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Golden Gate Park

Date: (Sun.) Jun. 20, 2010
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event Director: - 530.214.6168
Course Setters: Deron van Hoff, Scott Novotny
Type: C; White, Yellow, Orange, and Long Orange courses; demonstration Trail-O controls

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Event Write-Up


It was an incredible day to be at Golden Gate Park. The weather couldn't have been better. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event. Bunny Meadows was picture perfect, as well as a very serviceable Start/Finish area.

Thanks to Deron van Hoff's innate ability to utilize almost every feature in the park. The courses covered just about everything, giving many runners a view of the entire the area.

The White course from Bunny Meadows went west around the Skate Park at the east end, turning southeast between the De Young Museum and Music Concourse, through the Shakespeare Garden, along the southeast side of the Academy of Science Building, up to the edge of Lily Pond, behind the Conservatory of Flowers and to the Finish. The race was won by Julia Doubson with a time of 25:38.

The Yellow course was similar. However, headed southwest to the picnic area by Stowe Lake. This was won by Natalie Kim with a time of 47:55.

The Orange course had the most entries, with a list of some talented competitors. You could tell who the runners were. This course went west from the start, south to the edge and Lincoln Way, northwest by the big rec. ball fields, west to the top of Strawberry Hill, down to the Chinese Pavilion below, and around Stowe Lake and then headed northwest to Rainbow Falls and Prayerbook Cross... weaved across John F. Kennedy drive, back behind the Conservatory of Flowers and to the Finish. The race was won by Matthias Kohler with a time of 57:01.

The Long Orange course used much of the short Orange course. However, from Rainbow Falls & Prayerbook Cross it ran east up to the edge of Fulton Ave, turned down southwest to the edge of Stowe lake, down to Elk Glen lake, northwest to Speedway Meadows, Lindley Meadows, west past the Polo Fields, past the fly casting pools to Middle Lake... Around the bison paddock to GGP Senior Center, east through Spreckles Lake, along the trails east by Fulton Street, Lloyd Lake... back to the northwest corner of Stowe Lake, to the northeast edge of Park Presidio bypass, and southeast along the De Young Museum & Academy of Sciences and to the Finish. You could say this was a long one, 11 kilometers plus in straight lines. Won by Jonas Kjall with a time of 1:13:55 — over 10 minutes faster than the next competitor.

An unusually greater number of plate controls went missing during the event than previous years; most likely because of the more public areas we used this year. Two went missing from when we placed the controls Saturday evening and Sunday morning. These were replaced before any starts. Two more were removed by park patrons, most likely with no ill will, during the event (White #16, Yellow #14, and Orange #10, Long Orange #22). They were replaced quickly, but we're sorry to anyone who was delayed by the missing controls.

Many thanks to all the volunteers. We couldn't have made this all happen without them.

Registration: Gary Kraught, Scott Aster

Beginner's Clinics: Tony Pinkham, Dan Greene

Equipment: Greg Ehrensing

Starts: Shura Kretchetov, Lena Kretchetov, Joe van Hoff

Finishes: Marsha Jacobs, Joan Roos

Take Down: Deron van Hoff, Mark Blair, Greg Ehrensing, Jim Fish, Dwight Fruend (Demo Trail-O courses)

I hope I didn't miss anyone?

Lost and Found

Red E-stick #207516


Golden Gate Park

San Francisco, CA
Sunday, June 20, 2010

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget (introduction; this event ( (There's a note regarding data entry at the bottom of this page.)

You can also compare yourself with others (and with your own historical performance) in the Performance evaluation ( and the O-Speed table ( (See some additional comments at the bottom of this page.)

  Pl  Name(s)                             Time

White Course    (2.4 km, 20 m climb, 19 controls)

   1  Julia Doubson                       25:38
   2  David & Molly Mermin                29:15
   3  Daniel Sebo                         33:29
   4  Blithe, Brandon, Maxine & Jacoby    45:35
   5  Emily Considine                     45:44
   6  The Berkmans                        49:19
   7  Becky Chao, Eva Poon                52:12
   8  Andrew Kim                          53:55
   9  Johanna Karras                      58:07
  10  Victoria Wiegant                  1:00:02
  11  Masha Kenkov                      1:02:17
  13  Varsha Lakam                      1:11:41

      Scott Peterson                      DNF

Yellow Course   (3.1 km, 30 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  Natalie Kim                         47:55
   2  Garcia, Ed, Janice, & Garick        56:00
   3  Daniel Kim                          56:10
   4  Buchanan family                     56:21
   5  Sasha Takovlev                      58:00
   6  Daneil Sebo                         59:48
   7  Kate Tennat & Rachel T            1:05:09
   8  Rob & Teresa                      1:06:40
   9  Charlotte Dickert                 1:07:34
  10  Kevin Walker                      1:09:16
  11  Barbara Robben                    1:09:25
  12  Michael S., Chris C               1:17:26
  13  George Aster                      1:18:17
  14  Jeff, Sonja, & Johanna Dickert    1:19:25

