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Camp Tamarancho

Date: (Sun.) Aug. 29, 2010
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 415.456.8118
Course Setter: Greg Ehrensing
Type: B; Regular 7-course event, with beginner through advanced courses

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Event Write-Up


Over 100 participants came out on a day of beautiful weather to try their skill (and yes, sometimes luck) orienteering at the Tamarancho Boy Scout camp in the hills west of Fairfax. A dense, ground-level fog greeted us at the camp first thing Sunday morning, but by the time participants appeared, the fog had melted away and we were treated to sunny skys and temperatures in the high 70s — just about perfect!

This event came together in a hurry. Greg Ehrensing and I only agreed to do the meet in late July. Greg quickly designed the courses, though we did not have enough time for them to be vetted. Vetting is extremely important, and ideally should always occur if at all possible. However, thanks to Greg's fine skills, the courses were met with approval and praise from the participants. There was only one control setting error. On the Green course one bag was hung at a water feature about 40 meters downhill from the intended water feature. Fortunately, most competitors found the bag with little delay, in fact several whom I spoke with afterward swore it was in the right place! Upon picking up the controls at the end of the meet, Greg discovered that he had in fact hung it at the wrong water feature.

I heard several comments that Greg had managed the climb very well. This is a steep map, and it is difficult to get within normal BAOC climb standards. Having a remote start for the advanced courses helped (and with e-punch, did not require additional staffing!). The comment I heard over and over from participants on all the courses, including the Yellow, was that Greg had created many route choice options, and judging by the routes drawn on RouteGadget, I'd say he succeeded very well indeed. Great job, Greg!

The Wednesday before the meet, I was contacted by a representative of a cycling pub called Gestalt in downtown Fairfax. The contact wondered if we would be interested in doing some cross publicity for the event. Due to the truncated time frame, we ended up offering discount coupons for beer and sausages to all finishers. Gestalt is a hub for mountain bikers in the area, and I think we would be well advised to work with them for next year. Besides getting some curious cyclers to try orienteering, it might be a great opportunity to put on a bike-O!

The day of the event, everything ran very smoothly. This is largely due to the volunteers who came out and cheerfully gave of their time and effort. Mark Blair stands out for coming out and running the e-punch station even though injured and unable to do a course himself! Mark also promised that this meet would be the last use of the GeBe printer system. Mark has designed a new system, so far kept behind closed doors, which he hopes to debut at Tahoe later this month. Stay tuned!

Todd Paulson, along with the ranger's wife, handled the parking control task. Deron van Hoff, Vicky Woolworth, and Jay Frantz took turns at the W-Y-O start. Judy Koehler gave beginners clinics throughout the morning. Gary Kraght single handedly ran the registration table. Luc Poppe, Donato Polignone, Harold DeMoss, and Greg and I picked up controls. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!

I'd also like to thank the ranger, his wife, and the Marin Boy Scout Council, not only for allowing us to hold this meet, but also for being very helpful both before and during the event.


Camp Tamarancho

Fairfax, CA
Sunday, August 29, 2010

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  Pl  Name(s)                           Time

White Course   (1.5 km, 50 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Jamie Maclean (COOL)              23:30
   2  Erickson, Holmberg                31:16
   3  Troop 101 Frogs                   31:52
   4  Troop 101 Antelopes               34:20

      Miles & David Watson              DNF

Yellow Course  (2.5 km, 90 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Julia Doubson (COOL)              37:08
   2  Rory Maclean (COOL)               41:05
   3  Sasha Iakovlev (COOL)             49:22
   4  Masha Konkov (COOL)               51:57
   5  Wade DesRosier                    52:10
   6  Cassandra Pelayo (COOL)         1:05:21
   7  Tomasz Krawczyk                 1:05:40
   8  Nishimura                       1:06:20
   9  Amaglio, Barrow                 1:07:50
  10  Andrei Sheretov                 1:13:53
  11  Diana Kimberly                  1:26:23
  12  Lee family                      1:27:37
  13  Jeff, Charlotte, Sonja, &
        Johanna Dickert               1:58:04  (estimated Start)

