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BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Tue.) Dec. 4, 2007
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Directors: - 650.906.9672, - 650.248.9595
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors -- 7:00-10:00 PM; pizza will be available at 6:30 -- All club members are welcome

Approved minutes of the December 4, 2007 board meeting – Trinka Gillis

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Nick Corsano.

Present were Scott Aster, Everett Beuerman, Jean Beuerman, Steve Beuerman, Mark Blair, Bob Cooley, Nick Corsano, Alex Finch, Jim Fish, Trinka Gillis, Will Gilmore, Peter Graube, Steve Gregg, Jay Hann, Esther Heller, Tapio Karras, Jeff Lanam, Ben Legg, Derek Maclean, George Minarik, Tony Pinkham, Kelly Wells, and Brad Wetmore.

1. Approval of Last Meeting's Minutes – Nick Corsano

The previous meeting's minutes were approved with two changes:

2. Report of Email Votes – Trinka Gillis

There were no email votes this quarter.

3. President's Report – Nick Corsano

Nick Corsano reported that the club had had a good fall season. In addition to the kickoff of COOL (California Outdoor Orienteering League), we also held the Bogg's Mountain A-Meet. We are making glacial progress toward 501c3 status.

4. Event Coordinator's Report – Brad Wetmore

Brad Wetmore reported that 2007 had had 36 events, including two volunteer appreciation days and one collaboration with the San Francisco Night & Day.
The 2008 schedule is similar to 2007, including a small sprint series.
Insurance policies can now be written for 2008.
Due to insurance, shuttles have been suspended for the time being. We have the option of paying a $195 supplement per year to protect the club from liability when we have shuttles. Gary Kraght recommends purchasing this supplement. It covers one year from date of first event.
There are a few key points:
(Text partially from report submitted by email.)
This insurance *ONLY* covers the club's exposure. It is the responsibility of the drivers/vehicle owners to have their own insurance, as it will be the insurance directly involved if there is an incident. This club insurance will only cover the club from losses as a result of an incident.
This supplement requires that we give the insurance company the date in advance and provide the DMV license of all drivers ten days in advance so the insurance company can ensure the drivers are properly licensed.
This insurance is for non-owned/non-rented vehicles (that is, BAOC doesn't own or rent the vehicles). We have the option to upgrade the policy if we do decide to use rental cars. As far as I know, we haven't used rental cars in the past.
Drivers/owners need to understand that their insurance will be in force.
I don't think any of these should be an issue.
Terry Farrah has stepped down from Meridian Geographics, which puts on the San Francisco Night & Day. Eric Bone will continue the event.
Amendment, 11 March 2008: Brad Wetmore will purchase insurance for shuttle drivers when needed. The Event Coordinator should notify him if an event will require shuttles.

5. Treasurer's Report – Steve Beuerman

Steve Beuerman reported that event income in 2007 was about the same as in other years.
Some parks have greatly increased the event fees.

6. Mapping Report – Bob Cooley

Vladimir Zherdev will be coming in June for six weeks, and we will be paying approximately $14K for his work and expenses. He will finish mapping Pacheco, as well as add to Calero or fix Quicksilver Almaden.
Bob is looking at suggestions for other areas to map. GCO wants to map Granite Bay and has purchased aerial photographs. The base map is being made now. They don't want to spend too much money field checking. Are we willing to help pay for field checking? According to Bob, the area is about five square kilometers, so would cost $5,000+ to field check.
We decided that we were open to sharing expenses for field checking as long as we would partially own the map.

7. New Club Uniforms – Ben Legg

Ben Legg expects to get 50+ uniform orders, both short and long sleeves. A cost of more than $100 per set decreases interest, so he is trying to keep costs down. He may also order some accessories, such as jackets or headbands, and he may order small size uniforms for the COOL group.
Axis Gear, a Canadian company, is the most promising. The weak dollar makes European uniforms too expensive.
It would be possible to get the uniform before June if we move quickly.
Ben needs input on the uniform design, and it was suggested he consult with Penny DeMoss and have an anonymous club vote for the top three choices.
The club will buy the uniforms initially, and then runners would buy from the club.
A motion was moved and seconded to authorize Ben to form a design committee, form options, obtain club feedback, accumulate orders, and fabricate the order. Motion passed.

8. BAOC 30th Anniversary Discussion – Kelly Wells

2008 is the 30th anniversary of the founding of BAOC. Kelly Wells would like to organize events to bring in new members. See below for special "30th anniversary" suggestions.
Submitted by email:

9. 2008 Budget Committee Report – Steve Beuerman

Steve Beuerman discussed the 2007 and 2008 budgets. We spent about $15,000 less than budgeted in 2007.
A motion was moved and seconded to approve the 2008 budget with the following three changes:
These changes result in an additional $9000 in expenditures and $7000 in income. Motion passed.

10. Report of A-Meet Committee – George Minarik

George Minarik reported on the A-meet committee's work. The A-Meet committee aims to continuously upgrade the quality of A-meets. The purpose of an A-meet is to showcase the club and sport, to provide opportunities to qualify for national rankings, social interaction, and attract competitors from across the country and world.
They aim to schedule two A-meets per year. In 2007, the A-meets were the Ski-O Champs and the Western States championships at Bogg's Mountain. Next year, the A-meets will be the three-day summer meet in Tahoe and the O in the Oaks in November.
USOF has requested that we hold the US Trail-O Champs at the 2008 O in the Oaks meet. Gary Kraght will direct the event, which will be held Saturday afternoon at Joe Grant, after the middle-distance orienteering event.
George Minarik will inquire as to whether the Trail-O champs require an embargo of the area.
A motion was moved and seconded to approve BAOC's holding the 2008 Trail-O Champs. Motion passed.

