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Huddart Park

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 23, 2011
Location: Woodside, CA
Event Director: - 650.321.9713
Course Setters: Matthias Kohler, Nick Corsano
Type: B; White through Red courses in a beautiful redwood forest

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Event Write-Up


The big surprise of the day came early: Arriving at Huddart Park when the gate opened on Sunday morning, I found yellow caution tape blocking a hiking trail down which White runners would be heading in two hours. A ranger came up to me and explained that there had been an encounter between equestrians and yellow jackets on that trail Saturday afternoon. One rider had actually required a call to the paramedics. The rangers had sprayed the yellow jacket nest late Saturday, and were in the process of doing it again. They were hopeful that they could re-open the trail in time for our event, but maybe I should come up with a Plan B. In turned out that Plan B wasn’t required​—​the trail was deemed safe, with just a cone set up at the nest site to alert folks. Both the registration team and the start team informed all the White course participants of the situation, and we had no incidents.

There really weren’t any more surprises, except perhaps for the higher than expected attendance, which required some map recycling and redrawing. Supported by an excellent group of volunteers and blessed with extraordinary Indian Summer sunshine, the event ran quite smoothly. Runners, even those who endured the arduous Green and Red courses, had generally positive feedback.

These are the people who made the meet a success. My gratitude goes out to you all, and to any others I may have missed.

Matthias Kohler – Chief course setter
Mikkel Conradi – Vetter
Bob Cooley – Map printing
Brad Wetmore – Insurance and website updates
Alan Glendinning, Trinka Gillis, Mark Blair – Equipment acquisition
Dennis Wilkinson – Setup and early runner
Peter Graube, Nancy Lindeman – Setup
Steve Haas, John Marold – Registration
Dan Greene – Beginners’ clinics
Ben Legg – Refreshments
Esther Heller, Judy Cronin, Tom Cronin, Ankitha Satyam, Bob Strauss – Starts
Joe Knapp, Jeff Lanam, Tim Erickson, Rosemary Johnson – E-punch
Greg Ehrensing – E-punch and results
Cassie Pelayo – Cleanup
Peter Graube, Luc Poppe, Cedric Lasfargues, Theo Verhoeven, the entire Sebo family, Steve Haas, and Matthias Kohler – Control pickup
Pam Noyer – Head ranger and yellow jacket exterminator

The White and Yellow courses started near the assembly area, and used the extensive trail network on the eastern side of the park. I set a rather challenging Yellow course, which required close attention to the map in a couple of places. Paul and Alex Morgan turned in the fastest time on the White course. Sasha Iakovlev was the official winner of the Yellow course, although the fastest time was recorded by Erika Kikuchi, running a second course.

Runners on Orange, Brown, Green, and Red had a brisk walk up a big spur to their start. All those courses began with a collection of fairly short, zigzagging legs on the spur. Orange then came downhill and had a fairly uneventful series of controls leading to the eastern end of the park, where more interesting navigation resumed. The duo of Julian Lallemande and Brian scored a narrow victory over Fedor Karpelevitch on Orange.

A big challenge for runners and course setters alike at Huddart is how to handle the monstrous, steep, boulder-strewn re-entrant that runs south to north and splits the park in two. We brought the Brown, Green, and Red courses down into the re-entrant, with controls placed to lead runners to optimal crossing points. Beyond the re-entrant is a part of the map that I call “ugly white”. This entire hillside is mapped as runnable forest, although I feel it would be just as accurate if one splattered various shades of green at random across the area. Both Green and Red had strenuous legs with about 75 meters of climb here. All three advanced courses concluded with a string of mostly common controls in the more navigable northern section of the map.

On Brown, Joe Knapp led the field, with Chuck Spalding and Krists Krilovs close behind. Kent Ohlund had a comfortable victory on Green. On Red, Jonas Kjall eked out the win, just five seconds ahead of Joseph Doetsch.

There was a fairly large number of DNFs at this event. While this is not unusual on the longer courses in terrain like this, there were also four DNFs on the White course and eight on Yellow. The problems seem to have been concentrated at the beginning and end of the courses. A couple of White entrants struggled with the beginning of their course, while five of the Yellow DNFs simply missed the Go control. I spent a lot of time trying to work out the optimal arrangement of Start, Finish, and Go. This mundane-sounding task is more of an art than a science, especially when runners are setting out and returning in multiple directions.


Huddart Park

Woodside, CA
Sunday, October 23, 2011

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget (introduction; this event (

  Pl  Name(s)                              Time

White Course   (2.0 km, 135 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Paul & Alex Morgan                   19:47
   2  Erika Kikuchi                        22:47
   3  Hannah Kopisch                       23:29
   4  Leah Lambertson                      40:11
   5  Pancakes                             42:26
   6  Mark & Kevin Schultz, William
        Stanley, Aaron Alpagot             43:21
   7  Wattson & Joey Lohman                43:58
   8  Mai Chung                            46:14
   9  Meri & Samuel Valimaki               46:31
  10  Hardcore - Doeden                    47:21
  11  Robert & Simon Burdick, Jayme,
        Owen, & Kamran Bakrava             51:48
  12  Natalie Pelayo                       53:21
  13  Edwards                            1:00:11
  14  Inga Gous                          1:03:27
  15  Glazer                             1:04:48
  16  Misha Iakovlev                     1:09:08
  17  Elisabeth Pelayo                   1:12:15

      Paul, Alex, Aaron, & Gwyn Morgan     DNF
      Jame Wise                            DNF
      Scott Trappe                         DNF
      Olivia Moore                         DNF

