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Millbrae Street Scramble

Date: (Sat.) Mar. 10, 2007
Location: Millbrae, CA
Event Director: - 206.913.3790
Course Setters: Eric Bone, Terry Farrah
Type: Street orienteering; foot or bike; 90-minute or 3-hour Score-O. Presented by Meridian Geographics.

About 25 club members were among the 141 participants at the March 10, Millbrae Street Scramble, hosted by the Millbrae Chamber of Commerce. This was an urban Score-O with 90-minute and 3-hour options, 37 controls, and 1000 possible points. Many first-place ribbons were won by BAOC members, including:

Vladimir Gusiatnikov (3-hr foot, Men) 710 pts
Barbara Robben (3-hr foot, 50+ Women) 440 pts
Steve Haas (3-hr foot, 50+ Men) 590 pts
Oliver Pohl & Galen Pewtherer (3-hr bike, Men) 870 pts
Shirley Pierce & Nancy Lindeman (90-min foot, 50+ Women) 210 pts
Teri & Bill Follette (90-min foot, 50+ Mixed) 270 pts
Geoffrey Sears (90-min foot, 50+ Men) 370 pts
Tomer Maymon (90-min bike, Men) 290 pts
Bob Moragues & Karin Stein (90-min bike, Mixed) 340 pts

Vladimir has put the course up on RouteGadget (

Complete results are available here (

Terry Farrah
Event Director