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Annadel State Park

Date: (Sun.) Nov. 11, 2012
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Event Director: - 415.895.6039
Course Setters: Heidi Cusworth (NAV-X), Bill Cusworth (NAV-X)
Type: B; After a hiatus of many years, we're returning to this wonderful venue! White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, and Green/Red courses will be provided.

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Event Write-Up


About 150 people came to the first orienteering event in Annadel State Park in over 10 years. Annadel has some of the best orienteering terrain in the Bay Area, and was the site of the 1989 U.S. Orienteering Championships. However, Annadel has had a strict no-off-trail policy for many years, which has precluded orienteering there. Recently with the California budget crisis, administrative control of Annadel passed to Sonoma County Parks, with whom BAOC has a very good relationship. So after many negotiations, led by Judy Koehler, we had a permit in hand for an orienteering event.

There were many worries. Would an older map stand the test of time? It did. Would the park rangers be pleased with our event? They were. Would it rain? It didn't.

Old club veterans came out to Annadel that had not been seen at a BAOC event for years, and many local high school students enjoyed their first taste of orienteering. People were excited afterwards, talking about the terrain and their courses, and some people with long memories even compared the courses with courses from 15 years ago.

On to the results. The White course was won by Gemma Fa-Kaji. Her sister, Hope Fa-Kaji, was second on Yellow, being bested by Fillian Swift, who then tried Orange as a second course. The best time on the Orange course was recorded by Eron Flory. Chuck Spalding had another of his outstanding runs in taking Brown, and Mikkel Conradi blasted through the Green/Red course, closely followed by Erin Schirm, U.S. Junior Team coach. Top women were Heidi Whalen on Orange, Patty Clemo on Brown, and Cornelia Coolen on Green/Red.

Every event depends on its volunteers. (Hint: If you have not volunteered recently at an event, please consider doing so.) I want to specially recognize Judy Koehler, who was instrumental in getting permision for BAOC to orienteer at Annadel again as described above. I also want to thank Neil Fogerty, Annadel Ranger, and Jill Meuchel and Carol Presho, of Sonoma County Parks, who were all accomodating and easy to work with and helped Judy through the steps of negotiating a permit. Bill and Heidi Cusworth did an outstanding job of course-setting, and did some updates to the old map, mostly to fix trails. The list of people who helped at the event is long, and includes Scott Aster, Graham Brew, Mikkel Conradi, Bob Cooley, Harold DeMoss, Penny DeMoss, Greg Ehrensing, Rosemary Johnson, Judy Koehler, Olga Kraght, Jeff Lanam, Richard Merriss, George Minarik, Leslie Minarik, Sarah Minarik, Neil Peterson, Deron van Hoff, and Kevin Walker. Thank you, everyone!


