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Ev and Jean Beuerman at Big Basin in 1996

Spring Lake

Santa Rosa
May 5, 2001

by Scott Aster, meet director

Warm, sunny weather greeted participants at the BAOC National Orienteering Day event in Santa Rosa. Almost 50 people came out to try the sport in the fun, interesting surroundings of Spring Lake. The first-timers enjoyed the White and Yellow courses, which took them in and around the many rock features surrounding the Lake. Only three people decided to brave the memory-O, but they all reported having a good mind-challenging test, and every entrant found (eventually) all the controls. Below are the complete results.

This event couldn't have happened without the help of many club members. Idell Weydemeyer and George and Pat Aster handled the registration duties. George Minarik posted results, and he and Judy Koehler gave beginner clinics, Gary Kraght worked the finish line, and I did the starts. I especially want to thank Deron Van Hoff and Judy Koehler for sticking around and helping with control pickup at the end of the day. All of the above crew members also took the time to chat with the newcomers, and I think presented a very friendly, welcoming atmosphere for the participants. Hopefully we'll see them at one of our other events soon!


White      2.3 km, 40 meters climb

1)  Rich Israels                            29:28
2)  Martin Taylor                           32:50
3)  Barbara McAuliffe                       44:41
4)  Eric & Gabrial Zeller                   54:56
5)  B. Seagrove                             60:11
6)  Jim Stein, Suyen, Melody Alarik         66:14
7)  Martin, Bret, Hollie, & Lauren Avonlea  79:01
8)  Ben & Cory Ford, Judy & Leah Newton     83:11

    Becky, John, & Brittany Lepori           DNF
    Nancy Yates & Stephen Demergasso         DNF

Yellow     3.6 km, 140 meters climb

1)  George Minarik                          34:42
2)  Judy Koehler                            87:36
3)  George & Pat Aster                      87:44
4)  James Binder                            91:47
5)  Pat Coyle                               93:44
6)  Sue Sullivan                            93:51
7)  Martin Taylor                           94:57
8)  Robert Bunce, Mark, Stanley 
       & Sean Tolland                      106:40
9)  Jeff Lavin                             119:59
10) Johanna Hoagland & group               138:18
11) Oly Wasem                              148:30
12) Kris Karlson & Margareta Linde         150:05

    Walter Schindler                         DNF

Memory-O    15 controls (some shared with portions of White & Yellow)

1)  Deron Van Hoff                          58:29   (got 15) 
2)  Tom & Sandy Guldman                    143:35   (got 15)