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15th Annual Golden Goat and Golden Kid

Briones Regional Park

Date: (Sun.) Nov. 7, 2010
Location: Lafayette, CA
Event Director: - 415.948.5593
Course Setter: Martin Kunz
Type: Extra long course with a mass start -- sorry, but no beginner courses at this event

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Event Write-Up


It was a pretty soggy day at Briones for the Golden Goat/Golden Kid, but most everyone seemed to embrace the rain and the mud and enjoy Martin’s challenging courses.

Jonas Kjall took first place on the Goat, with Mikkel Conradi in second, and Pierre Delforge not far behind in third. Penny DeMoss was the first female finisher.

On the Kid, Lubomir Sebo came in first place, with James Wilson in second, and Anna Hermannova third — less than 3 minutes behind James and the first female finisher.

At the end of the day we had a new leader on the Golden Goat Lifetime Points table, his course-setter credit (highest score earned by the course setter in the previous two years) allowed Martin Kunz to squeeze by Steve Gregg to take the lead.

As always, the event couldn’t have taken place without many helpers. Thank you to all the following people.

Jim Fish, Rex Winterbottom, Joe Maffei, Bud Laird, Penny DeMoss, and Harold DeMoss for coming early and helping to get all the tents up in the early morning downpour. We managed to achieve our goal of water-tight setups for Registration and ePunch, with two additional tents providing coverage for the snack tables.

Harold DeMoss for valuable communication services by providing and manning the two-way radio at the remote start.

James Wilson for single handledly taking care of registration, Mark Blair for making sure we had an easy-to-use ePunch system that he also manned for much of the afternoon, Bob Cooley for his usual reliable map printing work, Chuck Spalding for his quick turnaround and helpful suggestions on the website postings.

Jay Hann for dropping equipment off at my house. Trinka, Gavin, Mark Blair, and Toby for helping me track down equipment and coordinate pickups, etc.

Jeff Samuels for undoing all the good work of the morning crew (i.e., disassembling the tents and getting everything packed up and in the car at the end of the day), and also for doing control pick up with Martin and me. Extra special thanks to Martin here for volunteering to go get the furthest-away controls.

Thank you also to Galena Shakhnovsky, Luc Poppe, and Pierre Delforge for lending a hand when it was needed. I am sure I've left out at least one person. If it is you, I apologize. I really, really appreciated all the help we got from everyone on Sunday.


2010 Golden Goat

Briones Regional Park
Martinez, CA
Sunday, November 7, 2010

Here's the first set of results from today's wet but enjoyable Golden Goat event at Briones Regional Park near Martinez. Please let know if you spot anything change-worthy.

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget (introduction; this event (

The Golden Goat Lifetime Points table is available in this file (PDF/72KB). For the first time in many years, there's a new leader! The following people earned points for the first time this year: Dennis Wilkinson, Kyle Peter, Lou Lederer, Greg Favor, Stephen Harrison, Eric Rosenzweig.

  Pl  Name(s)                           Time

Golden Kid Course   (7.5 km, 400 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Lubomir Sebo (A)                1:39:24
   2  James Wilson (A)                1:48:43
   3  Anna Hermannova (B)             1:51:28
   4  Dan Greene (B)                  2:06:48
   5  Bob Cooley (A)                  2:09:05
   6  Mark Blair (A)                  2:10:10
   7  Petr Hermann (B)                2:12:24
   8  Marie-Josee Parayre (B)         2:14:15
   9  Greg Ehrensing (A)              2:36:00
  10  Joe Scarborough (B)             2:42:20
  11  Phillip Hoare (A)               2:45:54
  12  Max Wiegant (A)                 3:15:51
  13  Oleg Shakhnovsky (B)            3:16:37

      Jennifer Kerr (A) (GCO)           DNF
      Malcolm Wyatt-Mair (B)            DNF
      Steve Kost (A)                    DNF
      Nancy Lindeman (A)                DNF

Golden Goat Course  (11.3 km, 600 m climb, 20 controls)

   1  Jonas Kjall (B)                 1:47:41
   2  Mikkel Conradi (A)              1:56:50
   3  Pierre Delforge (B)             2:09:13
   4  Dennis Wilkinson (B)            2:12:38
   5  Tapio Karras (B)                2:29:02
   6  Alex Finch (A)                  2:34:40
   7  Matthias Kohler (A)             2:36:14
   8  Steve Gregg (B)                 2:37:20
   9  Kyle Peter (B)                  2:43:06
  10  Deron van Hoff (A)              2:43:49
  11  Lou Lederer (B)                 3:03:09
  12  Greg Favor (B)                  3:03:18
  13  Stephen Harrison (A)            3:05:17
  14  Penny DeMoss (A)                3:05:23
  15  Eric Rosenzweig (B)             3:14:05
  16  Nik Weber (B) (GCO)             3:15:28
  17  Luc Poppe (B)                   3:16:33
  18  Kent Ohlund (B)                 3:41:29
  19  Joe Knapp (A)                   3:41:37
  20  Gavin Wyatt-Mair (A)            3:52:11
  21  Shura Kretchetov (B)            4:11:30
  22  Joe Maffei (B)                  4:18:18
  23  Cedric Lasfargues (A)           4:19:03
  24  Jack Van Ryswyck (A)            4:31:24
  25  Theo Verhoeven (B)              4:34:53
  26  Bud Laird (A)                   5:07:42

      Francois Leonard (B)              DNF
      Gwen Juha (B)                     DNF
      Kevin Hinkley, Terri Hunt (B)     DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)