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Emerald Hills

Date: (Sun.) Mar. 9, 2008
Location: Redwood City, CA
Event Director: - 650.281.5280
Course Setter: Brian Kirshner
Type: C; White course and Western Massachusetts Rules Score-O

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Event Write-Up


A large turnout took advantage of extremely nice weather (for early March, at least) to enjoy some fun orienteering in this hilly residential neighborhood of Redwood City, not far from Canada College and Edgewood Park. A busload of Junior ROTC students from San Francisco, plus a bunch of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, made up a significant portion of the total participation, which I estimate was around 160–170. (It's hard to tell, since teams/groups don't always list each participant, plus I think a couple of named team members were dogs, and it's not clear whether folks who do a second course should be counted once or twice.)

In addition to the much appreciated groups of young people, we were fortunate to have the participation of these individuals who live far from the Bay Area:

Everyone seemed to have a great time, despite one map glitch. It never occurred to course-setter Brian Kirshner and me that we needed to check whether new streets had been opened since the master map was created. However, that was indeed the case, making finding control #10 on the Score-O rather challenging; it was off by one street on the map. (One of the two vetters—me—actually found the control a couple of weeks before the meet, which makes me wonder what error I made that allowed me to find it.)

One larger problem, although it only affected one individual, was the loss of a car key while running the course. This individual had the key in what was supposedly a zipped pocket, but he realized late in the course that it was no longer in the pocket. After retracing part of the course, and multiple visits from AAA and locksmiths, he finally made it home Sunday evening, but this points out the necessity to be very careful with your keys. The owner of the lost key promises a prize to anyone who finds the key at next year's event.

On the White course, Julia Doubson finished in a speedy 12:29, beating the team of Sutherland and Press by 21 seconds. On the Score-O, Fritz Mueller topped those who did 5 controls, while old-timer Bengt Aspvall (see above) finished first among those who did 10 controls.

The Junior ROTC folks dominated the 15-control group, both in terms of number of participants and in fastest times; the team of Calvin Quan, A. Chan, and V. Quan edged out Ricardo Frias, Edmund Wu, and Candence Wong by 20 seconds for the top spot.

Matthias Kohler finished well ahead of the rest of the field in the 20-control category. In the longest course (25 of 26 controls), Steve Gregg beat Tapio Karras by 3 minutes for the top spot.

And on the official times, I forgot to mention which control was skipped by the seven people who did all but one control. #20 was the most popular skip, bypassed by 4 runners. Other skips included #17 by 2 people, with one each skipping #4 and #15.

As always, the meet relied heavily on the contributions of volunteers. Course-setter Brian Kirshner and I thank all of them for their willing efforts:

Lastly, I apologize for taking so long to get this done. I've made 3 cross-country flights, including 2 red-eyes, since last Sunday's meet, and haven't had the time or energy to do some things that I should have. (And I've come to appreciate E-punch even more than before.) At any rate, the results are below. If you see any problems, especially with names, please let me know.


Comments about RouteGadget for this event

Since this is a Score-O setup with no e-punch, RouteGadget only knows about the Start and Finish locations. All the other control circles are part of the map image. When drawing your route be sure to visit the Finish only when you have completed your route. That is, the blue line pointing to the Finish should follow you throughout your route.

You need to enter your name, and your total time (no splits) in MMMSS format, before drawing your route. For example, 60:52 is entered as 6052. Also, please add your Score-O category (i.e., the number of controls visited—5, 10, 15, 20, or 25) in parenthesis after your name?

For the animation, each competitor's speed is averaged out over the whole length of their route. For Score-O this works out just fine as competitors often end up taking very different routes anyway.

Note that the location of control #10 has been fixed for this setup.

Happy Routes,


Emerald Hills

Redwood City, CA
Sunday, March 9, 2008

  Pl    Name(s)                                   Time

White Course    (2.2 km, 10 controls)

   1    Julia Doubson                             12:29
   2    Sutherland & Press                        12:50
   3    Ed Garcia                                 23:05
   4    Jeremy Kirshner                           23:57
   5    Stefanie Gueorguieva                      24:08
   6    Ted Snelgrove                             25:11
   7    Emily Haan                                26:26
   8    Susan Steade, Alex Plotnikoff             30:55
   9    Fred, Tammy, Matt, Ariana, &
          Bradley Nurisso                         32:30
  10    Valinda Saldana                           33:29
  11    Jones X2, Belanoff, Bienko
          (Girl Scout 2318)                       34:20
  12    Chris Buchner                             36:50
  13    Kevin Rugg, Sol Rugg                      41:11
  14    Wilkinson family                          46:20
  15    Amelia                                    50:38
  16    Masha Konkov                            1:00:12
  17    Toppers                                 1:02:00
  18    Mark V                                  1:02:16
  19    Aaron Zaks                              1:15:00

