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Bedwell Bayfront Park

Date: (Sun.) Jan. 13, 2013
Location: Menlo Park, CA
Event Directors: - 510.681.6181, - 650.248.9595
Course Setters: Matej Šebo, Lubomir Šebo
Type: C; Long White, Yellow, and Memory (one leg at a time, you don't memorize the whole course at once!)

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Event Write-Up

By , Co-Event Director

Planned in just three weeks, Bayfront was a last-minute addition to the January orienteering schedule. Many thanks go to Lubomir Sebo, Matej Sebo, Steve Haas, and Rex Winterbottom for pulling this together.

The morning was cold — below freezing and frosty when we arrived for setup — but it eventually turned into a beautiful day.

We had lots of young people at Bayfront! Several COOL participants showed up to add to their COOL championship points, and Peter Graube taught an orienteering skills clinic for juniors on compass skills.

The top winners on the White course were Tara, Holly, and Sharam with a winning time of 30:13, Artin Davari and Leander Coolen with a time of 30:21, and the Wilkinson Family with a time of 30:44. The top winners on Yellow were Stephen Harrison (23:02), Shura Krechetov (25:52), and Vlad Skvortsov (28:19).

The well-planned Memory-O was the most popular and the most difficult course of the day. Instead of carrying a map, runners studied a small map section displayed at each control (you can see an example here), and found their way to the next control from memory. The winner on that course was Mikkel Conradi, with a time of 31:06, followed by Dennis Wilkinson at 32:07, and Tapio Karras at 36:02.

At least fourteen people ran multiple courses. Daniel Sebo (whose father and brother course set) ran four courses (out of the three available).

Lost and Found

Three items were left behind:

If these are yours, please email .

Thanks to Volunteers

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event run so smoothly:

Chuck Spalding (finishes), Dan Greene (starts), Dennis Wilkinson (snacks, control pickup), Everett Beuerman (finishes, greeter), George Minarik (EPunch), Greg Khanlarob (starts), Jean Beuerman (finishes, greeter), Leslie Minarik (finishes), Lubomir Sebo (course setting, starts), Manfred Kopisch (setup), Marina Keating (insurance), Matej Sebo (course setting), Matthias Kohler (finishes), Mike Meagher (setup), Mikkel Conradi (starts), Nancy Lindeman (greeter), Pam Pfohl (snacks), Peter Graube (beginner’s clinics, juniors clinic, control pickup, clean up), Rex Winterbottom (organization, setup, volunteer recruitment, and scheduling), Rosemary Johnson (greeter, EPunch), Sarah Williams (setup), Steve Beuerman (finishes), Steve Gregg (control pickup), Steve Haas (permit, registration, clean up), Steve Harrison (setup, control pickup), Tony Pinkham (EPunch), Vicki Woolworth (setup, registration).

I apologize if I left anyone out! Thank you all.

Event Write-Up #2

By , Co-Event Director

I guess with two event directors you should get two write-ups ...

Thanks everybody for participating and pitching in — 110 participants and 20 volunteers on 3-weeks notice is quite remarkable!

So, Matej Sebo had this interesting idea to make some challenging and interesting courses at Bayfront for beginners, intermediates, and advanced orienteers alike. And I took the bait. And Steve Haas checked with the city of Menlo Park. All of this, about 3 weeks before the event would actually happen. Then all of you made it happen by showing up and pledging to help. Thanks to the online form, I did not have to call people to get volunteers; I drew up a schedule of volunteers based on the responses, and emailed it seeking confirmation, and made a few adjustments. Lubomir Sebo picked up the equipment and helped his son with the course planning. Trinka Gillis became the ad-hoc co-event director, and took care of obtaining the rest of the needed equipment. Peter Graube, Steve Harrison, and Manfred Kopisch also arrived early to get things set up.

Great job by Matej and Lubo to make the courses fun and appropriately challenging. I completed the memory course, and found myself mentally tired later in the course, needing a bit more time to study the map at each checkpoint. I feel that doing this kind of training regularly would have some definite benefits. Maybe we could try this in other parks. The amount of work required to do this was much more than a typical event — dozens of little maps had to be created and affixed to the checkpoints. But the course setting team pulled it off smoothly. In addition, they set a busy, longer beginners' course with over 20 checkpoints. And their advanced beginners' course had good opportunities to shortcut the trails. Indeed, many participants enjoyed multiple courses.

No event write-up would be complete without a weather report, and yes, the weather around that time was bone-chilling at night. This lingered a bit into the morning, but it warmed up enough to be, I would say, not unpleasant. And it certainly was clear and sunny, with crisp views of Mt. Tamalpias and Oakland. Gazing at Oakland across the water, and seeing the skyscrapers half as high because of the curvature of the earth is always a fun sight.

Volunteers made this happen, as always, and thanks to these heretofore unmentioned folks who also lent a hand: Tony Pinkham, Vicki Woolworth, Mikkel Conradi, Dan Greene, Greg Khanlarov, Misha Lipitov, Matthias Kohler, Chuck Spalding, Steve Beuerman, George Minarik, Leslie Minarik, Nancy Lindeman, Rosemary Johnson, Steve Gregg, Dennis Wilkinson, and Misha Kreslavsky.

Lost and Found

I discovered a pair of black Mountain Hardwear gloves in a pocket of my backpack. I think they may have been left at the Bayfront event.


