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Rafael Ruiz, second place finisher on the 2001 blue course

Burton Creek Ski-O

Date: Sunday, January 4, 2004
Location: Tahoe City, CA.
Contact: Thorsten Graeve

The first Ski-O event of this season is scheduled for Sunday, January 4 at Burton Creek State Park (Tahoe XC ski resort) near Tahoe City. At the time of this writing the sun is still shining brightly on bare granite peaks in the Sierras, but we are expecting plenty of snow by Christmas. Why not plan on inaugurating the new year with a long ski weekend, brushing up on your cross-country skills and culminating with an exciting race in the first of three Ski-O events scheduled this winter? And don't forget, attending this event gets you started on your way to Ski-O fame in the 2004 California Ski-Orienteering Championships.

Top blue course finishers in 2001: Kent Ohlund and Rafael Ruiz


This event will have white, yellow, orange, green, and blue courses on the extensive network of groomed ski trails at the Tahoe Cross Country ski area. Off-trail skiing is allowed (in this event only), and the course design is expected to have some interesting twists to take advantage of this possibility. All courses will use electronic punching.

Registration, Clinics, Starts, and Fees

Registration opens at the event at 9 AM, beginner clinics begin at 9:30 AM, and individual starts occur between 10 AM and 12:30 PM. You must finish by 2:30 PM to enable our crew to pick up all the controls before the resort closes.

When you come to this event, register before getting your discounted trail pass. After you register, you'll get a coupon that you can use to get the discounted trail pass. Event fees are as follows:

trail pass
Adult (18+) $6 $8 $14
Junior (8-17) $3 $4 $10
Child (0-7) Free Free Free

E-punch sticks will be available for rent to any participants for $2. Free map holders (sheet protectors) for all participants! Bring your own touring or skating cross country skis or rent them from Tahoe Cross Country.

Last Minute Updates

Posted by Thorsten Graeve on Monday December 29th

OK, forget about sun-lit granite peaks. Outside the wind is howling and it's dumping snow by the inch. Forecast for this weekend: tons of snow, cold, and maybe some sunshine by Sunday. Latest info from Tahoe XC says all trails are open and groomed.

Here are the final course stats for the Ski-O:

Course   Length(1)   Length(2)   Climb(2)   Map Scale   Difficulty
White     2.9 km      3.1 km      40 m        1:10K      Beginner
Yellow    3.6 km      4.7 km      60 m        1:10K      Beginner
Orange    5.5 km      7.1 km      75 m        1:10K      Intermediate
Green    11.1 km     15.4 km     240 m        1:15K      Advanced
Blue     13.7 km     19.7 km     300 m        1:15K      Advanced

(1) Calculated as straight-line point-to-point distance between controls.
(2) Calculated along the optimum route using mapped trails.

We're using E-punch on all courses, so remember to bring your finger stick. Starts are from 10am to 12:30pm this Sunday. See website for directions.

Also, I could use a few volunteers for beginner's clinics, starts/finishes and/or running the download station. Please let me know if you're planning on coming and can spare an hour or so of your time. Thanks!


The closest lodging for the event is in Tahoe City or along the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Go to for more information.


From Truckee, take Hwy 89 south to Tahoe City. At the light, continue straight (NE) on North Lake Blvd (Hwy 28). After approx. 2 miles turn left onto Fabian Way and follow the orienteering signs to the Tahoe Cross Country parking lot.