Orange Course   (5.7 km, 180 m climb, 15 controls)

   1  Matthias Kohler                     57:01
   2  Lubomir Sebo                        59:09
   3  Michael Robinson                  1:02:32
   4  Brad & Lisa Melton                1:02:46
   5  Chuck Spalding                    1:05:03
   6  Marie-Josee Parayre               1:05:16
   7  Matej Sebo                        1:05:49
   8  Wayne Caplinger                   1:06:42
   9  Max Wiegant                       1:08:27
  10  Dan Greene                        1:08:31
  11  Nikolay Chukanov                  1:12:00
  12  Greg Ehrensing                    1:12:10
  13  Lauren Knight                     1:14:00
  14  Craig A benson                    1:16:07
  15  Jason Lorenz                      1:16:13
  16  Johanna Merris                    1:17:39
  17  Sean, Cody, & Gen                 1:18:54
  18  Evan Custer                       1:19:21
  19  Ken Considine                     1:20:44
  20  Fyodor konkey                     1:22:59
  21  Nick Corsano                      1:23:11
  22  Dinesh Moorjani                   1:30:15
  23  Brain Ward, Michell Gong          1:30:36
  24  Roos & Jacobs                     1:37:18
  25  Spencer Tai                       1:37:52
  26  George Ginny, Peter Wailes        1:38:30
  27  David Strong                      1:39:54
  28  Jessica Finch                     1:43:05
  29  Ben & Zack Considene              1:44:19
  30  Olga Seredenka                    1:44:32
  31  Alex Solomansnicov                1:44:35
  32  Frank Markowitz                   1:46:46
  33  Derek, Chris, Symrin              1:46:57
  34  Eric & Reita Kelly                1:49:38
  35  Wes Erck                          1:49:40
  36  Jeff Lanam                        1:51:06
  37  Rosemary Johnson                  1:54:51
  38  Harold DeMoss                     1:55:31
  39  Meera, Chawla, & Barbara Finch    1:56:58
  40  Brian Tennant                     2:03:12
  41  Terri Hunt, Kevin Hinkley         2:04:57
  42  Judy Koehler                      2:16:35
  43  Patrin, Swentha, Rajir            2:20:10
  44  Darren Don                        2:21:02
  45  Salvador Barragah                 2:30:20
  46  Kerin Soi Belle                   2:35:18
  47  Nancey Lindeman                   2:40:30
  48  Paul & Kathy Li                   2:48:48
  49  Katy Robinson                     2:49:00
  50  Kelsoum & Diana                   3:04:00
  51  Varun                             3:56:00

      Shawn Etherington                   DNF
      Eva Penn, Becky Chao                DNF

Long Orange Course  (11.1 km, 310 m climb, 28 controls)

   1  Jonas Kjall                       1:13:55
   2  Mikkel Conradi                    1:25:03
   3  Dennis Wilkinson                  1:28:46
   4  Tapio Karras                      1:42:44
   5  Francois Leonard                  1:43:46
   6  Alex Finch                        1:48:13
   7  Shura Kretchetov                  1:55:31
   8  Joe Knapp                         1:55:46
   9  Greg Favor                        2:00:40
  10  Penny DeMoss                      2:03:13
  11  Wendell Doman                     2:10:38
  12  Steve Harrison                    2:14:00
  13  Sarah & Andy Staatz               2:24:00
  14  Joe Maffei                        2:27:52
  15  Tony Lillids                      2:43:36
  16  Ken, Lan Won ("Trifecta")         2:53:45
  17  Mary Lou, Nigel Guytone           2:55:26
  18  Joe & Tanya Wyckoft               2:56:19
  19  Jim Fish                          3:38:28

      Kevin Staatz                        DNF
      Mark Blair                          DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)

Note regarding RouteGadget data entry:

Note that given the shape of the map, it may be difficult to locate it at first glance. Just keep zooming out until you see the map.
Since there was no e-punch, the event is set up using the "no results" mode, where competitors need to enter their name, total time, and any cumulative splits that they might have. Note that if you are uploading a GPS track, you don't need to enter your total time or any of the splits.
You can draw your route even if you didn't take any splits, just enter your name and total time. Note that RouteGadget requires cumulative splits. Both splits and total time need to be in MMMSS format. For example, 0:57 is entered as "57", 5min43s as "543", and 1hr12min32s as "7232". That's easy.

O-scores Analysis


Deron was able to take a lot from the park, designing a course with GV/km greater than 800, meaning the courses were interesting and challenging.

My previous prediction about the course difficulty was an understatement, and actual GV of the Long Orange was 9300 — this is equivalent difficulty of a solid Blue course. Regular Orange was at 4600, which is close to standard Orange. Both Yellow and White were above average difficulty.

Regular Orange apparently was controversial with a lot of "??" and "!!" (under and over performance) in the analysis.

Long Orange had Dennis Wilkinson 15 minutes above expected, and Joe Knapp 30 minutes above expected!!!