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Peggy Dickison (Photo: Judy Koehler)

Golden Goat - Tamarancho

Date: Sunday, November 21, 2004
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 510.658.4327
Course Setter: Penny DeMoss
Type: C; Courses available: White, Yellow, Orange, Kid and Golden Goats
Please Note: Dogs are not allowed at Tamarancho, not even in cars.
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Update (11/17/04)

From Course Setter Penny DeMoss

We have 70 people who have indicated that they will probably be attending the Golden Goat next Sunday. It's going to be great...the weather forecast for this weekend couldn't be better, so we expect a good turnout. With that in mind, we still need help. We are desperately short of bodies to help at the start for the White, Yellow, and Orange courses, and at the finish which is the same for everyone. If you can come help out, you can still run a course...the Orange course is quite challenging and fun. Or if you're running in the Goat and can bring someone along to help while you're out, we'd really appreciate it. No experience's not rocket science...I'll show people what needs to be done.

Camp Tamarancho rule: ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS, not even in cars.

Remember to give yourselves plenty of time to get to Tamarancho. Here are just some of the reasons you need to arrive early. The last two miles take 15 mins. to negotiate. Parking is limited. Please obey parking attendants' instructions. (Carpooling is strongly recommended. Many of you are coming up from the South Bay, so it shouldn't be too hard to get together with someone else for the drive. You'll have lots to talk about on the ride home!) You still need to register and in many cases rent an E-punch stick. There are many restrooms, but they're sort of spread out, so you'll have to search one out (no doubt). You might want to leave food/drinks at the map exchange (we'll provide water.) Most importantly, we will not delay the start. If you arrive late, you can still go out, but the mass start is at 11 o'clock. What this means cannot ALL arrive at 10:30.

Okay, let's review the rules for the Golden Goat...(we don't want to have to DQ anyone.)

The first map of the Golden Goat is also the Kid Goat. It is 6.5km, 510m, climb, 14 controls. These controls are visited in numerical order as in a "normal" course except that there is a split control...#5. So you'd go from control 4 to either control 5A or to control 5B, and then on to 6. You are allowed to skip one other control of your choosing anywhere on this course. (Now, if you decide to skip 4 then you'd go from 3 to either 5A or 5B then on to 6. Or if you decide to skip 6, you'd go from either 5A or 5B to 7, right? You just cannot skip both 5A and 5B.) You'll be going to a total of 13 controls.

The #14 control is the last control for the Kids. After punching, run up the chute to the finish E-punch unit then proceed to the download tent. The Golden Goaters punch the #14 control, follow the flagging tape (50m) to the map exchange area, drop the first map and pick up the second map. The start triangle is the same for both maps. The optimum route for the second part is 5.25km, 260m climb. You must punch all 12 controls, no skips on the second map, and you must punch #12 last. (It's the same as #14 on the first loop and we're just making this requirement so everyone enters the chute from the same way.)

The controls on the 2nd map are visited in ANY order. I have very randomly numbered the controls so that you'll quickly be reminded that you most definitely do not want to visit them in numerical order. I think it's about 10k if you do. The controls are placed so that you can make a "logical" loop, just be sure you don't leave anything's harder to connect the dots without the usual lines between controls. After punching the mandatory final control #12, proceed up the chute to the finish unit.

The download tent will be in the registration area. There will also be treats and your T-shirts can be picked up at this time. The prizes will be handed out quickly...without much fanfare, as I know you'll be tired. We have valuable prizes for the first three men and first three women in the Kid and the Golden Goat. If you know you were one of those places, don't leave without your prize.

The map scale for the Golden/Kid Goat and the Orange course is 1:10,000, 5m contours. They will be in sealed map cases. Clue sheets will be printed on the maps, but you will also be given loose clue sheets at registration for both maps of the Goat. The map scale for the White and Yellow courses is 1:7500. Clue sheets will be provided with symbols and translations. The start for the White, Yellow and Orange courses is separate from the Goat (about 150m). Follow signs from registration.

