        50:08
   7  Brett Hinze, Sylvia Xia             50:21
   8  Stefanie Gueorguieva                51:23
   9  Harold DeMoss                       56:23
  10  Olivia, Julia, Vera, Alex         1:01:51
  11  Anastasia Kourakina               1:03:44
  12  Spencer & Kevin                   1:04:21
  13  Barbara Straka                    1:11:48
  14  Lambertson family                 1:14:22
  15  Bill Murphy                       1:25:46
  16  Neduva                            1:29:05
  17  Troop 206                         1:38:03
  18  Ezzuddin Hassouneh                1:39:42
  19  Keval Akshay, Parth Parikh,
        Don Phuong, Nguyen              2:12:37
      Emma Janssen, Tristan Sloane        DNF
      Ernesto Duque                       DNF
  Second Course
      Matthew, Michael, Nick            1:10:11
      Joey Wycoff, Daniel Nichols       1:26:38

Orange Course   (3.8 km, 225 m climb, 14 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                             Time
   1  Huba Horompoly                    1:43:22
   2  Dennis Kourakin                   2:08:22
   3  David Strong, Spencer Tai         2:16:12
   4  Haito Zhong, Guanjun Zhang        2:20:16
   5  Bryan Pon, Liddy Hsieh            2:53:53
      Amira Gogle, Sylvia Freifeld        DNF
      Doug Freifeld                       DNF
      Bill Voegele                        DNF
      Alex & Victor Hurtado               DNF
      Verdonk family                      DNF

Long Orange Course  (5.2 km, 275 m climb, 20 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                             Time
   1  Pubudu Wariyapola, Jessica Cook   2:46:40
   2  Eugene Bychkov, Ruslan Halavach   2:54:49
   3  Shawn Poston                      3:11:45
      Kevin Walker                        DNF

Brown Course    (3.0 km, 200 m climb, 12 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                             Time
   1  Dennis Wildfogel                    53:21
   2  Evan Custer                       1:03:51
   3  Gary Kraght                       1:09:18
   4  Matthias Kohler, Gerry Czamanske  1:20:12
   5  George Minarik                    1:26:20
   6  Anthony Mistry                    1:40:49
   7  Ormond Doty                       1:52:12
   8  Oleg Shakhnovsky                  1:58:10
   9  William Straka                    2:02:41
  10  Rosemary Johnson                  2:24:19
  11  Jim Fish                          2:38:09
  12  Daniel, Isaac, & Cecilia          2:40:18
      Jennifer Kerr (GCO)                 DNF
      Leslie Minarik                      DNF
      Robert Lewis                        DNF
      Olga Kraght                         DNF
      Steve Haas                          DNF
      Irena Stefanova                     DNF
      Julia Doubson                       DNF
  Second Course
      Mikkel Conradi                      43:40

Green Course    (4.6 km, 285 m climb, 17 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                             Time
   1  Cornelia Coolen                   1:17:13
   2  Bruce Wolfe                       1:19:41
   3  Marie-Josée Parayre               1:28:06
   4  Greg Ehrensing                    1:33:59
   5  Bob Cooley                        1:36:34
   6  Stephanie Maclean                 1:37:25
   7  Chuck Spalding                    1:37:40
   8  Shura Kretchetov                  1:41:00
   9  Johanna Merriss                   1:43:44
  10  Gavin Williams                    1:45:23
  11  Gary Carpenter                    2:00:12
  12  Judy & Tom Cronin                 2:49:13
  13  Wes Erck                          3:26:41
      Jeff Lanam                          DNF
      Phillip Hoare                       DNF
      Vicki Woolworth                     DNF
      Fyodor Konkov                       DNF

Red Course      (5.2 km, 310 m climb, 18 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                             Time
   1  Misha Kreslavsky                  1:14:55
   2  Tapio Karras                      1:23:37
   3  Graham Brew                       1:39:45
   4  Misha Lipatov                     1:40:18
   5  Martin Muendel                    2:29:42
   6  Christine Brew                    2:34:28
   6  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                  2:34:28
      Ekaterina Orekhova                  DNF
      Marina Keating                      DNF
      Frederick Lee                       DNF

Blue Course     (6.2 km, 360 m climb, 19 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                             Time
   1  Mikkel Conradi                    1:07:04
   2  François Léonard                  1:07:37
   3  Vladimir Gusiatnikov              1:19:30
   4  Mats Jansson (GCO)                1:20:38
   5  Greg Khanlarov                    1:31:42
   6  Andrej Masalkov                   1:33:10
   7  Nik Weber (GCO)                   1:39:59
   8  Rex Winterbottom                  1:43:08
   9  Lubomir Sebo                      1:49:39
  10  Deron van Hoff                    2:03:01
  11  Greg Favor                        2:03:28
  12  Nick Giori                        2:16:30
  13  Joe Maffei                        2:24:43
      Penny DeMoss                        DNF
      Simon Brook                         DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)