Score-O -- Any 5 of 26 controls

   1    Fritz Mueller                             58:35
   2    Karin & Marlin Segal                    1:06:10
   3    Chris Conner, Shaan Raya                1:37:32

  Second Course

        Heather Sutherland, Richard Prest         31:00
        GS Troop 3218                           1:11:50

        Rich Kinsey                               DNF

Score-O -- Any 10 of 26 controls

   1    Aspvall                                   48:22
   2    Johanna Merriss                           55:43
   3    Steph MacLean                             56:12
   4    Vicki Parsons, Rod Siuks                1:09:00
   5    Bradley Green, Phillip Mueller,
          Michael Sukoi                         1:09:30
   6    Niv Davidson                            1:19:17
   7    Nathan Mueller, Jeremy Kelem            1:21:15
   8    John Marold                             1:22:58
   9    Usama Shahbaz, Hannah Yan,
          Tony Guan                             1:23:30
  10    Jeff Lanam                              1:25:25
  11    Fyodor Konkov                           1:31:05
  12    Suz & Duane Cleghorn                    1:34:11
  13    Daniel Kopisch                          1:34:48
  14    Jen Grafe, Ed Wirth                     1:36:11
  15    Philipp Kopisch                         1:36:48
  16    Judy Koehler                            1:48:25
  17    Mike Whelply Joyclin Hashimoto          1:48:29
  18    Stephen S., Max L., Riley K.            1:58:51
  19    Max Martynov, Alla Golub                2:11:25
  20    Dan, Michele, Matthew, & Benjamin
          Curry                                 2:13:29
  21    Cheryl Savan, Andrea Reichert           2:18:24
  22    Brad & Lisa Melton                      2:45:37

Score-O -- Any 15 of 26 controls

   1    Calvin Quan, A. Chan, V. Quan           1:02:01
   2    Ricardo Frias, Edmund Wu,
          Candence Wong                         1:02:21
   3    Mark Sinks, Parker Schuh                1:05:39
   4    Jason Huang, Sabrina Ramos, Andy Chen   1:12:00
   5    Phelan Guan, Alex Zhao, Jackie Tong     1:17:00
   6    Frias Armando, Judy Zho, Jackson Chen   1:18:26
   7    Lowell1                                 1:18:53
   8    Matthew Mattson                         1:19:45
   9    Elizabeth Wilson                        1:21:10
  10    Kenneth Hu, Isaree R.                   1:23:50
  11    Mario Tobar, Genya Royfman, Henry Gee   1:28:17
  12    Wing Chen, Tyler Farve, Fanny Guan      1:31:59
  13    Eric Borchers                           1:32:52
  14    Arthur Lum, Dana Lui, Ben Ho            1:35:13
  15    Ronald Trouncg, Sakada Kann,
          Sergio Rodriguez                      1:38:54
  16    Connie Chen, Mack Qin, Marvin Huang     1:48:40
  17    Felipe Flores, Vivian Vuong,
          Luis Aguilar, Alex Serebrian          1:54:33
  18    Mayank Patel, Jorge Pinto, Kevin Tarn   1:57:11
  19    Rosemary Johnson                        2:03:19
  20    Lowell 4                                2:03:26
  21    Rafael Arreola, Pedro Romo,
          Daniel Gomez                          2:03:28
  22    K. Masica                               2:24:10
  23    Shura & Helena Krechetov                3:07:42

Score-O -- Any 20 of 26 controls

   1    Matthias Kohler                         1:21:40
   2    Derek Maclean                           1:30:40
   3    Steve Harrison                          1:47:46
   4    Ken Considine                           2:06:07
   5    Michelle Daher, Manfred Kopisch         2:42:14
   6    Steve Beuerman                          2:55:20

Score-O -- Any 25 of 26 controls

   1    Steve Gregg                             1:34:36
   2    Tapio Karras                            1:37:36
   3    Annika Bjork                            1:43:42
   4    Greg Favor                              1:49:41
   5    Alex Finch & Lolly                      1:57:11
   6    Jamie Sutherland                        2:03:03
   7    Gavin Wyatt-Mair                        2:04:03
   8    Mark Blair                              2:14:10
   9    Bob Strauss                             2:14:11


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)