Annadel State Park

Santa Rosa, CA
Sunday, November 11, 2012

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White Course      (2.8 km, 35 m climb, 14 controls)  
 Pl  Name(s)                              Time  
  1  Gemma Fa-Kaji                        56:03  
  2  Giants                             1:05:29
  3  Mitch, Joss, & Jackson Haydon      1:06:59  (estimated Start)
  4  Team Kendall                       1:42:09
  5  Lisa, Jake, & Audrey Brandolino    1:53:06
  6  United                             1:53:14
     Neil Peterson                        DNF    
Yellow Course     (3.6 km, 55 m climb, 11 controls)  
 Pl  Name(s)                              Time  
  1  Fillan Swift                         30:53  
  2  Hope Fa-Kaji                         40:53
  3  Running Dogs                         58:44
  4  Scoop Two                          1:10:36
  5  Jamison Wise                       1:13:02
  6  Scoop One                          1:32:08
  7  Leo & Megan Steindorf              1:35:24
  8  Anton, Maria, & Sasha Kourakin     1:54:28
     Johanna Karras                       DNF    
     Team Swiper                          DNF
     Team Katniss                         DNF
Orange Course     (4.4 km, 125 m climb, 11 controls)  
 Pl  Name(s)                              Time  
  1  Eron Flory                           54:21  
  2  Heidi Whalen                         59:06
  3  Gery Swallow                       1:00:35
  4  Denis Kourakin                     1:03:46
  5  Anthony Mistry                     1:10:54
  6  Pubudu Wariyapola, Jessica Cook    1:16:11
  7  Olga Kraght                        1:22:34
  8  Emily Dean                         1:27:18
  9  Harold DeMoss                      1:36:43
 10  Richard & Ty Gampell, Irene Kim    1:45:59
 11  Richard Merriss                    1:50:10
 12  Steve O'Keefe                      1:50:40
 13  Aaron Shreve                       1:52:12
 14  Starfleet                          1:59:34
 15  Kevin Walker                       2:03:49
 16  Nora Hayden, Meili Bartholome,
       Kristen Lum                      2:12:07
 17  Meg Gerstner                       2:12:40
 18  The Trojans                        2:18:16
 19  Melissa & Sonja Roberts,           
       Kim Barstow & Cabe Silverhome    2:25:26
 20  David Hallsted, Mary Zaniewski     2:41:18
 21  Sylvia Freifeld, Amira Goble       3:38:28
     Kliegl Clan                          DNF    
     Chris High                           DNF
     Matt Sterett                         DNF
 Second Course
     Mikkel Conradi                       34:18  
     Greg Khanlarov                       38:25
     Fillan Swift                         DNF    
Brown Course      (3.8 km, 140 m climb, 14 controls)  
 Pl  Name(s)                              Time  
  1  Chuck Spalding                     1:10:35  
  2  Gary Kraght                        1:14:01
  3  George Minarik                     1:27:51
  4  Dan Dwyer                          1:36:48
  5  Scott Aster                        1:36:50
  6  Alan Glendinning                   1:46:53
  7  Jeff Lanam                         1:50:02
  8  Patty Clemo                        1:58:55
  9  Jennifer Kerr (GCO)                2:23:48
 10  Gus Callaway                       2:31:51
 11  Paula Zurowski, Mike Meagher       2:46:45
 12  Sophie Chantrenne                  2:52:43
 13  Jeff & Sophie Sterett              3:02:04
 14  Rosemary Johnson                   3:06:39
     Trinka Gillis                        DNF    
     Vic Revenko                          DNF
     Leslie Minarik                       DNF
     Kevin Hinkley, Terri Hunt            DNF
     Jim Fish                             DNF
     Julien Lallemand, Mimi Lok,
       Adam Knight                        DNF
Green/Red Course  (6.4 km, 240 m climb, 21 controls)  
 Pl  Name(s)                              Time  
  1  Mikkel Conradi                     1:04:46  
  2  Erin Schirm                        1:07:58
  3  Mark Prior                         1:09:16
  4  Tapio Karras                       1:09:47
  5  Tobias Tornqvist                   1:12:18
  6  Matej Sebo                         1:14:47
  7  Greg Khanlarov                     1:14:57
  8  François Léonard                   1:15:26
  9  Vladimir Gusiatnikov               1:18:17
 10  Steve Gregg                        1:19:53
 11  Bruce Wolfe                        1:22:12
 12  Andrew Masalkov                    1:23:51
 13  Andrew Peterson                    1:25:28
 14  Deron van Hoff                     1:26:36
 15  Kyle Peter                         1:30:11
 16  Cornelia Coolen                    1:42:49
 17  Cedric Lasfargues                  1:43:38
 18  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                   1:44:34
 19  Nikolay Chukanov                   1:45:49
 20  Penny DeMoss                       1:51:43
 21  Graham Brew                        1:54:27
 22  Theo Verhoeven                     1:55:17
 23  Marie-Josée Parayre                1:56:31
 24  Dan Greene                         1:57:34
 25  Bob Cooley                         1:59:24
 26  Rick Baraff                        2:01:17
 27  Gary Carpenter                     2:07:10
 28  Stephen Harrison                   2:10:35
 29  Greg Ehrensing                     2:11:17
 30  Damian Swift                       2:14:38
 31  Ralf Burgert                       2:18:37
 32  Ben Hallsted                       2:20:09
 33  Bjorn Widerstrom                   2:20:40
 34  Steve Smith                        2:22:40
 35  Flynn Buxton-Walsh                 2:26:47
 36  Johanna Merriss                    2:39:57
 37  Joe & Andrew Miller                3:01:34
     Matthias Kohler                      SPW    
     Peter Graube                         DNF
     Vicki Woolworth                      DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
SPW = Sporting withdrawal (quit early for an altruistic reason)