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Twin Peaks

Date: (Sun.) Dec. 5, 2010
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 415.359.4237
Course Setters: Mark Prior, Deron van Hoff
Type: C; Urban Score-O with a fair amount of off-road action -- 90-minute time limit

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Event Write-Up


Despite the showers, we broke attendance records for this year's Twin Peaks event, with 51 hardy souls. Racers enjoyed the luxurious grass, ample parking, and mellow lifestyle of western SF, but paid the price with long distances to some of the more interesting controls.

Thanks to volunteer Scott Aster for running registration throughout the event, and being a general force for good. Greg Ehrensing brought all the equipment down from Marin, which was much appreciated. Mikkel Conradi and new club member Jack Ryswyck manned much of the Start/Finish. As mentioned previously, Don Gee did a great job of vetting — and a special thanks to Deron van Hoff who not only set part of the course, but helped out today as well. Thankfully, Bob Cooley, Mark Blair, and Trinka Gillis helped remotely with all the usual map and gear issues.

As usual with these events, the best scores went to those who know their limits and made sure to get back in time. The course was designed for fast runners — and they took advantage, doing a full tour of the map. Next year we hope to focus on a smaller area of the map and create some closer-in, more intricate navigation.

For those who enjoyed today's event, make sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming Vasona Park and Willow Glen events. All the fun with no climb!

Competitively, congrats to urban O-daddy Rex Winterbottom who soundly took the lead with 16 controls. Alex Finch and Dennis Wilkinson both got 14, while Mikkel and Steve Gregg reached 13.

I have listed the results with total controls visited first, followed by final score (after late penalty), and time where appropriate.

Please let me know of any mistakes or other issues.

Until next year!


Twin Peaks

San Francisco, CA
Sunday, December 5, 2010

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget (introduction; this event ( (See the comments below.)

  Pl  Name(s)                     Controls  Score   Time

   1  Rex Winterbottom               16      16    1:29:30
   2  Alex Finch                     14      14    1:29:23
   3  Dennis Wilkinson               15      14    1:30:17
   4  Steve Gregg                    13      13    1:22:18
   5  Mikkel Conradi                 14      13    1:30:20
   6  Greg Favor                     12      12    1:26:50
   7  Jeremy Gabe, Rebecca Gentry    10      10    1:23:02
   8  Doman & Lum                    10      10    1:26:45
   9  Theo Verhoeven                 10      10    1:27:33
  10  Bill Voegele                    9       9
  11  Veronica & Jim Whitesell        8       8
  12  Cedric Lasfargues               7       7
  13  Greg Ehrensing                  7       7
  14  Bob Strauss                     9       7
  15  Scott Aster                     6       6
  16  Jeff Lanam                      5       5
  17  Terry & Kevin                   5       5
  18  Constance Storvestre            4       4
  19  Mette Storvestre                4       4
  20  Meagher & Zuronski              4       4
  21  John Marold                     4       4
  22  Jack Ryswyck                   10       3
  23  Judy Koehler                    3       3
  24  Nancy Lindeman                  3       3
  25  Luc Poppe                      10       2
  26  Anna Voegell                    2       2
  27  Donato Polignone                9       1
  28  Jason Lurenz                    4       0
  29  Paul & Cathy Lee                5       0
  20  Dana & Zoe Shibley              5       0
  31  Geoffrey Sears                  6       0
  32  Jim & Carolyn Scacchetti        6       0
  33  Mike Prindiville                9       0

Comments on RouteGadget for This Event

Since this is a Score-O setup with no e-punch, RouteGadget only knows about the Start and Finish locations. All the control circles are included directly on the map image. When drawing your route, be sure to visit the Finish only when you have completed your route. That is, the blue line pointing to the Finish should follow you throughout your route.

You need to enter your name and total time in MMMSS format before drawing your route. For example, 89:52 is entered as 8952.

For the animation, each competitor's speed is averaged out over the whole length of their route. For Score-O this works out just fine as competitors often end up taking very different routes anyway.