Bedwell Bayfront Park

Menlo Park, CA
Sunday, January 13, 2013

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget. (Use of RouteGadget is explained here. RouteGadget for this event is here (

White Course     (3.2 km, 65 m climb, 23 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                         Time
   1  Tara, Holly, & Sharam           30:13
   2  Artin Davari, Leander Coolen    30:21
   3  Wilkinson family                30:44
   4  Gian Coolen                     30:56
   5  Markus Gruendler (2)            31:04
   6  Isaac Chabra                    32:01
   7  Jamie Maclean                   38:42
   8  Pavel Anisimov                  39:41
   9  Gema Fa-Kaji                    43:19
  10  Chris Danek & family (3)        46:09
  11  Barb Schaffer                   48:14
  12  Katie Gruendler (2)             48:31
  13  Nicohas & Nathan Dubuk          49:18
  14  Rosenzweig family               50:09
  15  Nathan Fry                      50:50
  16  Polly Fry                       51:15
  17  Anand & David Chabra            51:40
  18  Tracy Thorpe                    52:20
  19  Giulia Coolen                   56:19
  20  Janette Wulff                   57:24
  21  Elisabeth Pelayo (COOL)       1:00:20
  22  Jung & Chang (4)              1:01:30
  23  Cub Scout Pack 301 (4)        1:01:49
  24  Sheridan family (3)           1:06:55
  25  Spencer Montoya               1:08:48
  26  Oleg Skvortsov                1:13:39
  27  Narya Bower                   1:15:22
  28  Ally Shevroff                 1:15:25
  29  George Reynolds               1:55:39

      Lorien Bower                    DNF
      Natalie Kopisch (COOL)          DNF
      Soni (3)                        MSP
      Greg Khanlarov                  DNF

  Second Course

      Shura Kretchetov                21:00
      Gian Coolen                     22:10
      Daniel Sebo                     29:09
      Arthur Kashperskiy              32:23

Yellow Course    (3.2 km, 65 m climb, 20 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                         Time
   1  Shura Kretchetov                25:52
   2  Vlad Skvortsov                  28:19
   3  Daniel Sebo                     32:08
   4  Rory Maclean (COOL)             32:45
   5  Johanna Karras (COOL)           33:23
   6  Hope Fa-Kaji                    34:46
   7  Yulia Yukima                    37:41
   8  Arthur Kashperskiy              39:02
   9  David & Daniel Sebo             40:55
  10  Robert Lewis                    41:34
  11  Victor Frolov                   41:40
  12  Paula Zurowski                  47:08
  13  Team Vello (2)                  47:41
  14  Tom Edwards                     51:19
  15  Mike Meagher                    55:25
  16  Nicholas Dubuk (2)              55:43
  17  Ed Beeler                       59:22
  18  Sung & Kirsty                 1:04:07
  19  Tara Davari                   1:14:22
  20  Nancy Lindeman                1:16:11
  21  Silvia & Amira                1:18:17
  22  Judy Koehler, Silva, & Kaia   1:25:43
  23  Artin Davari                  1:33:31
  24  Hannah Kopisch (COOL)         1:44:42
  25  Cassandra Pelayo (COOL)       1:45:03
  26  Nicholas Talin                1:48:10

      Greg Khanlarov                  DNF
      Shura Kretchetov                DNF

  Second Course

      Francois Leonard                16:17
      Mark Prior                      17:42
      Misha Kreslavsky                19:33
      Greg Khanlarov                  19:35
      Steve Gregg                     19:51
      Stephen Harrison                23:02
      Isaac Chabra                    41:52
      Tracy Thorpe                  1:06:45

      Gian Coolen                     DNF

Memory-O Course  (4.7 km, 85 m climb, 25 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                         Time
   1  Mikkel Conradi                  31:06
   2  Dennis Wilkinson                32:07
   3  Tapio Karras                    36:02
   4  Rex Winterbottom                37:13
   5  Mark Prior                      41:50
   6  Graham Brew                     43:20
   7  Dennis Wildfogel                44:58
   8  Misha Kreslavsky                45:36
   9  Steve Gregg                     47:03
  10  Steve Haas                      47:23
  11  Manfred Kopisch                 47:40
  12  Dan Greene                      48:20
  13  Peter Graube                    48:28
  14  Chuck Spalding                  48:56
  15  Mikhail Lipatov                 49:30
  16  Cornelia Coolen                 50:23
  17  Steve Harrison                  50:30
  18  Derek Maclean                   51:14
  19  Jason Reed                      51:23
  20  Flynn Buxton-Walsh              54:25
  21  Ekaterina Orekhova              55:32
  22  Marie-Josée Parayre             55:37
  23  Matthias Kohler               1:02:40
  24  Clement Genzmer               1:02:51
  25  Vicki Woolworth               1:06:42
  26  Iriena Stefanova              1:16:35
  27  Alan Glendinning              1:26:23
  28  Phillip Hoare                 1:39:00
  29  Rosemary Johnson              1:46:21
  30  Steve Beuerman                1:47:59
  31  Brad & Alex Wetmore           2:01:34
  32  Terry Gleason                 2:16:21

      François Léonard                DNF
      Tom Edwards                     DNF
      Gavin Wyatt-Mair                DNF
      George Minarik                  DNF
      Leslie Minarik                  DNF
      Brownwen Caplinger              DNF
      Trinka Gillis                   DNF
      Stephanie Maclean               DNF

  Second Course

      Daniel Sebo                     58:34
      Rosenzweig family             1:05:41

      Nancy Lindeman                  DNF

  Third Course

      Shura Kretchetov              1:03:24


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more controls wrong)