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Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

Date: (Sun.) Oct. 4, 2009
Location: San Ramon, CA
Event Directors: - 925.699.3127, - 510.526.9071
Course Setter: François Léonard
Type: C; Relay event; no beginner's clinics

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Las Trampas Regional Wilderness

San Ramon, CA
Sunday, October 4, 2009

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in the RouteGadget (introduction; this event (

    Given the challenges with e-punch at this event, it has been set up using the "no results" mode where competitors need to enter their name, total time, and any cumulative splits that they might have. Note that if you are uploading a GPS track, you don't need to enter your total time or any of the splits.
    You can draw your route even if you didn't take any splits, just enter your name and total time. Note that RouteGadget requires cumulative splits. Both splits and total time need to be in MMMSS format. For example, 57s is entered as "57", 5min43s as "543", and 1hr12min32s as "7232".

After painstaking forensics on myriad little snippets of data from hither and yon, I've managed to piece together the following approximation of results from last weekend's relays at Las Trampas. Please let me know if you have anything to add or correct.

Congratulations to Team Kopisch (twins Philipp and Daniel Kopisch, and their father Manfred), the only team to complete all 6 loops of the relay according to the rules! They are listed in first place in the table below, which also shows all the other teams listed by place according to the following informal criteria:

Control #4 on Short Loop 1 was shown on the maps with control code 61, when in fact control code 34 was actually used. This caused considerable confusion among the competitors. For this reason, #4 was treated as an "unfair control" in the results: Splits 3-4 and 4-5 on Short Loop 1 were made absolutely equal among all runners, which effectively eliminates that control as a competitive element in the course, while still maintaining it as part of the course so that runners can draw their routes with RouteGadget (

When handed these very sparse results, for what amounts to a 52-control race, WinSplits Online did something a little weird. To view the mangled, contorted mass of splits, go here (

Mark Blair

The Teams

 1.  Team Kopisch (TK)
      Short loops:  Philipp Kopisch
     Medium loops:  Daniel Kopisch
       Long loops:  Manfred Kopisch
 2.  The Razor's Edge (TRE)
      Short loops:  Evan Custer
     Medium loops:  Dennis Wildfogel
       Long loops:  George Minarik
 3.  Julia's Team (JT)
      Short loops:  Julia Doubson
     Medium loops:  Fyodor Konkov
       Long loops:  Jari Valikorpi
 4.  Stanford Orienteering Club (SOC)
      Short loops:  Jason Hogan
     Medium loops:  Peter Graham
       Long loops:  Russell Neilson
 5.  Team 24 (T24)
      Short loops:  Alan Houser
     Medium loops:  Bob Cooley
       Long loops:  Steve Harrison
 6.  Rocky Ridge Runners (RRR)
      Short loops:  Nick van Hoff
     Medium loops:  Greg Ehrensing
       Long loops:  Deron van Hoff
 7.  Toyon Trailblazers (TT)
      Short loops:  Nick Corsano
     Medium loops:  Vicki Woolworth
       Long loops:  Bob Strauss
 8.  Team Ritter (TR)
      Short loops:  Nancy Lindeman
     Medium loops:  Siegfried Ritter
       Long loops:  Steve Gregg
 9.  Marie-Josee's Team (MJT)
      Short loops:  Marie-Josee Parayre
     Medium loops:  Kevin McCarty
       Long loops:  Ben Legg
10.  Pre-Forgiven (PF)
      Short loops:  Jeanne Li
     Medium loops:  Wes Erck
       Long loops:  Matthias Kohler
11.  Do or Die (DOD)
      Short loops:  Steve Beuerman
     Medium loops:  Rosemary Johnson
       Long loops:  Jim Fish
12.  Li Family (LF)
      Short loops:  Kathy Li
     Medium loops:  Paul Li
       Long loops:  Mark Blair

The "Results"

Place Team   Short 1  Medium 1    Long 1   Short 2  Medium 2    Long 2    Time
----- ----   -------  --------    ------   -------  --------    ------    ----
  1   TK      38:14     37:20     51:39     37:11     41:56    1:15:16   4:31:46
  2   TRE     39:27     46:08     54:00     53:16      DNS        DNS      DNF
  3   JT      25:22     42:54     35:18      DNS       DNS        DNS      DNF
  4   SOC     38:45     35:50     58:04      DND    PS/35:54  PS/1:08:26   DNF
  5   T24     49:59     49:19     47:35      DNS       DND        DNS      DNF
  6   RRR     43:16   1:06:36     38:49   PS/51:50  PS/50:07  PS/44:57     DNF
  7   TT      45:43   1:26:51   1:01:30      DNS       DNS        DNS      DNF
  8   TR       IIA      38:19     38:01      DNS      35:43      56:40     DNF
  9   MJT     44:15   1:04:16      DNS     1:05:15     DNS       40:19     DNF
 10   PF       DNF       DNF      40:10      DNS      36:19       DNS      DNF
 11   DOD      SW     1:23:11    DNF/DND     DNS       DNS        DNS      DNF
 12   LF       DNF     PS/DND  PS/1:08:11    DNS       DNS        DNS      DNF
   DNS = Did Not Start
   DNF = Did Not Finish
   DND = Did Not Download
   PS  = Premature Start (runner started before runner on the preceding loop finished)
   SW  = Sporting Withdrawal (runner quit race in the interest of good sportsmanship)
   IIA = Injured In Action