A scenic view at Annadel State Park

BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: (Thu.) Sep. 14, 2006
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Director: - 650.906.9672
Type: Quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors -- 7:00-10:00 pm; pizza will be available at 6:30 -- All club members are welcome

Minutes of the September 14, 2006 meeting of the BAOC Board of Directors

Attending: Kelly Wells, Tony Pinkham, Esther Heller, Jean Beuerman, Ev Beuerman, Steve Beuerman, Jay Hann, Jeff Lanam, Rex Winterbottom, Brad Wetmore, Nancy Lindeman, Gary Kraght, Steve Gregg, Nick Corsano, Mark Blair, George Minarik, Jim Waite

1. Approval of Last Meeting Minutes – Nick Corsano

Scott Aster was kind enough to record the minutes of the last meeting, while Jim was on vacation. Two corrections will be made to those minutes:

2. Report of Email Votes – Jim Waite

One BAOC board vote occurred by email since the last meeting: Rex made a proposal that the Sprint course at Joaquin Miller Park on August 6 be designated as a fundraiser for the US team ($5 for each entry).

The proposal passed 12 to none, with one abstention.

3. President's Report – Nick Corsano

4. Event Coordinator's Report – Brad Wetmore

5. Treasurer's Report -Steve Beuerman

Detailed status reports of the current-year budget and event income were presented and discussed. Event income has generated almost $16,000 net year-to-date. Other details are in the reports.

6. Mapping Report – Bob Cooley

Bob Cooley did not attend, as he is at the ARDF Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria. George Minarik commented that the mapping of Boggs Mountain is proceeding as planned.

7. Contribution to U.S. Trail-O Committee – Steve Beuerman

The Trail-O held at the last "A" meet netted $101. A motion to donate the entire amount to the USOF Trail-O committee passed unanimously. A request should be put in the envelop for the CS to send the corrected map to Bob Cooley.

8. Formation of 2007 Budget Committee/Discussion of Contributions – Steve Beuerman

9. O in the Oaks IV – Marie-Josee Parayre

10. 2007 Ski-O Champs – Tony Pinkham

11. 2007 Western States Championships – George Minarik

12. Re-establishment of A-Meet Planning Committee – Nick Corsano

13. Junior Development Strategy – Jay Hann

From Dan Green by email: The idea is to provide juniors with additional reading material:

For our more serious juniors, I would suggest giving them subscriptions to Orienteering Today: <http://www.orienteeringtoday.com/&gt;.
While the English is a little broken in places, its very well produced and I think it addresses the youth and elite demographic better than ONA and our own Bulletin. In other words, it might be more inspiring reading.
Orienteering Today is not cheap (~ $80/year), so I would suggest giving a few issues (or just one year) and then more carefully determining if it's a useful gift.
For our more beginning juniors I'm thinking we could buy a box of "Orienteering: Skills & Strategies," by Ron Lowry and Ken Sidney, and give these out to juniors after they've shown some minimal level of interest (e.g., attended 3 events). I think this runs ~ $20-$25. I'm sure others may have stronger opinions about which textbook to hand out, I like Lowry and Sidney's text because it is introductory, but it's also part of a progression towards more elite orienteering (i.e., they have a second book on Training & Performance, which I wouldn't give away initially).

14. Fees for Sprint Courses – Nick Corsano

15. Directors' Reports

Registration – Ev & Jean Beuerman

Fees could not be charged for the recent Joaquin Miller event. Ev & Jean distributed self-addressed envelopes that people could use afterwards. This seems to have been a perfectly reasonable workaround to the rule, since the checks are still coming in.

Equipment – Mark Blair

No updates on the Ukrainian control bags.

E-punch – Trinka Gillis (by email)

I have ordered 30 more EPunch control units, and they should be here in about a week. I hope to have them ready to use at Calero. With these, BAOC will have enough controls to cover all courses, including White and Yellow.

