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Huddart Park

Date: (Sat.) Mar. 11, 2006
Location: Woodside, CA
Event Directors: - 650.851.5688, - 650.365.4275
Course Setters: Mike Fleishman, Nancy Lindeman, Brian Kirshner
Type: C; "Come and Try It" event -- White and Yellow, and more

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Event Write-Up

By Mike Fleishman, Co-Event Director

This year’s Huddart Park event combined trail running with Ski-O conditions during a welcome weather break during one of the coldest, wettest weeks in memory. While setting controls Friday afternoon near the top of the park in heavy hail/snow conditions, a lightening bolt literally blew up a tree about 30 yards from where I was standing. At that point, I had a moment when I actually doubted that the orienteering gods were with us. However, Saturday morning brought reasonably clear weather, and more than 150 orienteers showed up.

As usual, Huddart Park’s White and Long White courses provided an excellent opportunity for beginners to come and try the sport. The two courses were a bit longer than usual this year, and provided enough climb to offer a pretty good workout. The short course was run by 16 groups and nearly 50 participants. The winner was Barbara Robben with a time of 29:47. The team of Danielle & Adam Strauss came in second at 32:55. The Long White course was won by Tristan Delforge-Melia in a time of 37:12, followed by Janet Lafleur and Helena Stolfa in 39:56. A number of scout troops ran both courses. Thanks to Eric Bone, Terry Farrah, and Theo Verhoeven, we had plenty of beginner clinics to get the newcomers off to a good start. 

The balance of the participants ran a Western Massachusetts Rules Score-O. Twenty-two controls were set throughout the park, and runners had the choice of punching six, ten, fifteen, or twenty controls. Because of the restrictions of the park, all controls were on trails. Brian Kirshner, with help from Nancy Lindeman and Jim Fish, did most of the work to design the control layout to afford maximum choice for the participants. Brian had help from his eleven-year-old son Jeremy designing the White course.

Nearly 70 people participated in the Score-O as either individuals or teams. The six-control category was won by Ida Green in a time of 34:24, while second place went to Johanna Merriss who finished in 46:18. Only six groups chose this distance, and a few of them punched eight controls with the idea of going for ten, but realized the extra two controls would have added more than a 25% extra time commitment. 

Fifteen teams or individuals (with a total of 26 runners) punched ten controls. Chuck Spalding won this category with a time of 62:05. Lauren Knight and Mikkel Conradi were second at 71:22. 

At the fifteen-control level, Mike Prindiville turned in a time of 94:30, followed by Dan Greene at 118:15. Eight other individuals/teams completed this category, including a few who punched extra controls.

There were eleven individuals and one team of four that actually hit 20 of the 22 controls. The leader was Eric Bone in a time of 106:53. It was reported that Eric spent the first 9 minutes planning his course at the Start. Maybe we could all take a hint from this emphasis on planning. The second place runner in this category was Rex Winterbottom. He had actually lost his card in a fall, but reported his route and details of the course with such precision that we did not have the heart to deny him his rightful place among the finishers. (He also happened to be the winner last year.) Congratulations to all of the runners for a good effort, but particularly the group that managed to hit 20 controls.

Much thanks to the many volunteers, some of whom have been mentioned above. The day began Peter Graube showing up early and asking what he could do to help. He and Jim Fish set up the Start and Finish, along with tents set as a precaution against the weather. Marina Keating, Frank Markowitz, Bob Strauss, and Chuck Spalding worked the Starts, while the Finish and results were manned by Gary Kraght, Bill Strauss, and Dan Greene.  Scott Aster worked on registration with assistance from Gary. We had valuable assistance with control pickup from Eric Bone, Terry Farrah, Alex Saltman, Marina Keating, Jim Fish, and Mutsumi Sugizaki. Steve Haas was a big help in the cleanup process.

Also many thanks to Bob Cooley for making map corrections and printing the maps, as well as Alan Glendenning for assisting with equipment for the event. Priscilla Alvarez, park ranger, provided guidance in setting up for the event. Finally, Nancy Lindeman (Co-Event Director) did her usual thorough job of organizing the event and pitching in with most of the tasks.


