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Gavin Wyatt-Mair, founder and director of the annual Briones Scout-O (Photo: Judy Koehler)

BAOC Board Meeting Minutes

Date: September 13, 2004
Location: Stanford Campus

Minutes of September 13, 2004 Board Meeting

PRESENT:  Scott Aster, Everett Beuerman, Jean Beuerman, Steve 
Beuerman, Mark Blair, Nick Corsano, Trinka Gillis, Dan Greene, 
Steve Gregg, Tapio Karras, Jeff Lanam, George Minarik, Tony 
Pinkham, Ian Tidswell.

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM in the Gilbert Biological 
Sciences Building on the Stanford campus.  In the absence of the
Secretary, minutes were taken by Nick Corsano.

1. Approval of March meeting minutes - Ian Tidswell
The minutes of the June 14, 2004 board meeting were approved as 
published in the Bulletin and posted on the website.

2. President's report - Ian Tidswell

It has been a quiet summer for the BAOC.  The World Championships are 
currently taking place in Sweden.  Gary Kraght is competing on the US 
team in the Trail Orienteering championships.

3. Event coordinator's report - Ian Tidswell, for Cheryl Madson

The board discussed the shortage of scheduled events in the latter part 
of the year, and emphasized the importance of asking people to 
volunteer.  Steve Gregg was thanked for putting on the Dimond Park 
event.  Several people at the meeting offered to help put on the 
traditional December Stanford and Bon Tempe events.

Discussion turned to 2005 A meets.  There was a consensus that holding a 
Tahoe A meet was a good idea, as long as Dan Stoll-Hadayia and/or 
Thorsten Graeve would be able to set courses.  Burton Creek was the 
preferred location for at least one day, with Northstar a possibility.  
In view of the abundance of high-profile orienteering events next summer, 
early June seems like the best time.  Members also supported having the 
usual fall A meet.  George Minarik assured the board that there was 
enough good terrain in North Joe Grant beyond what is being used for the 
Long O' this fall to hold a two-day A meet.  Calero was mentioned as 
another possibility.  Late October or early November would be the best 

Ian likes the idea of a series of local events for the summer.

Scott will investigate kayak-O from Sausalito.  The cost of renting 
kayaks may be an obstacle.

4. Treasurer's report- George Minarik
Spring events had good attendance, but with the light summer and fall 
schedule, it was unlikely that the club would reach the budgeted income 
for regular meets.  Income from A meets would also likely be low.  Other 
income has been good, and overall expenses have been below budget.  A 
miscellaneous meet income item of $622 was from the Big Blue Adventure 
Race.  George forecast an end of year balance of $5-10K.

There had been two board votes taken by electronic mail since the June 
board meeting.  In the first, the board authorized an overspend of the 
outreach budget of $300 to support the development of a permanent course 
at Briones by Malcolm Wyatt-Mair.  In the second, the board authorized an
overspend of the e-punch budget of $1411 for the purchase of additional 
equipment, primarily for rental SI cards.

Discussion ensued on the proper ground rules for electronic voting.  
There was consensus that a possible subject of an email vote should first 
be discussed with the club officers.  The proposal would then be submitted 
to the board, identifying the maker of the motion and the seconder.  A 
specific period of time (one week by default) would be allocated for 
discussion and possible amendments, then a period (again, one week by 
default) would be allocated for voting.  Results of electronic votes would 
be announced at the next board meeting in order to be recorded in the 

5. Mapping report - Ian Tidswell for Bob Cooley

Work has been done on Tilden, and new sections of Calero.

6. Plans for the November Championship Events - Scott Aster

The Short-O' and Long-O' championships are shaping up well, with a few 
tasks still to be delegated, including course setter for recreational 
White and Yellow at Joe Grant (they will use the old map).  Also needed 
is a shuttle coordinator at Joe Grant.

We have not been able to secure alternate parking for Morgan Territory, 
but the rangers have said we can use the lot, but can't fill it up.
Jeff Lanam has been investigating possible locations for an informal 
dinner on Saturday night.  A couple of Mexican restaurants are 

7. Pricing events and membership - update - Ian Tidswell 

USOF is working on the fees it charges to clubs, but there are not going 
to be any changes for next year.  Gary Kraght is promoting the idea that 
USOF should charge by entry, not member.  BAOC's current fee is about 
$3200.  Ian will reconvene the club committee to look at membership and 
event fees.

