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Crown Memorial State Beach

Date: (Sat.) Sep. 27, 2008
Location: Alameda, CA
Event Director: - 510.681.6181
Course Setter: Rex Winterbottom
Type: C; White (Junior Sprint), Yellow (Sprint), and Memory-O courses

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Event Write-Up


Photos and maps are posted here (

Fresh faces dominated the scene on a gorgeous day at the beach in Alameda. It was great to see new people, and hopefully many will come back and participate again. If you enjoy being watched, plenty of spectators abounded—picnickers, walkers, joggers, parasailers, swimmers, windsurfers, tennis players... it’s a busy place on the weekend. All the controls survived, although a few in the vicinity of picnickers drew attention from the youngsters. Warm, but not hot, you could also go for a swim, and Barbara Robben took advantage of the locale to enjoy a dip in the bay. And where else can sprinting across the beach be part of an orienteering course?

Interestingly, we had no individual (first course) participants on White, but many groups took the plunge, a few with babies in strollers. German junior Jörg Reinert and veteran orienteer Werner Haag managed a quick jaunt before doing Yellow solo as a second course. Dennis Wildfogel took top honors on the individual Yellow, which also doubled as a Sprint course. Vicki Woolworth led the women. Toby Ferguson dominated the individual Memory-O, and one of the Q&A answers was "Toby", interestingly. (Toby Chavez Field is one of the baseball fields.) Adam Ruskin and Jesse Wilkinson were the top group on the Memory-O.


Great helpers, and they made the meet happen. David Meredith, Barbara Robben, and Toby Ferguson showed up early to help us get set up and started. Sarah and Leslie Minarik took a break from picnicking to help with starts. Vicki Woolworth wins the "all around" helper award for wearing the most hats. Thanks to Vicki, Judy Koehler, and Alan Houser for helping me pack up everything to go into my car. And then Judy and I went to the advertised social venue, the New Zealander, to relax and have supper after an enjoyable event. Thanks everybody.

Here's a list of all the helpers:

Toby Ferguson: beginners’ clinics, starts
Dennis Wildfogel: control pickup
Joe Saba: finishes
Judy Koehler: finishes, take-down
Alan Houser: registration, take-down
George Minarik: results
Barbara Robben: setup
David Meredith: setup, registration
Sarah Minarik: starts
Leslie Minarik: starts
Vicki Woolworth: starts, finishes, control pickup, take-down


Crown Memorial State Beach

Alameda, CA
Saturday, September 27, 2008

  Pl  Name(s)                           Time

White Course    (1.3 km, 10 m climb, 8 controls)

   1  Jörg Reinert, Werner Haag          9:10
   2  Kieran, Jack, & Christine Horan   16:17
   3  Casey & Stephen Hopkins           21:38
   4  Winnie & William Chan             21:53
   5  Harry & Diane Hall                23:49
   6  Kathryn Stutz, Katelyn Sullivan   25:28
   7  Jo Aaker, Bryan Krug, & child     27:48
   8  Carl & Anna Cunningham            31:49
   8  Ayako & Thomas Barton             31:49

  Second Course

      David Jorgensen                    9:03
      Vladimir Cherepanov               11:56

Yellow Course   (2.4 km, 25 climb, 16 controls)

   1  Dennis Wildfogel                  14:26
   2  Bruce Wolfe                       15:14
   3  Joe Saba                          17:25
   4  George Minarik                    18:45
   5  Vicki Woolworth                   22:00
   6  Chris Bark, Erich Sonnberger      22:43
   7  Jeff Dickert                      23:05
   8  David Jorgensen                   24:17
   9  Bryan Koga, Joyce Lin             24:50
  10  Elena Condes                      31:42
  11  Judy Koehler                      36:56
  11  Peter McCorquodale                36:56
  13  Vladimir Cherepanov               42:58
  14  Fred & Diane Ciaramaglia          47:25
  15  Barbara Robben                    49:05
  16  Peter Williams, Riley Miller    1:01:03

  Second Course

      Werner Haag                       18:10
      Jörg Reinert                      21:18
      Adam Ruskin, Jesse Wilkinson      22:20
      Kathryn Stutz, Katelyn Sullivan   52:45

Memory-O Course  (2.0 km, 25 climb, 6 controls)

   1  Toby Ferguson                     22:23
   2  Adam Ruskin, Jesse Wilkinson      26:35