      Olga Seredenko                    DNF
      Don Richey                        DNF
      Ben Fedorov, Yosef Kazinik        DNF
      Nina & Eva Schindler              DNF
      Hannah Kopisch (COOL)             DNF

  Second Course

      Erickson, Holmberg                53:41
      Troop 101 Antelopes             1:01:18
      Troop 101 Frogs                 1:02:01

Orange Course  (3.4 km, 160 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Eric Rosenzweig                   41:19
   2  Adam Doti                         44:49
   3  Daniel Kopisch (COOL)             46:15
   4  Marie-Josee Parayre               54:36
   5  Philipp Kopisch (COOL)            57:57
   6  Harold DeMoss                   1:10:10
   7  Paul & Kathy Li                 1:37:38
   8  Alan Houser, Helene Gordon      1:45:50
   9  Judy Koehler                    1:47:17
  10  Fred & Raider Loebl             1:50:25
  11  Barbara Finch                   1:58:42
  12  Miller                          2:56:06

      Joe & Jean van Hoff               DNF
      Lauren Saunders, Jessica Lura     DNF
      Jennifer Klafin                   DNF
      John Sarter                       DNF

  Second Course

      Wade DesRosier                  1:23:23

Brown Course   (3.0 km, 90 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Gary Kraght                       55:39
   2  Lena Eydelberg                  1:38:45
   3  Tennant, Yates                  1:43:35
   4  Jim Fish                        1:50:13
   5  Don & Jon Gee                   2:01:11
   6  Jan Vanhoutte                   2:13:47

      Joan Roos                         DNF
      Leslie Minarik                    DNF
      Joe Scarborough                   DNF
      Bronwen Caplinger (COOL)          DNF

Green Course   (3.6 km, 110 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Matthias Kohler                   53:35
   2  Dan Greene                        59:45
   3  Derek Maclean                     59:46
   4  Wayne Caplinger                 1:01:09
   5  Noam, Danny, & Mark             1:09:54
   6  Chuck Spalding                  1:13:15
   7  Bob Cooley                      1:15:55
   8  Lauren Knight                   1:23:02
   9  Stephanie Maclean               1:30:30
  10  Shura Kretchetov                1:30:47
  11  Bjorn Widerstrom                1:36:00
  12  Vicki Woolworth                 1:46:36
  13  Michael Robinson                1:47:36
  14  Johanna Merriss                 1:49:56
  15  Evan Custer                     1:50:11
  16  Trinka Gillis                   1:57:21
  17  Jennifer Kerr                   2:06:37
  18  Rosemary Johnson                2:19:09
  19  Shaun Etherington               2:23:55

      George Minarik                    DNF
      Jason Hogan                       DNF

Red Course     (4.7 km, 205 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Tapio Karras                      57:58
   2  Deron van Hoff                    59:04
   3  Steve Gregg                     1:05:16
   4  Bruce Wolfe                     1:06:46
   5  Tobias Tornqvist                1:07:31
   6  Manfred Kopisch                 1:11:00
   7  Werner Haag                     1:19:43
   8  Leif Lundquist                  1:23:12
   9  Fyodor Konkov                   1:29:14
  10  Theo Verhoeven                  1:38:49
  11  Luc Poppe                       1:49:44
  12  Todd Paulsen                    2:10:28
  13  Donato Polignone                2:12:24

      David Strong, Jaten Bhatt,
        Spencer Tai                     DNF
      Nigel, Mary, & Greg               DNF

Blue Course    (6.5 km, 320 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  Mikkel Conradi                  1:11:58
   2  Francois Leonard                1:17:31
   3  Alex Finch                      1:51:07
   4  Penny DeMoss                    1:57:59
   5  Peter Graham                    1:59:16
   6  Roger Pruett                    2:22:56
   7  Peter Graube                    2:24:27

      Dennis Wilkinson                  DNF
      Alan Wong, Trevor Burkhart        DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)