Yellow Course  (2.6 km, 225 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Sasha Iakovlev                       52:59
   2  Daniel Sebo                          56:45
   3  Topper family                        57:10
   4  Gian Coolen                        1:04:31
   5  Cassandra Pelayo                   1:05:25
   6  Tim Erickson, Meg Homberg          1:06:24
   7  Harold DeMoss                      1:08:39
   8  Josh Horowitz                      1:11:23   (estimated Finish)
   9  Susan Want                         1:12:05
  10  Danya Karpelevitch                 1:13:09
  11  Gabriel Early                      1:19:32
  12  Tyler Hemmings                     1:20:14   (estimated Finish)
  13  John Marold                        1:22:15
  14  Mira Chaplin                       1:24:11
  15  Judy Koehler                       1:27:51
  16  Rita Petviashvili                  1:32:52
  17  Andrew Peterson, Julia Schroeder   1:34:01
  18  Sam, Ben, & Tyson Leistiko         1:34:55
  19  Annika Vossen, Stephan Vossen      1:37:30
  20  Kevin Walker                       1:38:07
  21  Matt Conway                        1:41:54
  22  Diego Garcia, Walter Neal          1:54:33
  23  Mimi Lok, Brian McMullen, Julien
        Lallemand                        1:55:28
  24  Dace, Aivo, & Linda Krilovs        1:57:59
  25  Hula Group                         2:18:49
  26  Joan Merriss                       2:23:06
  27  Alexander & Anton Saydakov         2:35:41

      Lauran Graham                        DNF
      Isabella Wise                        DNF
      Joe & Jean van Hoff                  DNF
      Daniel Ousherovitch                  DNF
      Katherine Tsvirkunova                DNF
      Kathleen Kerns                       DNF
      Victor Chinnappan                    DNF
      Ankitha Satyam                       DNF

  Second Course

      Erika Kikuchi                        51:05
      Inga Gous                            55:10

Orange Course  (3.5 km, 315 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Julian Lallemand & Brian           1:06:30
   2  Fedor Karpelevitch                 1:08:57
   3  Brian Richardson                   1:34:44
   4  Flynn Buxton-Walsh                 1:40:28
   5  Dennis Mullane, Jill Moran         1:43:09
   6  Paul & Kathy Li                    1:46:03
   7  Geoffrey Sears                     1:51:52
   8  Richard & Ty Gampell, Irene Kim    1:51:54
   9  Natalie Kim                        2:04:42
  10  Richard Merriss                    2:10:24
  11  Fred Loebel                        2:17:55
  12  Brad & Natalia Best                2:19:00
  13  Gay Family                         2:23:46
  14  Cathy Bolger, Diane Ingolia        3:02:54

      Steve O'Keefe                        DNF
      Christine Fawcett                    DNF
      Zach Baggins                         DNF
      Gus Callaway                         DNF
      Rishi Gupta                          DNF
      Vin Group                            DNF

  Second Course

      Jonas Kjall                          31:00

Brown Course   (2.4 km, 190 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Joe Knapp                          1:26:22
   2  Chuck Spalding                     1:27:52
   3  Krists Krilovs                     1:29:24
   4  David Strong                       1:50:37
   5  Roy Want                           1:56:23
   6  David Jorgensen                    2:24:25

      Bob Strauss                          DNF
      Rosemary Johnson                     DNF
      Spencer Tai                          DNF
      Jeff Lanam                           DNF
      Nancy Lindeman                       DNF
      Cindi Choi                           DNF

Green Course   (3.4 km, 335 m climb, 16 controls)

   1  Kent Ohlund                        1:15:10
   2  Dan Greene                         1:36:10
   3  Andrew Peterson                    1:37:51
   4  Cornelia Coolen                    1:39:18
   5  Werner Haag                        1:57:56
   6  Brad Wetmore                       2:01:52
   7  Greg Ehrensing                     2:03:17
   8  Johanna Merriss                    2:18:29
   9  Tony Pinkham                       2:34:41
  10  Phillip Hoare                      2:46:38
  11  Wes Erck                           2:49:03
  12  Judy & Tom Cronin                  2:51:52

      Brendan O'Brien                      DNF
      Julian Early                         DNF
      Steve Haas                           DNF

Red Course     (4.2 km, 420 m climb, 18 controls)

   1  Jonas Kjall                        1:02:04
   2  Joseph Doetsch                     1:02:09
   3  Dennis Wilkinson                   1:12:16
   4  Misha Kreslavsky                   1:33:23
   5  Benjamin Legg                      1:34:51
   6  Mark Prior                         1:36:08
   7  Peter Graham                       1:37:15
   8  Lubomir Sebo                       1:38:07
   9  Peter Graube                       1:43:21
  10  Scott Porter                       1:47:11
  11  Steve Gregg                        1:50:38
  12  Misha Lipatov                      1:51:04
  13  Matej Sebo                         1:53:57
  14  Penny DeMoss                       1:57:47
  15  Greg Favor                         2:04:10
  16  Mark Geldmeier                     2:07:51
  17  Cedric Lasfargues                  2:08:29
  18  Mark Blair                         2:09:33
  19  Shura Kretchetov                   2:10:46
  20  Deron van Hoff                     2:15:16
  21  Nick Giori                         2:18:40
  22  Lou Lederer                        2:31:49
  23  Luc Poppe                          2:41:08
  24  Igor Sazonov                       2:52:03
  25  Joe Inkenbrandt                    2:54:04
  26  Theo Verhoeven                     3:07:50

      Manfred Kopisch                      DNF
      Eric Rosenzweig                      DNF
      Scott Samson                         DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)