Here are the courses for Sunday, Nov. 21:

Starts for the White, Yellow, and Orange courses are from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. THOSE COURSES CLOSE AT 2:00 PM. The Kid Goat and Golden Goat have a mass start at 11:00 AM. THOSE COURSES CLOSE AT 3:30 PM.

Course       Distance  Climb  Controls  Comments

White         2.8 km   130 m     9      Very easy navigationally.  All on
                                         trails which are a bit steep in
                                         places.  There are two partially
                                         flagged legs.
Yellow        2.75 km  160 m     9      Also easy, but the controls are
                                         slightly off trail and there are
                                         two legs which are partially off
                                         trail near the end (flagged where
Orange        4.8 km   275 m    10      A physically difficult course as it
                                         uses some controls from the Goat,
                                         but much of the running is on

Kid Goat      6.5 km   510 m    14      Navigationally not so hard, but a
                                         strenuous course.  Much running on
Golden Goat  11.75 km  770 m    26      Navigationally not difficult, but
                                         gonzo hard physically.  Most of
                                         the trail running will be on the
                                         first loop, mostly off trail for
                                         the second loop.  The Golden Goat
                                         is the Kid Goat plus a second
                                         loop of 5.25km with 260m climb
                                         and 12 controls.

We will have hand punching for the White and Yellow courses and E-punch for Orange, Kid Goat, and Golden Goat. If you don't have an E-punch finger stick, you can rent one at registration on the day.

I'm estimating a winning time for the Golden Goat of just under 2 hrs. Extreme weather conditions could greatly add to the running times. Although it looks like it'll be fine, be prepared for the worst. This is a beautiful area, but it is high on the ridges and some of it is pretty exposed. There will be water and cups on the courses for drinking only. Please do not refill bottles or camelbacks until the map exchange area where we will have an unlimited supply on hand. You'll probably wish you'd carried an energy bar as well if you don't. Before the start, Golden Goaters can leave food, sports drinks, etc. in the map exchange area as it is right near the parking. Please check in at the finish by 3:30 PM whether you have completed the course or not.

Registration for the Kid Goat and Golden Goat: The entry fee will be $20 per person, which includes a deMoss deSigns T-shirt if you let us know you were coming by Nov. 15. If you didn't let me know you were coming, it's still $20, but you may not get a shirt as I only ordered a few extra. (Another reason to come early.)

Registration for White, Yellow, and Orange: Open from 9:00 AM to noon. Beginners instruction is offered from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Starts are available from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. COURSES CLOSE AT 2:00 PM. All participants must check in at the finish by 2:00 PM whether or not they have finished their course. Failure to do so may result in a search and rescue effort.

Regular entry fees for beginners' courses (White and Yellow) are $6 for the first person, and $2 for each additional adult and $1 for each additional child over age 8. The entry fee for Orange is $8 for BAOC members and $12 for nonmembers, with $2 extra for each additional person.

SPECIAL NOTE: White, Yellow, and Orange competitors' cars will not be allowed to leave before 12 noon because of the narrowness of the road leading into Camp Tamarancho. See WARNING in the directions below.

We're looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday. It'll be a Goat to remember and you'll not feel the least bit guilty when you have seconds on Thanksgiving.

Penny and Harold DeMoss

Original Announcement

After all the Olympic coverage of late, aren't you totally inspired to get out and challenge yourself? Here's your chance. This year's Goat will be held at the very difficult but stimulating Boy Scout camp of Tamarancho in the hills above Fairfax, Ca in Marin Co. At least the weather should be perfect in late and clear. I (Penny) will be the course setter - Harold will be the meet director and here is what we have planned for your immense enjoyment.

The race will consist of two parts, with a map exchange for the Golden Goaters. The first loop, which is the Kid Goat course and part 1 of the Golden Goat course will be a standard loop course, visiting the controls in order with the usual split control at some point and the rule which allows you to skip one other control. At the end of this course the Kids go into the finish chute, but the Golden Goaters pick up another map and continue.

