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Almaden Quicksilver County Park

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 20, 2013
Location: San Jose, CA
Event Director: - 408.599.9709
Course Setter: Misha Kreslavsky
Type: B; We're returning to this popular park, after missing it for several years, for a full 7-course event

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Event Write-Up


About 130 people came out to enjoy a beautiful warm day at Almaden-Quicksilver Park, with its historical mining remnants and dramatic vistas. Misha Kreslavsky designed, vetted, and set out all the controls, all on fairly short notice. His original plan for low climb was thwarted by vegetation changes, resulting in higher-than-typical climb (>8%) on some courses. Despite the tough courses, not many shifted down to shorter courses, there were not more DNFs than usual, and Blue (8.2 km, 690 m climb) runners were undeterred. In fact, Greg Favor decided that wasn’t enough, so he came early and did a trail run of some 12 miles and 700 m+ climb as a warm-up for his Blue course! The funniest story I heard was of Vladimir Gusiatnikov crawling through a longer-than-expected section of poison oak, stopping to take a picture of himself, and texting it to his wife! [Ed. Note: Vladimir reported that he was not able to get a picture out, and ended up following a family of Bobcats.] I saw Lori Huberman (with her trusty O-dog appropriately named “Presto”) with her ankles covered in burrs and asked her how her course went. She answered “Oh, no – I’ve only walked over to register!” But I believe that is as bad as it got, because although the finishers came back sweating, exhausted, and sometimes covered with dirt from slipping on steep, loose-leaf hillsides, there weren’t too many stickers on their clothes.

Even the White and Yellow courses were harder than usual, as we had to streamer a section through a clearing and some forest to allow for reasonable-length courses. This gave beginners a taste of what off-trail orienteering would be like. One lady wanted to take her baby stroller on the White course, but I convinced her stay on the dirt road portion and skip the off-trail controls.

Stephanie Jackson won the White course, edging out Jamie Maclean. The Sebo Family had a great day, with Daniel winning Yellow, Lubomir winning Red, and Matej placing 4th on Blue.

Fillian Swift blasted through the Orange course, beating the nearest competitor by over 40 minutes! Gary Kraght took the Brown in a tight race over Steve Haas and Lori Huberman/Presto.

It was great to see Kent Ohlund back in form, complaining that he “wasn’t moving well”, but still winning Green by over 10 minutes. Swiss extended-visitor Roman Zoller finished second on Red, edging out Tapio Karras by 1.5 minutes.

Blue runners often amaze me. Francois Leonard ran the course in 94 minutes, faster than the best Red course time, and just 4% longer than the best time on Green, which was barely over half the length & climb of Blue. Perennial winner Dennis Wilkinson took second, with Mikkel Conradi third. The Belgian Beer Brigade uncharacteristically came back too exhausted for control pick-up; I hope we didn’t wear them out of the usual helpful nature they have, even when they run off the map.

Thanks to all those who helped:


Almaden Quicksilver County Park

San Jose, CA
Sunday, October 20, 2013

White Course   Yellow Course   Orange Course   Brown Course   Green Course   Red Course   Blue Course

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White Course  (1.6 km, 60 m climb, 8 controls)
 Pl  Name(s)                               Time
  1  Stephanie Jackson                     18:46
  2  Sara Wegner                           21:30
  3  Rainbow Unicorns                      31:48
  4  Victor & Alicia Hurtado               42:23
  5  Oleg Yershov                          44:26
  6  Janosik Family                        45:28
  7  Matvei Yershov                        45:40
  8  Gloria Rodriguez                      47:34
  9  GS Troop 60337                        51:29
 10  The Grapes                            52:13
 11  Tom Higgins                         1:05:27  (estimated Start)
 12  Diane R. Hall, Amy Palmaffy         1:09:18
     Jamie Maclean (COOL)                  DNF  
     Gabriel Sandoval, Lali Martinez       DNF  
     Maria Hastings & family               DNF  
     Samuel Kretchetov                     DNF  
 Second Course
     Jamie Maclean (COOL)                  19:19