8. Seventh Wave Adventure Races - Ian Tidswell

BAOC collaborated on two events, having about 300 participants, earning 
about $1000 for the club.  Club members working on the orienteering 
courses are paid by Seventh Wave.  The quality of events is getting 

9. Directors' reports

There were no reports for Permits, USOF, and Social (open).

a. Bulletin - Jeff Lanam
The September Bulletin is at the printers, and will be in the mail this 
week.  USOF is having a membership drive, and there is a letter about it 
in the Bulletin.

b. Membership - Steve Beuerman
Steve's report is in the September Bulletin.

c. Registration - Ev & Jean Beuerman
Ev and Jean plan to print clue sheets with the new USOF symbols.  They 
will be ordering new club t-shirts (including Dri-Release); there are 
currently 45 orders, we need 72 for a price break, so extras will be 
ordered in the most popular sizes.
David Irving was elected Pacific Region alternate replacing Gary Kraght, 
who was elected USOF Vice President of Club Services.

d. Equipment - Mark Blair
He will obtain fifty more medium-size aluminum stands for the November A 

e. E-punch - Trinka Gillis
The club has 44 version 7 e-punch units.  These feature an LCD which gives 
the control number and time.  They are always on, but remain in standby 
mode, and turn on when punched.  The Velcro strips will need to be adjusted
so that they do not cover the display. 

New sticks cost 44 euro's.  The club purchased 25.  There was discussion 
about increasing the replacement fee from $30 to  $40.  Although the new 
units do not need to be programmed, Trinka will not change the procedure 
at this point.  All units are now version 6 or 7, and are compatible with 
the new finger sticks.

f. Event Quality - Dan Greene
Dan is working with the course setter for the Montebello event.

g. Juniors - Nick Corsano
Malcolm Wyatt-Mair has been working on making permanent courses at Briones.
Nick will follow up with Malcolm about publicizing the courses.  Tapio 
Karras mentioned that there were about 35 Juniors participating in the
Rocky Mountain 1000 Day.  Ian said that a camp in the Foothills is 
looking for someone to do courses for school groups.

h. Publicity - Nancy Lindeman and Tony Pinkham
A booklet published by the city of Mountain View about local activities 
includes BAOC in the hiking section.  There is interest by some people in 
Fort Bragg about starting an orienteering club and doing urban events.  
They are talking with Judy Koehler.

i.Website - Van Boughner via email
Van is looking for ideas of things to add, since he has volunteers to help 
out.  Attendees mentioned making it easier to find orienteering vendors,
and including maps for our permanent courses on the web.

j. Outreach - Scott Aster
A reporter from the Pacific Sun did an article, which resulted in a stream
of inquiries.  University of San Francisco is having a wellness and 
fitness fair for their employees on November 11 on campus. USF will pay 
BAOC $100 to have a booth.
Scott has written to the Governor inviting he come to our A meet to give
out awards.

k. Training - Steve Gregg
There are no applications for the Senior Training Grant.  The baoct
(training) email list has been pretty active.  Steve predicts a top 10 
finish for the BAOC team at the Providian Relay.  Nancy Lindeman is 
working on decorating the team van.

10. Ski-O' report - Tony Pinkham
Tony anticipates that BAOC will bid on the US Ski-O' Champs in the future, 
probably 2007.  He reviewed various venues.  Fallen Leaf is not an option, 
because there is no staffing for winter events, and snow levels are not 
predictable.  The people running Royal Gorge are difficult to work with. 
Tahoe Donner is a good possibility.  GCO has a base map, and Tahoe Donner 
has their own map.  Northstar is another possibility.  It was too small 
before we used e-punch.
There is no 2005 Ski-O' championship at this point.  The BAOC series will
be renamed from the California Ski-O' champs to Sierra Ski-O' champs in 
2005, because the plan is to include Spooner Lake.  BAOC cooperates with 
GCO on these events.  They want to hold a 2-day event in 2005 at Bear 
Valley (our oldest map, has a lot of one-way trails), and then in 2006, 
hold a "higher class" 2-day event, and continue mapping and exploring.
Most ski-O' participants are BAOC members, but we are getting more
cross-country skiers now.  Tony is looking for people to help out with 
these events.

11. Next meeting - Ian Tidswell
The next meeting was scheduled for Monday, December 6, location to be

12. The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Nick Corsano
October 16, 2004