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Calero County Park

Date: (Sun.) Sep. 24, 2006
Location: San Jose, CA
Event Directors: - 408.732.4818, - 408.996.8749
Course Setters: Dan Greene, Tapio Karras, Bill Strauss
Type: B; Regular 7-course BAOC event

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Event Write-Up

By Dan Greene

Calero had good weather this year: sunny and cool, without the frequent heavier winds in the late afternoon. The courses were a little longer and steeper; nevertheless, competitors were able to produce some very impressive times on these courses.

Some event photos are available here ( Additional photos of control sites are here ( The event map, courses, and individual route drawings are on RouteGadget (

Congratulations to the top finishers. Many of the courses had close finishes: Danielle Strauss won White, just ahead of Jimmy Chung in second place. Yellow was won by Tristan Delforge just ahead of Viktor Passinsky in second place, and Julietta Delforge-Melia was the first woman on Yellow. A very technically challenging Orange course was won decisively by Elliott DeLaye. Congratulations also to the advanced course winners: Dennis Wildfogel and Jane Melia on Brown, Werner Haag and Stephanie MacLean on Green, Kent Ohlund on Red, and Jean-Charles Baritaux and Penny DeMoss on Blue. Jean-Charles and several other Blue runners proved that our very physically challenging Blue course could be run in under 90 minutes.

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Thanks to all our volunteers: Gary Carpenter vetted the courses. Mikkel Conradi and Werner Haag gave beginner clinics. Ev and Jean Beuerman handled registration. Bob Cooley printed maps. Brad Wetmore obtained insurance. Harold DeMoss helped set up tents. Trinka Gillis, Jeff Lanam, and Greg Khanlarov provided E-punch scoring. Bud Laird manned starts. And it was great to have a large control pick-up crew afterwards, so we could finish the event early: Harold and Penny DeMoss, Peter Graham, Russell Neilson, Misha Lipatov, Christian Degen, Nancy Lindeman, and Bill Strauss. Without generous volunteers these events would not be possible.

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One highlight of the Calero event was Bill Strauss' White and Yellow courses. Bill just joined the ranks of club's course setters. Bill's Yellow course, in particular, had participants venturing gently off trail. Several finishers remarked on the extra challenge and learning experience on Yellow, and yet it was carefully enough designed so that most finished in a reasonable amount of time.

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Judging from the results, the Orange course was too difficult. As most course setters know, Orange is a difficult course to calibrate correctly. It's an "intermediate" or transitional course to the advanced courses — it should require advanced orienteering techniques, but be more forgiving of errors, with easier relocation possibilities. We planned most of the control sights with nearby relocation features, such as ridge tops and trails, but significantly underestimated how physically demanding Calero can be, even using nearby relocation features.

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One thing that surprised us was how much trouble all the intermediate and advanced course orienteers (Orange through Blue) had with the very first control. We anticipated that the high visibility at the start would allow orienteers to study the terrain and observe their destination immediately. Moreover, because of this high level of visibility, we were careful to stage the starts so that orienteers would not see the routes of their predecessors. However, probably some combination of a cold start to navigation, an enthusiastic rush at the start, and/or the high risk of parallel error in the ridges and reentrants of this area, made this overwhelmingly the most likely place for errors.

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Calero is a great place for route choice, with steep terrain to penalize bad route choice, and some confusing patterns of ridges and valleys to make route decisions challenging. Nowadays, thanks to RouteGadget, we can review the routes of competitors afterwards. Here are some of our observations:

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It's also worth mentioning one of the mapping conventions at Calero that proved troublesome to some of the advanced runners. The Calero map includes some innovative mapping conventions that are not IOF standard, like showing the direction of down trees. However, there is one mapping convention that is IOF standard, so we didn't mention it in the notes. In retrospect we should have, since its use in the Bay Area is unique to the Calero map. This is the use of a line or curve of black dots to indicate a vegetation boundary interior to the open (white) forest. Orienteers on Brown, Red, and Blue would have seen this marking on the map near their control number 6 (Brown), 10 (Green), and 13 (Blue), respectively. And the Red course crossed a similar marking between controls 4 and 5. Many runners mistook this for a dry ditch (brown dots). Here it marks a distinct shift in the type of trees. In the Bay Area, these black dots are almost always wrapped around a color shift to green, or appear in a tight circle to mark a redwood tree ring, so its freeform use within the white may appear nonstandard. However, in places where orienteering more frequently uses private land (e.g., Canada or Scandinavia) it is far more common to see this mapping convention mapping boundaries between trees of different ages or different types, due to a history of commercial forestry.

Once again, we'd like to thank the volunteers at Calero who made this event possible.