Yellow Course  (2.5 km, 150 m climb, 9 controls)
 Pl  Name(s)                               Time
  1  Daniel Sebo                           32:18
  2  Susan Want                            53:53
  3  Lena Eydelberg                      1:12:35
  4  Jeff & Tammy Janosek                1:16:46
  5  Bill Murphy                         1:21:01
  6  Lananh Group                        1:22:14
  7  Peter Phan, Andrew Szeto            1:32:13
  8  Evan Alekseyev                      1:40:53  (estimated Finish)
  9  Fabianne & Jason                    1:42:38
 10  Michael + Jackie                    1:43:04
 11  Olivia Ocher                        1:46:53  (estimated Finish)
 12  Troop 606                           1:49:32
 13  Michael Chapman                     2:53:41
     David Ferriera                        DNF  
     Juliette Ferrera                      DNF  
     Bad Birds                             DNF  
     Harold DeMoss                         DNF  
 Second Course
     Dace Krilova                        1:10:13

Orange Course  (4.5 km, 310 m climb, 10 controls)
 Pl  Name(s)                               Time
  1  Fillan Swift                          54:38
  2  Adam Gross                          1:35:01
  3  Hope Fa-Kaji                        1:41:13
  4  Susan & Mary Kim                    2:06:22
  5  Troy Kaji                           2:10:30
  6  Shawn Poston                        2:36:32
     Nancy Dean, Mike McKenzie             DNF  
     Sosnowski Family                      DNF  
     Mike Hard                             DNF  
 Second Course
     Peter Phan, Andrew Szeto              DNF  

Brown Course  (3.1 km, 230 m climb, 9 controls)
 Pl  Name(s)                               Time
  1  Gary Kraght                           55:49
  2  Steve Haas                            57:09
  3  Lori Huberman                         57:19
  4  Dan Greene                          1:04:37
  5  George Minarik                      1:18:18
  6  Krists Krilovs                      1:21:00
  7  Carl & Tom Gabrielson               1:41:28
  8  Jeff Lanam                          1:46:07
  9  Dace Krilova                        1:51:40
 10  Olga Kraght                         2:03:37
 11  Roy Want                            2:15:13
 12  Oleg Shakhnovsky                    2:22:43
 13  David Hallsted                      2:27:15   (estimated Start)
 14  Nancy Lindeman                      4:04:53
     Rosemary Johnson                      DNF  

Green Course  (4.6 km, 360 m climb, 12 controls)
 Pl  Name(s)                               Time
  1  Kent Ohlund                         1:29:20
  2  Gavin Wyatt-Mair                    1:39:55
  3  Shura Kretchetov                    1:40:25
  4  Penny DeMoss                        1:41:51
  5  Gavin Williams                      1:42:29
  6  Greg Ehrensing                      1:42:55
  7  Stephanie Maclean                   1:51:00
  8  Christine Brew                      2:09:31
  9  Johanna Merriss                     2:14:46
 10  Victor Frolov                       2:34:46
 11  Ben Hallsted                        2:49:01
 12  Phillip Hoare                       2:59:19
 13  Judy & Tom Cronin                   3:19:43
     Nugent Team                           DNF  
     Angela Contreras, Jonathan Gee        DNF  
 Second Course
     Nugent Team                         3:22:08

 Red Course  (6.2 km, 510 m climb, 14 controls)
 Pl  Name(s)                               Time
  1  Lubomir Sebo                        1:43:07
  2  Roman Zoller                        1:45:55
  3  Tapio Karras                        1:47:17
  4  Stephen Granger-Bevin               1:52:57
  5  Deron van Hoff                      2:07:19
  6  Travis Parker                       2:16:14
  7  Eric Rosenzweig                     2:19:47
  8  Gary Carpenter                      2:51:40
  9  Marina Keating                      3:26:24
     Derek Maclean                         DNF  
     Damian Swift                          DNF  

Blue Course  (8.2 km, 690 m climb, 22 controls)
 Pl  Name(s)                               Time
  1  François Léonard                    1:34:48
  2  Dennis Wilkinson                    1:44:27
  3  Mikkel Conradi                      1:56:25
  4  Matej Sebo                          1:59:44
  5  Vladimir Gusiatnikov                2:02:30
  6  Cedric LasFargues                   2:41:06
  7  Rex Winterbottom                    2:45:04
  8  Greg Favor                          2:54:24
  9  Andrew Peterson                     3:06:59
 10  Theo Verhoeven                      3:25:49
 11  Joe Maffei                          3:38:27
     Mladen Kolar                          DNF  
     Scott Sampson                         DNF  
     Andrew Masalkov                       DNF  


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)