The controls on the second map can be visited in any order, but at this stage of the planning, I'm thinking that you'll have to go all of them-no skipped control on part 2. Course stats TBA on BayONet and on the web site as planning continues.

Punching a control at Shoreline Egg-O, 1997

We will be using E-punch for the first time at a Goat. It should be especially interesting and fun to see the splits since this format is so different from the usual. E-punch will also be used on the Orange course. White and Yellow will use hand punching.

Tamarnacho has areas so steep that a former course setter told me that he got vertigo just looking into some of the canyons! Well, fear not...since the goat is a longer than usual course, I'll do my best to space out the climbs. There will be a lot of contouring though, so wear comfortable shoes and look for those animal tracks. ( They don't like to climb either.) Also, you can bet on quite a bit of trail running as this map has extensive dark green areas which I wouldn't think of sending you through. One thing I can guarantee, you'll have no guilt feelings as you dig into your Thanksgiving turkey a few days later.

Melissa Criqui and Marsha Jacobs show off their "O in the Oaks" T-shirts for the Morgan Territory A-meet, October 2001 (Photo: Judy Koehler)

Registration for White, Yellow and Orange

Open from 9:00 am to noon; beginner's instruction is offered from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.Starts are available from 10:00am to 12:30pm. Courses close at 2:00 pm. All participants must check in at the finish by 2:00pm whether or not they have finished their course. Failure to do so may result in a search and rescue effort.

Regular entry fees for beginner's courses (white and yellow) are $6 for the first person, and $2 for each additional adult and $1 for each additional child over age 8. The entry fee for Orange is $8 for BAOC members and $12 for non-members, with $2 extra for each additional person. There are discounts for students, youth groups, and second courses.

If you plan on bringing a large group (more than 6 people), please let us know about a week in advance so that we can have enough maps printed for you. Thanks. Orange course runners, don't forget to bring your E-punch stick. If you don't own one, you can rent one for a modest fee at registration.

Harold DeMoss, Rogaine Grand Marshall at Briones in 2002 (Photo: Jay Hann)

Special Note: White, yellow and Orange competitors' cars will not be allowed to leave before 12 noon because of the narrowness of the dirt road leading into Camp Tamarancho (see warning following the directions below.)

Registration for the Kid Goat and Golden Goat

The entry fee will be $20 per person which includes a deMoss deSigns Golden Goat T-shirt. Although you do not need to pre-register, you must let me know, via email, what size shirt you want by Mon. Nov. 15. You will pay at registration on the morning. If you have not let me know what size shirt you want, you will still be charged $20, but you won't get a shirt as we cannot afford to order more shirts than we know we'll need. Bring your E-punch finger stick. If you do not own one, you can rent one at registration for a modest fee.

In a hurry to get to the control (Briones 1996 Scout-O)

There will be a mass start at 11:00am for the Kid and Golden goats. Courses close at 3:30pm. Please check in at the finish by 3:30pm whether you have finished or not.

That's all for now. Feel free to or call us if you have any questions. Plan on being there, Marin Co. in the fall can't be beat. Besides, it'll be loads of fun.

Driving Directions

Take Highway 101 north in Marin Co. Take the Sir Francis Drake Blvd west for 5.6 miles until you reach Fairfax. Continue westbound on Sir Francis Drake past downtown Fairfax for about one quarter mile, and look for a green highway sign "Camp Tamarancho" plus Orienteering signs. Turn left onto Olema Rd. Go 0.1 mile and turn left on Manor Rd. Go 1 block and turn right on Rock Ridge Rd. After about one quarter mile Rock Ridge Rd. turns sharply right and you will see Iron Springs Rd. straight ahead. Go up Iron Springs Rd. for 2 miles to the camp.

WARNING: Iron Springs Rd is a narrow, winding, potholed road that takes about 15 minutes to negotiate. Cars with normal clearance can make it up with no problem, but low riders and sports cars are not recommended. Allow ample time. It would be a good idea to carpool if at all possible. Since it's a mass start this should be easier than usual to arrange.