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BAOC Board Meeting

Date: (Thu.) Mar. 30, 2023
Location: Video Conference
Event Directors: - 925.516.7622, - 650.906.9672
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors; 8:00 PM; all club members are welcome

Minutes of the BAOC Board Meeting held March 30, 2023

Present: Officers – Marie-Josée Parayre (President), Stephanie Maclean (Vice President), Graham Brew (Event Coordinator), Nick Corsano (Secretary), Gary Kraght (Treasurer); Board members – Dan Greene, Steve Haas, Jeff Lanam, Dennis Wildfogel; Visitors – Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Tapio Karras, Scott Aster, John Richardson, Emily Tucker.

The meeting was held via Zoom. It was called to order by the President at 8:04 PM.

President’s Report – Marie-Josée Parayre

The President observed that the club had good participation at the recent National Championships, and were well represented on the podium. She noted the technical challenge of running in terrain very different from the Bay Area.
The (non-Board) position of insurance coordinator is now vacant, since Dan Ingram is moving sooner than he had planned. The importance of filling the vacant position of Mapping Director was brought up.

Secretary’s Report – Nick Corsano

Minutes of the December 15, 2022 Board meeting were approved as presented.
There were no email votes since the last meeting.
The Secretary had completed documenting the policies adopted previously by the Board of Directors through a review of minutes on the website (going back to 1997), and had emailed them to the Board. He moved to establish a committee to review those policies and to make recommendations in advance of the next Board meeting as to what, if any, action should be taken in regard to any of them. The motion was seconded, discussed, and passed. The President appointed Nick Corsano to chair the committee. Gary Kraght volunteered to serve.

Treasurer’s Report – Gary Kraght

The club has about $190K between its Wells Fargo accounts and PayPal. The Cal-O-Fest budget projects spending of about $160K.
After COF, the Treasurer has three goals:
  1. Move accounting to an online platform.
  2. Reconcile PayPal monthly (as is done with our Wells Fargo accounts).
  3. Invest savings in a money market account to get more than our current 0.25% interest.
In order to budget effectively for 2024, the club needs a mapping plan, preferably in Q3. Jeff Lanam suggested that the Event Coordinating Committee could provide input on maps that need upgrading. Jeff further mentioned that one of our OCAD licenses will expire soon; he will provide the Board with the cost of renewing it.

Nominating Committee – Steve Haas

The Nominating Committee (Steve, Jeff Lanam, and Rex Winterbottom) presented the following slate of candidates for election at the Annual General Meeting: Marie-Josée Parayre (President), Stephanie Maclean (Vice President), Graham Brew (Event Coordinator), John Richardson (Secretary), Gary Kraght (Treasurer).

Event Coordinator’s Report – Graham Brew

The upcoming one-day NRE at Calero will be the sixth event of the year. There is the possibility of an event on April 16. This will be a relay, as a test before the NAOC relay. With Dan Ingram moving away, the Carson City event has been cancelled. The Summer Series is planned for six events, four before COF and two after. Eight events are being planned for the fall.

Cal-O-Fest update – Gavin Wyatt-Mair

There was discussion of sanctioning, needed volunteers, and a practice relay. We have a permit for the Spooner Lake event, but it requires that we obtain a Nevada business license. Current registration is 634 competitors, 60% are international. Gavin acknowledged the enormous amount of work on the maps done by Bill Cusworth. He outlined the preferred and backup options for printing the maps, and the timetable for finalizing the courses and having the maps printed. Orienteering USA has been approached about reducing their estimated $26K fee for COF. Gavin noted that people who have left their registrations in place since 2020 are paying a lot less than those who register now.

Other Business

Dennis Wildfogel asked that Board members think about future NRE’s.
The club’s Annual General Meeting will be held over Zoom on Thursday evening, April 20. Members will receive their official notification, including the meeting link, by email generated from Member Planet.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:02 PM.

Respectfully submitted,,
Nick Corsano 
BAOC Secretary