BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Mar. 7, 2017
Location: Foster City, CA
Event Directors: - 650.281.5280, - 510.407.1876
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors—7:00-10:00 PM; free pizza and salad will be available at 6:30—All club members and other interested people are welcome

Minutes of the BAOC Board Meeting held March 7, 2017

Present: Steve Haas (President), Scott Aster, Dennis Wildfogel, Jeff Lanam, Jay Hann, Nick Corsano, Vicki Woolworth (Secretary), Erin Schirm, and Sharon Evans (Treasurer).

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM at the Foster City Recreation Center by President Steve Haas.

President's Report – Steve Haas

Steve commented on the events so far, and upcoming events on the schedule. Dan Greene was approved as chair of the Nominating Committee, AGM to be scheduled once the committee selects candidates. Strategy session to help define the club's future direction was held February 25th.

Online Votes/Approval of Minutes – Vicki Woolworth

There were three online votes in the past quarter:
Approval of Jeff Lanam as E-punch director
Approval of agreement with Nav-X
Approve free use of a subset of our maps for Erin Schirm's development of new opportunities and training for juniors.
The minutes of the December meeting were approved.

Treasurer's Report – Sharon Evans

Sharon noted some donations made by individuals and their employers. Going over the budgets over the years, maps were found to be a source of variance, being a big ticket item.

Budget and Reserves: "Philosophy" – Sharon Evans, Steve Haas

To provide some structure on how budget decisions are made, Sharon and Steve proposed a budget philosophy, and it was agreed that we should have six months' operating expenses in reserve (~$35K).

Strategy Planning Session Follow-Up – Steve Haas

Steve reviewed some of the topics highlighted at the strategy planning session.

Event Coordinator's Report – Dennis Wildfogel

Dennis is filling in for Steve Harrison until new EC can be elected. A proposal is to get geographically distributed assistants to help an event coordinating team set up a schedule well in advance, and get volunteers to fill in the ED and CS spots. Currently events are being lined up at Tilden, Bayfront, Coyote Hills, and Las Trampas; Sunol was rescheduled for October due to anticipation of large crowds for wildflowers in the spring.

National Events – Dennis Wildfogel

GCO is planning a weekend of national ranking events in March 2018, and BAOC will support this as well as hold additional events on an adjacent weekend. Considering "March Middle Madness" as a theme. Sprint SF is planned for the second weekend in December; considering San Mateo College, De Anza, and/or St Mary's.
Dennis also posed the question "Do A-meets drain volunteer resources?"; discussion followed.

2020 International Event – Gavin Wyatt-Mair

Gavin and Jay presented an idea to host the World Rogaining Championships in 2020. The proposed location is the area near Northstar (north of Lake Tahoe), and a team has been assembled. LAOC, GCO, Truckee, and Nav-X are supporting the proposal. If this bid is accepted, the plan is to also host the 2018 North American Rogaining Championships as a warmup.
BAOC voted to support this proposal to bid to host WRC 2020.

Director's Reports

Equipment – Jay Hann reported 24 E-punch units are missing
E-punch – Jeff Lanam – acquired new computers and a printer

New/Old Business

Short discussion of online registration, pros, cons, and expenses.

Discussion of mapping philosophy​—​updating existing maps versus creating new maps, especially of schools and small parks. Could use volunteers to create small maps, the general consensus was that we should hold a mapping workshop; Rex Winterbottom suggested as possible teacher.

Next meeting scheduled for June 13th

Respectfully submitted,
Vicki Woolworth
BAOC Secretary