11. Conflict of Interest Policy – Nick Corsano

Nick Corsano explained that the IRS is concerned about non-profits that enrich themselves or another person. We will strengthen our position if board members sign a conflict of interest policy.
A motion was moved and seconded to accept the conflict of interest policy. Motion passed.

12. Grant Award Policy – Nick Corsano

A motion was moved and seconded to approve the general policy on awarding grants. One person can administer the grant program, but won't have authority to approve the awarding of grants. Motion passed.
A motion was moved and seconded that Jay Hann be appointed as administrator of the Junior Grant Program and that the junior grant committee has authority to award grants up to 2008 budget allocation.. (Jay and Nick will appoint the committee.) Motion passed.
A motion was moved and seconded that we specify that the criteria (section 5a) to state that eligibility is limited to people under 21 years old, who are BAOC members and who run courses at or above the competitive class for their age and gender, and that the purpose (section 5b) be amended to read: "The general purpose of the program is to increase the number and improve the performance of BAOC juniors in national or international competition." Motion passed.

13. BAOC COOL and Junior Camp Report – Jay Hann

The COOL group was awarded the USOF Junior Grant. The $1475 grant needs to be spent before the end of 2007, and covers up to 50% of an expensed item. He spent $2000 on additional EP units, $475 for awards, and $674.50 for trophies. The 16 EP units will be part of the club inventory.
COOL has held three events so far, with attendance of 17, 11 and 14. They have four more events scheduled.
Jay Hann is organizing a Juniors Camp in Tahoe the week before the June Tahoe A-meet. The cost of lodging is $50/day including meals. He expects to draw non-BAOC as well as BAOC juniors to the camp. They will have 14 events Monday-Thursday. Older youth will direct events and teach.

14. 2008 Nominating Committee – Nick Corsano

The Board has responsibility for approving candidates for election. The club votes on nominees at the annual general meeting. Nick Corsano has asked Dan Grene to chair the nominating committee.
A motion was moved and seconded to approve nominating committee for 2008, chaired by Dan Greene, to approve slate of candidates. Motion passed.

15. Bylaws Review Committee – Kelly Wells

A group of five club members are reviewing the club bylaws in preparation for the 501c3 application. They are comparing our club with other 501c3 organizations. If they decide that changes to the bylaws are needed, they will present suggested changes to the board so that the club can vote on them at the Annual General Meeting.

16. 2008 Sierra Avalanche Ski-O Report – Tony Pinkham

Course setters are nearly all full- or part-time ski-area residents. They are promoting via ads. Nancy Lindeman will follow up to find out which publicity efforts are most effective.
For the first time, there will be a difference in the member/non-member price.
There are discounts for pre-registration.
Tony has determined a refund policy. The competitor will receive a complete refund for a cancelled event. If a competitor cancels their registration before the passes have been purchased for the event, they will receive a refund of the trail pass price. Orienteering fees will be refunded if the competitor cancels before start of the first event.

17. Western States Champs - Scott Aster

The Western States Champs at Bogg's Mountain was a success. There were very few problems, only minor ones. Scott would like to thank all who helped out. George Minarik really made it happen. People especially liked the juniors' pavilion which Jay Hann arranged, and the T-shirt designed by Stephanie Maclean.

18. Directors' Reports

a. Website – Van Boughner
Report submitted by email
I will be invoicing the club this month for the web hosting for, which is $100/year. The last time I invoiced was last December and I'll email the invoice directly to Steve Beuerman.
The domain name registration (which is separate from web hosting) is going to expire in early 2008 and needs to be renewed. Typically you renew a domain name for 3-5 years at a time, depending on how much you can afford. I recommend that we budget at least $50 for this in 2008 (in addition to the $100 for web hosting that I'll invoice during 2008).
The domain is registered with Network Solutions, however, and they charge an incredibly high amount for domain name registration, on the order of around $35/year. I recommend that we transfer the domain registration to, which charges around $10/year. This way we can renew for another 5 years for a little under $50. I use for all of my own domain name registrations and have never had any problems.
b. Publicity – Nancy Lindeman
Nancy is doing ski-o publicity and distributing posters.
c. Bulletin – Jeff Lanam
Postage costs have decreased. He is eager for submissions.
Chuck Spalding currently sends bulletins to first timers who put their address on registration forms, but would like to pass this responsibility to someone else.
d. Training – Steve Gregg
Ben Legg is making a training map of an area near Redding.
e. Registration – Ev & Jean Beuerman
Nothing reported.
f. Membership – Kelly Wells
Concerned that doesn't receive new member registration forms quickly from East Bay events.
g. Social – Rex Winterbottom
Nothing reported.
h. Outreach – Scott Aster
Scott has received some group requests. If he couldn't fill their need, he arranged for them to attend a B-meet, take a beginner's clinic and do a white and/or yellow course.
It is difficult to find volunteers when groups request a speaker.
He hasn't received any requests for personal training for a fee.
i. Equipment – Mark Blair
The EPunch group purchased the GeBE printer, which has more than proven its worth already. In addition, Jay Hann has used it at COOL events.
In order to simplify EPunch, the EP Cadre is considering using the GeBE printer beside the regular printer at events. The runner will download their results into the regular computer, and also punch in at the GeBE printer in order to obtain individual splits. The regular printer will only be used to print cumulative results. The first trial of this will be at the Tilden meet in January.
Mark Blair has ordered 200 new control bags to replace the faded, dilapidated ones.
j. Juniors – Jay Hann
Nothing reported. See section 13, above.
k. Event Quality – Dan Greene
Nothing reported.
l. USOF – Gary Kraght
Nothing reported.

18. New Business

Next meeting will be March 11th.

Meeting adjourned at 10:02 PM.

Minutes approved March 11, 2008.

Trinka Gillis
BAOC Secretary