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Briones Regional Park

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 12, 2008
Location: Lafayette, CA
Event Director: - 925.934.6567
Course Setter: Alan Houser
Type: B; Regular 7-course BAOC event in conjunction with the Scout-O Championships

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Event Write-Up


We had perfect weather, a superb turnout and plenty of fun at this year's Briones event and 16th Bay Area Scout Orienteering Championships.

There were 619 pre-registered scouts from 54 troops, over 50 adult advisors and about 80 BAOC participants, for a total of over 750 runners—our second-best attendance.

Thank you! We would like to thank the East Bay Regional Park District and the Briones Park rangers for their support. The Park Rangers were particularly helpful with parking, access and advice, and we are very grateful to them. The scouts would like to thank BAOC for sponsoring the Scout-O event and helping scouting out.

The advanced courses were designed with variety and direction-change in mind, using some complex areas needing fine navigation, some fast stretches, and some spectator controls later in the courses. Examination of the RouteGadget postings shows some good variety and interesting choices made by the contestants. Feedback from some advanced runners said there was a dangerous section that needs to be avoided in future, and so it will be.

Some people found control #50, no problem. Some wandered around for a while and found it. Some wandered and didn't find it. Partway through the day, Theo or Luc (can't remember who) found it trashed and lying on the ground far (100 meters?) from where it should have been. He picked it up and restored it to where he figured it should have been. Thanks!!! So everyone who had control #50 on their course gets credit for it. It's a shame this happened. Good thing it's not an A-meet, or most of the advanced courses would have been thrown out. I have no clue who did this. Control #50 was quite close to scout control #33, which almost all the scouts had... but where it was recovered from is quite far from any scout course. Also, #33 had streamers leading to it and from it, so I don't know why any scouts would have been off-course. Sorry folks!

On the bright side: Looking at the GPS entries in RouteGadget around the vicinity of control 50 is intriguing.

All the winning times for the BAOC intermediate and advanced courses were close to 1 hour, which was the course setting objective. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and thanks for showing off the club and our sport to all the scouts!

I have some lost property. If you need it, please send me an describing your item, and we will arrange a pickup. If nobody claims it within two years, I will donate it to Goodwill.

Some Special Thanks

This was the first time that the event has been completely dismantled and removed before dark. Usually, we have to pick up controls on the Monday, and sometimes water also. To get a two-event program finished on-time takes a combined effort from many people, and this was the best yet—thanks!

To all our helpers: Thank you very much. With such a large attendance, help was the most essential element of the meet, and you all did a wonderful job! To those whom I have left out (and I'm sure I have, since there were so many ad-hoc volunteers), please accept my thanks, too. And of course, thanks to my family (Nina, Arwen, Wendy) for all their help and patience—typing, stuffing packets, telephone calls, mailings, recruiting, results, and putting up with the disruption.

This year's list of helpers is below, with this caveat: I simply couldn't record all the helpers and help that was given, so please, if your name is omitted, we are still very, very grateful and I apologize for the omission. (Names in italics were crew chiefs.)

Parking: Bill Straka, Anne Gorby, Bud Laird
Packets: Arwen Wyatt-Mair
Course Setting: Alan Houser, Jay Hann, Jim Fish
Course Vetting: Alan Houser
BAOC Starts: Harold & Penny DeMoss, Brad Wetmore
Scout Starts: Alan Houser, Manfred, Philipp, and Daniel Kopisch
Finish Marshall: Esther Heller, Grace Tang
Results: Jay Hann
Instruction: Nancy Lindeman, Ben Legg, Barbara Straka
BAOC E-punch: Rosemary Johnson, Jim Fish, Greg Ehrensing
Scout E-punch: Jay Hann, Jeff Lanam, David Meredith
Control Pickup: Peter Graube, Harold & Penny DeMoss, Mark Blair, Kelly Wells, Tapio Karras
BAOC Registration: James Wilson, Rex Winterbottom
Awards: Kelly Wells
Maps: Bob Cooley
Permit: Steve Gregg
Web site: Chuck Spalding
Equipment: Evan Custer
Presentation: Nick Corsano
E-punch Sticks: Manfred, Philipp, and Daniel Kopisch


Briones Regional Park

Martinez, CA
Sunday, October 12, 2008

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results ( You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in the RouteGadget (introduction; this event (

  Pl  Name(s)                        Time

White Course   (3.7 km, 105 m climb, 10 controls)

