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Joseph D. Grant County Park

Date: (Sun.) Feb. 17, 2013
Location: San Jose, CA
Event Director: - 408.568.6740
Course Setter: Dennis Wildfogel
Type: C; Bare-bones (self-service) event with only two advanced courses—no beginner or intermediate courses or clinics

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Event Write-Up


Some seventy-plus souls sauntered sequentially through a sun-drenched series of selectively placed controls on a delightful day in the lovely Halls Valley section of Joseph D. Grant County Park. The meet was a barebones event, featuring just two courses, meant to give the advanced orienteers in the Club a little more opportunity to participate in traditional orienteering.

The fastest time on the Brown/Green course was recorded by Russell Porter, an M21 who just moved to SF from the Vancouver area. Dan Greene had the fastest time among legitimate Green runners, while Steve Haas was the fastest among the Brown-eligible. Stephanie Maclean was the first woman, sixth overall. Joseph Doetsch recorded a splendid 38:07 on the 5.2 km Red/Blue course, with teenager Matej Sebo in second. The inimitable Penny DeMoss was the fastest woman on the longer course.

The courses were designed to be as technical as possible. There were many short legs and changes of direction; vegetation was extensively remapped to increase accuracy; control markers were carefully placed so as not to be excessively visible (while not at all being hidden); and a number of “phantom” controls were used so that competitors would not be able to just see a bag and assume it was the one they were looking for. Judging by people’s reactions, the challenges presented by the courses were quite appreciated and it was a fine day of orienteering for most everyone.

Part of the idea of this barebones event was to avoid needing an army of volunteers. Nevertheless, a regiment still helped out. Rosemary Johnson pre-ran the course two weeks early so that she could staff the epunch table full-time at the event. Her 3.5 hour stint was most appreciated! Steve Haas took care of everything related to self-registration. Tony Pinkham helped with equipment. Penny and Harold DeMoss headed up control pickup, with a crew that included Vicki Woolworth, Gary Carpenter, Chuck Spalding, and Steve Haas. Bob Cooley did his usual terrific job printing maps and clue sheets, and also made a number of map corrections I requested. Chuck Spalding was extremely helpful getting the many revisions of the Course Setter’s Notes up on the Club’s website promptly. Several pre-runners provided feedback that helped me improve the courses considerably. They included Evan Custer, Peter Graube, Alan Glendinning, Mikkel Conradi, and Chris and Graham Brew. Rex Winterbottom helped with getting the permit, and Marina Keating obtained the insurance waiver we needed on very short notice. Many thanks to all the aforementioned as well as to all those who pitched in for a moment whenever something was needed at the event. Finally, a special thanks to head ranger Jeff Cossins and Santa Clara County Parks’ Beeny Sander for expediting the permit process. Nice to hear that they’re happy to accommodate us because we “have such a light footprint”!

Lost and Found

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Joseph D. Grant County Park

San Jose, CA
Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Brown/Green Course   (3.6 km, 105 m climb, 23 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                                 Time
   1  Russell Porter (GVOC)                   34:43
   2  Joe Knapp                               37:51
   3  Dan Greene                              38:57
   4  Garret Bean                             41:04
   5  Steve Haas                              43:43
   6  Stephanie Maclean                       44:34
   7  Chuck Spalding                          44:43
   8  Steve Smith                             44:57
   8  Vicki Woolworth                         44:57
  10  Bob Strauss                             48:26
  11  Flynn Buxton-Walsh                      49:34
  12  George Minarik                          51:00
  13  Patty Clemo                             51:06
  14  Jay Hann                                51:24
  15  Nick Corsano                            54:41
  16  Katie & Mark Petersen                   54:47
  17  Phillip Hoare                           55:38
  18  Julia Doubsen (COOL)                    56:24
  19  Irena Stefanova                         56:57
  20  Johanna Merriss                         57:30
  21  Victor Frolov                           58:24
  22  Olga Kraght                             58:46
  23  Stephanie Gueorguiva                  1:00:43
  24  Roy Want                              1:01:22
  25  Sarah & Janet Petersen                1:04:01
  26  Jeff Lanam                            1:04:38
  27  Fyodor Konkov                         1:08:28
  28  Terry Gleason                         1:12:52
  29  Stefan Stefanov                       1:15:33
  30  Wes Erck                              1:17:44
  31  Robert Lewis                          1:17:59
  32  Harold DeMoss                         1:19:36
  33  Shura Kretchetov & family             1:27:43
  34  Sridhar, Srijit, & Srikar Boinapally  1:31:27
  35  Sharon Evans                          1:43:27
  36  Nancy Lindeman                        2:01:29

      Jim Fish                                DNF
      Lennard Hachmann, Simon Matschoss       DNF
      Gary Kraght                             DNF
      Leslie Minarik                          DNF
      Pavel Anisimov                          DNF
      Gary Carpenter                          DNF
      Masha Konkov (COOL)                     DNF

Red/Blue Course      (5.2 km, 235 m climb, 26 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                                 Time
   1  Joseph Doetsch                          38:07
   2  Matej Sebo                              42:36
   3  Rex Winterbottom                        43:33
   4  Kyle Peter                              46:49
   5  Dennis Wilkinson                        48:07
   6  Tapio Karras                            48:57
   7  Cedric LasFargues                       57:18
   8  Penny DeMoss                            57:35
   9  Mikhail Lipatov                         57:45
  10  Peter Graham                          1:00:30
  11  Derek Maclean                         1:02:02
  12  Greg Favor                            1:02:46
  13  Manfred Kopisch                       1:04:43
  14  Andrew Masalkov                       1:05:53
  15  Bob Cooley                            1:06:56
  16  Nick Giori, Lou Dietz                 1:07:16
  17  Eric Rosenzweig                       1:08:12
  18  Tony Pinkham                          1:13:53
  19  Lubomir Sebo                          1:15:56
  20  Joe Maffei                            1:20:11
  21  Wendell Doman                         1:20:43
  22  Matthias Kohler                       1:25:14
  23  Marina Keating                        1:49:27

  Second Course

      Phillip Hoare                         1:32:21


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)