Huddart Park

Woodside, CA
Saturday, March 11, 2006

  Pl  Name(s)                                 Time

White Course       (1.7 km, 105 m climb, 11 Controls)

   1  Barbara Robben                          29:47
   2  Danielle & Adam Strauss                 32:55
   3  Troop 156 - Cash Callaghan
        (Rubik & Gregory Sadlhi, Jim Latimer,
        Meeks Vaughn)                         33:28
   4  Troop 156 - Michael Mansour
        (Johnny Wicks, Jim O’Shanousy)        40:20
   5  Alan & Jeremy Walker                    40:27
   6  Meghann & Erin McLinden                 42:50
   7  Pack 58 - John, Jan, & Frank Akers,
        Byron & Bryce Toma, Don Callaghan,
        Phillip Masterson                     43:15
   8  Ben & William Akey                      45:25
   9  Juliette Delforge-Melia                 47:23
  10  Rasmussen - Humble, Hancock, Scott,
        Kameda                                48:36
  11  Rick & Scott Schulze                    51:30
  12  Manual, Heather & Sergio Pinto,
        Laura Mattencci                       55:09
  13  Roberto Forte, Gayle Yanagi             60:40
  14  Sofie, Ward, Olivia, & Alec Vercruysse  61:01
  15  Mark & Gabriella Chrishwa               61:02
  16  Jason, Luke, Connie, & Russell Green    75:54

      Doerte Murray                            DNF

Long White Course  (2.8 km, 130 m climb, 15 Controls)

   1  Tristan Delforge-Melia                  37:12
   2  Janet Lafleur, Helena Stolfa            39:56
   3  David & Marguerite Williams,
        Joseph Wilson                         45:42
   4  Susan Lindeman                          46:20
   5  Bob Moragues, Karin Stein               47:52
   6  Milpitas HS NJROTC #2: Nick Montemayor,
        Justin Anderson                       57:10
   7  Milpitas HS NJROTC #1: Jennifer Choy,
        Michael Hall                          61:50
   8  Dan & Colin Ketcham                     63:13
   9  Ed & Nick Baker, Rick & Kyle Krueger,
        Joe Peguero (Troop 43)                64:42
  10  Jennifer & Ken Foreman                  68:48
  11  Marcia Nguyen & Ryan Fix                69:19
  12  Dan, Matt, & John Balboni               69:48
  13  Teal Derrer, Sadie & Ben Fearon         81:34
  14  Angie Peckham, Hani Juha                86:52

  Second Course

      Troop 156 - Cash Callaghan              51:49
      Pack 58 - Dan Callaghan                 62:13
      Troop 156 - Michael Mansour             69:21

Score-O, 6-Control Category

   1  Green Ids                               34:24
   2  Johanna Merriss                         46:18
   3  Bob Strauss                             77:18 (punched 8)
   4  Simone Lang & Chelsea Michaels          97:30 (punched 8)
   5  Juozas Martisius                       103:14
   6  Brandon, Darcy, & Amelia Nugent,
        Leslie & Shelby Cottrell             136:39 (punched 8)

      Gabrielle Delforge-Melia                67:35 (punched only 5)

Score-O, 10-Control Category

   1  Chuck Spalding                          62:05
   2  Lauren Knight, Mikkel Conradi           71:22
   3  Frank Markowitz                         78:10
   4  Alex Saltman                            85:26
   5  Alan Houser, Helene Gordon             114:36
   6  Michael Williams, Matt Larson          118:23
   7  Terry Farrah                           123:03
   8  Jim Fish                               137:58
   9  Fiona Lake Waslander,
        Robin & Richard Lake                 139:15
  10  Jeff Lanam                             143:21
  11  Shura Krechetov                        145:22 (punched 11)
  12  Allison Bennett, Chris Johnson         155:05
  13  Carol Koinig, Bob Heady, Bindu Sheh,
        Jane Moorehead, Shanti Bindu,
        Steve Camkin                         175:31 (punched 11)
  14  John Quintrell                         225:20 (punched 13)
  15  Lowell Moulton                         235:40

Score-O, 15-Control Category

   1  Mike Prindiville                        94:30
   2  Dan Greene                             118:15
   3  Bob Cooley                             123:36
   4  Greg Favor                             125:00 (punched 16)
   5  Marina Keating                         126:16
   6  Joe Maffei                             128:30
   7  Margaret Longstreth                    169:04
   8  Phillip Hoare                          180:35 (punched 18)
   9  Charlie & Chip Chapin                  207:32 (punched 18)
  10  Kryn Stankunas, Marc Dionne,
        Karen Liv, Viousha Devasthali        209:14

Score-O, 20-Control Category

   1  Eric Bone                              106:53
   2  Rex Winterbottom                       117:29 (*)
   3  Andrejus Masalkovas                    131:42
   4  Steve Haas                             134:50
   5  Peter Graham                           147:17
   6  Mutsumi Sugizaki                       152:08
   7  Rod Jaehn                              153:53
   8  Steve Waslander                        157:29
   9  Theo Verhoeven                         168:27
  10  Linda McLean, Adam Armijo, Adam Doti,
        Donato Polignone                     177:42
  11  Team Brah                              193:03
  12  Luc Poppe                              197:55


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)
(*) Lost card in a fall, but we trust him