Melissa Criqui and Marsha Jacobs show off their "O in the Oaks" T-shirts for the Morgan Territory A-meet, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Mon.) Jun. 7, 2010
Location: Foster City, CA
Event Directors: - 650.248.9595, - 510.407.1876
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors -- 7:00-10:00 PM; free pizza and salad will be available at 6:30 -- All club members are welcome

Approved minutes of the June 7, 2010 Board meeting – Vicki Woolworth, BAOC Secretary

Present: Trinka Gillis, Mark Blair, Bob Cooley, Nick Corsano, Nancy Lindeman, George Minarik, Misha Lipatov, Kelly Wells, Vicki Woolworth, Alex Finch, Scott Aster, Jay Hann, Scott Novotny, Rex Winterbottom, Ben Legg, Werner Haag, Dan Green

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at the Walker Recreation Center in Foster City.

1. Approval of March Meeting Minutes – Trinka Gillis

Minutes of the 3/9/2010 meeting were approved as published.

2. Email Votes – Vicki Woolworth

There were no email votes this past quarter.

3. President's Report – Trinka Gillis

Trinka announced the Beuermans' retirement as Registration Directors; looking for volunteers.

Trinka and Alex Finch met with Glen Schorr of Orienteering USA (formerly USOF) who has a contact in the San Mateo Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB). This and similar organizations might be able to help with promoting events in their area as well as land permission. Another suggested resource is to tap other volunteer/service groups such as scouts for help with our meets. Orienteering USA has a new logo and is also working on an online registration system that can be used by all clubs. At a recent OCIN event, Jay Hann noted that JROTC was selling food and another group helped with parking.

4. Event Coordinator's Report – Alex Finch

Alex is firming up the schedule. Nick Corsano is investigating the possibility of an event at Huddart Park. Montebello is not certain because the rangers are concerned about participant safety due to local marijuana growers. Scott Novotny is working on a Burton Creek event, but the rangers are concerned about off-trail use. The sprint at Golden Gate Park is postponed until November 2011 at the earliest. There was also discussion of tentative plans at JMP, Stanford, Wildcat Canyon, and Emerald Hills.

5. Treasurer's Report – Kelly Wells

Kelly asked what the legal requirements were for keeping records, general opinion was that 7 years was sufficient, but we should keep as much as reasonably possible. Kelly handed out a copy of the current year's event income and expenses, noted that sometimes smaller urban locations were more cost-effective than larger forested areas. It was also noted that Bayfront and Stanford were actively publicized within the Boy Scouts by Manfred Kopisch, and that most club members enjoyed the wooded terrain.

6. Nomination and Appointment of Membership Director

Jay moved to nominate Werner Haag as Membership Director, Kelly seconded the motion. Board voted in favor 9-0.

7. A-Meet Report – George Minarik

No problems reported with plans for the October A-meet at Boggs Mountain, online registration should start soon. The new ranger seems OK with the plans. Long/Spring/Middle/Night-O are planned, long courses have been set. More volunteers are needed as usual.

The next A-meet has been scheduled for April 15–17, 2011 at Pacheco State Park, with Jay Hann and Gavin Wyatt-Mair co-directing; course setters Tapio Karras, Toby Ferguson, and Derek Maclean. It is likely to be approved by Orienteering USA as the U.S. Interscholastic Championships.

Committee is considering the possibility of a meet in September 2011 at Tahoe, using a revised Northstar map and possibly finishing Cottonwood by then.

Salt Point is still on hold as the new rangers are not supportive — they keep putting barriers up, concerned about off trail use. Committee will consider finding a CVB connection in this area to get support.

8. Meridian Geographics Sponsorship Agreement – Trinka Gillis

Given the evolving relationship between BAOC and MerGeo, we will entertain their request to renegotiate the terms of the agreement. Dan Greene moved that the Board empower Trinka Gillis to negotiate this year's percentage in light of the volunteer and equipment supplied. The motion was seconded, and passed 11-0.

9. Vendors at Events – Mark Blair

Mark was concerned that our implicit permission for vendors to attend our events and set up shop at various parks might open the club to liability issues. After discussion it was agreed that the risks are minimal and that no official policy need be written.

10. Opening BAOC-Board Email Group to Non-board Members – Trinka Gillis

Current practice is to include all Board members, Orienteering USA representative, and recent former Board members. Discussed, no change at this time.

11. Equipment Loss – Mark Blair

A recent theft from a member's car resulted in the loss of about 10 epunch units and a laptop, combined value approximately $2000. Discussed insurance coverage, decided that club would cover expense.

12. Map Reprinting Policy – Trinka Gillis

Recent requests from a number of sources prompted a review of our club's history of permitting map reprinting and a discussion of current cases. It has been standard practice for orienteering magazines to request permission from the mapping director for reprinting sections of maps for the purpose of discussing orienteering events, and in the interest of promoting the sport this has typically been granted. As for the image of the Indian Valley map appearing in an iphone application, we will request acknowledgement and a link to our web site. As for the map posted on the Friends of Knowland Park web site, because the map contains some private property and is being used to advocate a position, we will request this be taken down.

13. Golden Troll Award – Trinka Gillis

A committee consisting of Nick Corsano, Dan Greene, and Scott Novotny were appointed to nominate a club member for this new Orienteering USA award.

14. Directors' Reports

a. Publicity – Nancy Lindeman – A new promotion, "friends for free", will be offered at selected upcoming events. The Boy Scout Jamboree was very successful, with many scouts trying the course repeatedly. A banner was made of the recent article in Boy's Life magazine.
b. Training – Ben Legg – The training camp went well with lots of positive feedback. There is interest in supporting members who would like to get wilderness first aid training — Nick and Trinka will work on a policy for contributing financially toward member training.
c. Membership – Kelly Wells/Werner Haag – The transition is going smoothly.
d. Social – Rex Winterbottom
e. Equipment – Mark Blair – Recent problems with the GeBe results printer have been resolved. Toby, Jay, and Mark are working on a streamlined process for results that will be tested soon.
f. Juniors – Jay Hann – School's out for summer, more activities in the fall.
g. Event Quality – Dan Greene – Recent comments show concern for the difficulty of Orange and Brown courses; looking into this.
h. Mapping – Bob Cooley – Zherdev has arrived and will begin mapping projects.

15. New Business

Philipp Kopisch presented his Eagle Scout project budget of $970.75 for materials to build a permanent orienteering course at Bayfront Park. Werner moved to accept the proposal, Kelly seconded it; and after some discussion of possibilities for obtaining donations, the motion passed 11-0.

Meeting adjourned at 10 PM.

Vicki Woolworth
BAOC Secretary

Minutes approved without changes. September 14th, Foster City, CA