   1  Juozas Martisius               53:28
   2  Rory Maclean                 1:04:34
   3  Chris Purcell                1:04:58
   4  Leo & Grant Nakamura         1:10:26
   5  Emily Hann                   1:12:36
   6  Gabija Masalkovaite (COOL)   1:24:41
   7  Erik Innocent                1:25:05
   8  Jacalin Christensen          1:32:37
   9  Davy Williams                1:38:11
  10  Hammond                      1:42:46
  11  Julie Sellin, Diane Hall     1:46:17
  12  Kate Tennant                 1:46:37
  13  Judy Koehler                 1:51:23

      Tony Silva                     DNF

Yellow Course  (3.9 km, 135 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Ray & Kai Rosenbaum          1:22:39
   2  Wilkinson, Jesse Pinkham     1:27:53
   3  Sara Puchalska               1:28:04
   4  Julia Meller                 1:28:15
   5  Madzia Fahri                 1:28:24
   6  Barbara Finch                1:43:54
   7  Ralph Mihan                  2:42:37

      Leslie Minarik                 DNF

Orange Course  (4.5 km, 180 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Penny DeMoss                   54:28
   2  Brad & Audrey Armstrong      1:04:51
   3  Matej Sebo                   1:09:54
   4  Tommer Wizansky              1:18:46
   5  Marina Keating               1:31:16
   6  Derek Sibilia, Alex Finch    1:42:47
   7  Kevin, Terri, Lisa           1:47:55
   8  Tennant-Yates                1:51:50
   9  Hufflepuff (COOL)            2:01:10
  10  Rosemary Johnson             2:17:08
  11  Anne Mullins                 2:29:59

      Lena Eydelberg                 DNF
      Joe & Jean Van Hoff            DNF
      Matt Stimson                   DNF

Brown Course   (3.9 km, 70 m climb, 14 controls)

   1  George Minarik                 59:09
   2  Shura Kretchetov             1:03:03
   3  Stew Hintz (GCO)             1:16:17
   4  David Jorgensen              1:23:35
   5  Kelly Wells                  1:26:39
   6  Gwen & Hani Juha             1:36:32
   7  Jim Fish                     1:55:24
   8  Fred Ciaramaglia             2:18:15

      David Meredith                 DNF
      Nancy Lindeman                 DNF
      Melissa Griffiths              DNF
      Anne Gorby                     DNF
      Barbara Straka                 DNF

Green Course   (4.5 km, 150 m climb, 18 controls)

   1  Devin Prouty                 1:05:34
   2  Thomas Bastis                1:13:46
   3  Bob Cooley                   1:16:20
   4  Stephanie Maclean            1:20:16
   5  Greg Ehrensing               1:28:04
   6  Mike Poulsen (CROC)          1:28:15
   7  Johanna Merriss              1:29:12
   8  Bud Laird                    1:39:32
   9  Lauren Knight                1:47:58
  10  John Turner                  1:53:13
  11  Wes Erck                     2:07:18
  12  William Straka               2:19:45
  13  Frederick Lee                2:26:22
  14  Doug Masiel                  3:03:47

      Jeff Lanam                     DNF
      Sarah Kalicin                  DNF
      Anand Varma                    DNF

Red Course     (5.0 km, 160 m climb, 21 controls)

   1  Tapio Karras                 1:03:17
   2  Kent Ohlund                  1:16:18
   3  Deron van Hoff               1:17:01
   4  Steve Gregg                  1:18:27
   5  Steve Harrison               1:23:33
   6  Eric Rosenzweig              1:23:50
   7  Derek Maclean                1:24:40
   8  James Wilson                 1:26:52
   9  Rich Parker (SDO)            1:27:39
  10  Lubomir Sebo                 1:31:52
  11  Mark Blair                   1:33:34
  12  Brad Wetmore                 1:39:10
  13  Michael Behrens              1:40:01
  14  Theo Verhoeven               1:54:02
  15  Manfred Kopisch              1:55:56
  16  Lou Lederer                  2:08:56
  17  Luc Poppe                    2:29:32

      Bob Strauss                    DNF

Blue Course    (5.7 km, 225 m climb, 22 controls)

   1  Mikkel Conradi               1:00:19
   2  Ben Legg                     1:02:09
   3  Jonas Kjall                  1:03:28
   4  Andrejus Masalkovas          1:03:54
   5  Francois Leonard             1:04:28
   6  Greg Khanlarov               1:09:40
   7  Wendell Doman                1:33:08
   8  Piers Newbery                1:36:39
   9  Nik Weber                    1:37:21
  10  Todd Paulsen                 1:39:48
  11  Greg Favor                   1:43:16
  12  Peter Graube                 1:46:56
  13  Joe Maffei                   2:12:54

      Margaret Longstreth            DNF
      Rex Winterbottom               DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)