Dan Greene
Tapio Karras
Bill Strauss


Calero County Park

San Jose, CA
Sunday, September 24, 2006

  Pl  Name(s)                            Time

White Course   (3.7 km, 115 m climb, 12 controls)

   1  Danielle Strauss                   44:31
   2  Jimmy Chung                        46:56
   3  Gabrielle Delforge-Melia           49:57
   4  Anita Yerneni                      53:14
   5  Emily Fragola, Austin McLaggan     55:07
   6  Julia Doubson                      56:17
   7  Lindsey, Carol, & Jerry McLaggan   58:04
   8  Troop 290                        1:00:50
   9  Shroyer Family                   1:02:56
  10  Adam Strauss                     1:04:01
  11  Marianne Moore                   1:05:42
  12  The Rocks                        1:07:04
  13  Diane Hall, Debbie Fragola       1:09:40
  14  Dave & Jessica Goldberg          1:15:11
  15  Paul & Eric Crompton             1:15:54
  16  John, Margaret, & JT Harris      1:16:06
  17  Ward, Alec, & Olivia Vercruysse  1:30:01
  18  Group 998-2                      2:09:08

Yellow Course  (3.2 km, 140 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Tristan Delforge                   43:19
   2  Viktor Passinsky                   44:53
   3  Julietta Delforge-Melia            59:14
   4  Sally Smith                      1:10:46
   5  Marty Katz                       1:13:14
   6  Philipp Kopisch                  1:14:34
   7  Wylie Gab, Daniel Kopisch        1:17:11
   8  Ron & Meg Thumann                1:20:39
   9  Fred & Donna Munic               1:20:51
  10  Group 998-4                      1:21:08
  11  Nolan & Scot Adam                1:28:08
  12  Group 998-1                      1:29:21
  13  Heidi Stenner                    1:30:31
  14  Group 998-3                      1:34:29
  15  Anna Strauss                     1:39:11
  16  Joanne Thiel                     1:41:39
  17  Dan & Jennifer Veditz            1:44:12
  18  Masha Konkov                     1:44:19

      Elaine Ou                          DNF

Orange Course  (3.9 km, 245 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Elliott Delaye                   1:09:37
   2  Alex Solomatnikov                1:31:00
   3  Harold DeMoss                    1:40:07
   4  Greg Lee                         2:14:13
   5  Alan Houser                      2:28:04

      Carl Reisinger                     DNF
      Meg Gerstner                       DNF
      Viktor Passinsky                   DNF
      Sally Smith                        DNF
      David Dippon                       DNF
      Anya Kartavenko                    DNF
      Matthew Mattson                    DNF
      Harold Lischner                    DNF

Brown Course   (3.6 km, 205 m climb, 9 controls)

   1  Dennis Wildfogel                   54:02
   2  Joe Scarboough                     56:00
   3  Misha Lipatov                    1:01:10
   4  Bjorn Widerstrom                 1:17:15
   5  Jeff Lanam                       1:19:42
   6  Jane Melia                       1:22:26
   7  Lauren Knight                    1:28:08
   8  Mike Fleishman                   1:29:33
   9  Trinka Gillis                    1:32:24
  10  Kelly & Gary Wells               1:38:35
  11  Oleg Shakhnovsky                 1:39:25
  12  Debra Blaver, Richard Norbutas   1:39:47
  13  Andrew McAfee, Charles Mighetto  1:39:49
  14  Tatiana Fedyk                    1:41:53
  15  Valeria Fedyk                    1:44:29
  16  Joan Roos                        1:45:21
  17  Rosemary Johnson                 1:54:50
  18  Steve Beuerman                   2:09:31
  19  Dave Shaw                        2:18:01
  20  Judy Koehler                     2:50:52
  21  Nancy Lindeman                   2:55:32

      Ilya Katsnelson                    DNF

Green Course   (4.8 km, 305 m climb, 11 controls)

   1  Werner Haag                      1:27:27
   2  Brad Wetmore                     1:29:51
   3  Parag Gupta                      1:32:21
   4  Robin Gustaffson                 1:36:40
   5  Fyodor Konkov                    1:37:26
   6  Stephanie MacLean                1:39:00
   7  Manfred Kopisch                  1:40:03
   8  Luc Poppe                        1:42:59
   9  Joe Maffei                       1:45:38
  10  Mark Blair                       1:47:10
  11  Theo Verhoeven                   1:47:52
  12  Mark Rice                        2:13:10
  13  Jennifer Kerr                    2:17:08
  14  Alan Glendinning                 2:28:45
  15  Wes Erck                         2:29:49
  16  Maria Hastings                   2:47:17
  17  Frederick Lee                    3:05:17

      Bud Laird                          DNF
      Jason Hogan                        DNF
      Marie-Josee Parayre                DNF

Red Course     (5.8 km, 365 m climb, 13 controls)

   1  Kent Ohlund                      1:37:16
   2  Greg Khanlarov                   1:38:00
   3  Mutsumi Sugizaki                 1:38:41
   4  Rod Jaehn                        1:43:26
   5  Travis Parker                    1:50:51
   6  Attila Nagy                      1:51:18
   7  Artem Kazantsev                  1:53:58

      Dararath Kim                       DNF
      Derek Maclean                      DNF

Blue Course    (7.6 km, 495 m climb, 16 controls)

   1  Jean-Charles Baritaux            1:17:28
   2  Andrejus Masalkovas              1:20:04
   3  Mattias Vangbo                   1:22:54
   4  Mikkel Conradi                   1:30:07
   5  Pierre Delforge                  1:31:24
   6  Rex Winterbottom                 1:34:20
   7  Russell Neilson                  1:34:31
   8  Christian Degen                  1:38:00
   9  Mark Prior                       1:39:50
  10  Peter Graham                     1:44:34
  11  Penny DeMoss                     1:45:38
  12  Greg Favor                       1:50:50
  13  Francois Leonard                 1:52:04
  14  Eric Rosenzweig                  2:25:49


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)