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Bon Tempe Reservoir

Date: Dec. 12 - 13, 2009
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 510.658.4327
Course Setter: Penny DeMoss
Type: C; Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event; LIMITED ATTENDANCE; RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

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Event Write-Up

By Harold and Penny DeMoss

OK, so the dust, I mean, the mud, has settled and we all survived another wild weekend of orienteering at Bon Tempe. Strangely, most people seem to prefer to keep the meet in December — "wouldn't be the same without the rain..." — go figure.

Anyway, it was our pleasure to thank you, the volunteers, for your work all year by sending you out to your fates. Saturday's weather was certainly more challenging than Sunday, although it was plenty wet both days. Some of the runners came in on Saturday looking as if they just pulled themselves out of the lake — honestly, they could not have been wetter. Comical actually...

The three courses on offer were Short (3.7 km), Medium (5.4 km), and Long (7.4 km). The best time on Short was turned in by Stephanie Maclean in 60:21. This was well clear of 2nd-placed Leslie Minarik (85:15), with Helena Eydelberg (89:21) in 3rd. Toby Ferguson's 58:21 on the Medium course, which was run on Sat. in torrential rain, held up as the best time, although Derek Maclean (62:46) was gunning for him on Sunday. Cameron Ferguson's 65:24, also run on Sat., held up for third place. Jonas Kjall had never run on this map ("40-foot contours? Really?"), but he managed to figure out the Long course in a quick 71:26. Tapio Karras had an impressive run, coming in with a time of 75:37 for 2nd, and Pierre Delforge, who had never run there before either, was 3rd in 84:40.

I hope everyone enjoyed the courses. I didn't hear any grumbling, so I think all went well. We certainly served a record amount of hot chocolate afterwards! Loads of fun, thanks to all that came to the event. And, of course, big thanks to the guys who picked up the controls for us as we cleaned up after. Thank you Joe Maffei, Rex Winterbottom, Steve Gregg, Theo Verhoeven, Luc Poppe and, Mark Blair.

Season's greetings to all and a Happy New Year.


Bon Tempe Reservoir

Farifax, CA
Sunday, December 12 & 13, 2009

The results from the two days have been combined. The Sunday runners got the better weather — not nearly as much rain (or fun) as the Saturday folks.

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget (introduction; this event (

  Pl  Name(s)                    Time

Short Course   (3.7 km, 170 m climb, 10 controls)

   l  Stephanie Maclean         1:00:21  (Sunday)
   2  Leslie Minarik            1:25:15  (Sunday)
   3  Helena Eydelberg          1:29:21  (Sunday)
   4  Rosemary Johnson          1:52:16  (Saturday)
   5  Erik & Brett Carver       2:22:12  (Sunday)
   6  Mark Burchill             2:25:09  (Sunday)

Medium Course  (5.4 km, 219 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Toby Ferguson               58:21  (Saturday)
   2  Derek Maclean             1:02:46  (Sunday)
   3  Cameron Ferguson          1:05:24  (Saturday)
   4  George Minarik            1:08:32  (Sunday)
   5  Ben Legg, David Magiante  1:11:53  (Sunday)
   6  Chuck Spalding            1:13:42  (Saturday)
   7  Steve Harrison            1:17:33  (Saturday)
   8  Werner Haag               1:19:02  (Saturday)
   9  Luc Poppe                 1:24:25  (Sunday)
  10  Greg Ehrensing            1:28:51  (Sunday)
  11  Shura Kretchetov          1:31:07  (Sunday)
  12  Todd Paulsen              1:35:10  (Saturday)
  13  Tony Pinkham              1:36:00  (Saturday)
  14  Mike Behrens              1:36:48  (Saturday)
  15  Evan Custer               1:38:02  (Saturday)
  16  Theo Verhoeven            1:50:35  (Sunday)
  17  Kelly Wells               1:59:07  (Saturday)
  18  Mark Blair                2:00:26  (Sunday)
  19  Jim Fish                  2:03:56  (Saturday)
  20  Wes Erck                  2:16:45  (Saturday)
  21  Vic & Liz Revenko         2:47:07  (Saturday)

      Shaun Etherington           DNF    (Saturday)

Long Course    (7.4 km, 305 m climb, 19 controls)

   1  Jonas Kjall               1:11:26  (Sunday)
   2  Tapio Karras              1:15:37  (Sunday)
   3  Pierre Delforge           1:24:40  (Sunday)
   4  Deron van Hoff            1:24:50  (Sunday)
   5  Rex Winterbottom          1:26:04  (Sunday)
   6  Alex Finch                1:33:34  (Saturday)
   6  Steve Gregg               1:33:34  (Sunday)
   8  Matthias Kohler           1:39:13  (Saturday)
   9  Peter Graube              1:44:17  (Sunday)
  10  Joe Maffei                1:45:33  (Sunday)
  11  Gavin Wyatt-Mair          2:28:36  (Saturday)
  12  Brad Wetmore              2:33:08  (Saturday)
  13  Marina Keating            3:17:12  (Saturday)

      Dennis Wilkinson            DNF    (Sunday)


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)