I would like to be relieved of the duties of EPunch Director. I have been doing it for over two years, and I need a break. Since we have several events coming up that I have already committed to doing, I would like to be relieved of the post in early February, after the Ski-O Week. Of course, if anyone else steps up before then, that is great. I am willing to train the next person/people. I would especially like to thank Evan Custer — without his tireless help I would never have survived this long.

Membership – Kelly Wells

The following is Kelly's written report:

The number of members in the BAOC is a roller coaster of moving averages. I was initially concerned about the drop in membership shown in previous bulletins since 1996.
The following data is derived from the archive member database.
                      Memberships   Members      1st-Year
          Year          Expired     Dropped   Retention Rate
          1999            78          142          36%
          2000            97          179          47%
          2001            88          159          37%
          2002            79          149          36%
          2003            94          182          35%
          2004            86          165          31%
          2005            90          194          51% (to date)
          2006 (to date)  59           97      671      1267
For whatever reason, we only retain about 35% of our memberships after the first year.
We have a fairly high turnover, which needs to be further analyzed before we develop club policy and strategy to retain these members. (I.e., are these mostly White and Yellow course members, and how many events did they attend?)
From 1999 till the present we have lost approximately 40-45 net memberships and 90 -100 net members. We seem to be attracting a lot of new members, but for a variety of reasons they move on to other activities (or just move) and let their memberships lapse. It would help to compare meet and course attendance and club revenues in conjunction with this data in order to determine the balance for a successful healthy club.
The following represents approximately how long the members were in the club before they let their memberships expire.
          Years    Number of memberships expired
          15-20        10
          11-14        21
           6-10        68
            5          29
            4          39
            3          49
            2          62
            1         306
            0          83

Training – Steve Gregg

At the Presidio event (this Sunday at 10 am), George Minarik will lead a discussion on advanced orienteering topics.

Event Quality – Dan Greene

Dan could not attend tonight's meeting.

Juniors – Jay Hann

Publicity – Nancy Lindeman

Bulletin – Jeff Lanam

Printed extra for NOD (have maybe 150 for distribution during the two events at Presidio and Coyote Hills).

Website – Van Boughner

Comment from Brad: EDs need to send Van the event report, in addition to the bulletin report to Jeff Lanam. Normally these can be exactly the same, but please remember to do it!

Submitted by Van (email):

Chuck and Brad have been doing the lion's share of keeping the web site up-to-date, with all the upcoming event announcements and results. We've had some recent participation by regular club members as well, as they discover and experiment with the wiki on the site, that allows anyone with an account to edit the content using a web browser. Accounts are available to any club member interested, but you have to email baoc@baoc.org to get one. We took down the automatic self-signup a few months back when the web site was briefly abused by a spammer who signed up for an account.
Lately I have been working on technical improvements to the web site that would increase the ease with which events may be edited or added to the schedule. I'm taking our custom event schedule management software and moving it into the wiki (as a wiki extension), so that we could consider allowing Event Coordinators, who have a wiki account, to use a "hidden" version of the schedule to plan events. The advantage of this would be that once an event is "approved", it would already be there in the schedule and we could just "turn it on" so that everyone can see it in the regular schedule. Brad and Chuck are already both well acquainted with the scheduling system, but I think if we want to make it useful to more people I need to make it easier to learn and use. I would be happy to put more effort into it in order to make it more useful for the purpose of tentative event scheduling.

Adventure Race Coordination – Mark Prior

No report.

Outreach – Scott Aster

No contacts since the last Board meeting.

Social – Rex Winterbottom

USOF – Gary Kraght

As a number of USOF issues came up earlier in the evening, a move for adjournment was made and all agreed.

16. New Business (including date of next meeting) – Nick Corsano

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, December 6, 2006. Unless another site is suggested and booked, Nick will reserve a room at the same location (Burgess Recreation Center, Menlo Park).

17. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:05pm.

Respectfully submitted on 9/17/06 by Jim Waite