Joe Grant II

San Jose
Nov. 12, 2000

by Abby Wolfe, meet director

On a crisp, sunny November day, around 220 people came out to Joe Grant County Park for some fall orienteering fun. The weather was ideal for orienteering (albeit chilly if you were standing around in sweaty clothes), and roughly 136 participants went out on the WYO courses, while 76 competitors shuttled up for the advanced courses. Below are the complete results; also be sure to check out the e-punch splits for the advanced courses.

The WYO courses had some fast times, and only two DNFs altogether. The Lenard family ran away with the White course, with a brisk time of 35:24. Przemek Mazur took Yellow in a speedy 55:28, and John Marshall captured Orange with an impressive 53.31. Some Orange participants felt that two controls (7 and 8) were a bit tough; this was intentional. These were true intermediate-level controls, placed in the latter part of the course to reward cross-country routes and careful navigation.

On the advanced courses, prerunners reported that the water on the Brown course (control #6) had frozen solid overnight. Luckily, the other two water stops were located higher on the hillsides and remained liquid, although the water was reportedly "freezing cold."

Thanks to e-punching, the advanced event went smoothly, with minimal organizational hassles. The only glitch was control 111 (#7 on red and blue, #8 on green), which had a malfunctioning timer, resulting in split times of over eight hours for some runners. Granted, the leg leading up to 111 was the "long leg" of the course, but it certainly wasn't intended to take all day to complete! (Luckily, the leg following 111 had a time warp that allowed them to make up the extra hours spent hunting down the previous control.) After the prerunners returned, we quickly identified the problem and programmed a replacement e-punch unit. Later runners had more reasonable splits, although reportedly the software clock that was used to program the replacement control had also drifted, and the new control's timer was still off by about 30 seconds from the rest of the units.

The courses generally drew high praise, combining a minimum of physical effort with a succession of orienteering challenges that required continuous thinking. The only drawback was the fact that we didn't have premarked maps ("archaic" was one observation - are we spoiled or what?). The inaccuracies of manual map copying caused a few wobbles, such as circles marked not quite in the right spot, and even some DNFs due to inadvertent control skipping. However, the majority of folks, although a bit rusty, haven't completely forgotten their map-copying skills yet.

Our few bobbles didn't go unnoticed by the press, however, and the AP (Asinine Press) published this report, to which one of the competitors, Mr. Mark Blair, swiftly responded (if only he ran courses so fast...).

On the Blue course, Syd Reader - one of the first starters and the second finisher of the day - had the time to beat with a fast run of 69:52. Nobody else managed to break the 70-minute barrier for the rest of the day, although Wyatt Riley came close with a second-place finish of 70:44.

The first finisher of the day, Matthias Kohler, appeared to be in the same position as Syd on the Red course, posting a time of 72:58. However, perpetual last starter Tapio Karras managed to defeat him just minutes before the courses closed with a time of 67:34. Derek Maclean, running a great race to post an even faster time, unfortunately missed his third-to-last control and ended up with a DNF. On the Green course, Lars Fjellbirkeland narrowly defeated Evan Custer by 25 seconds to claim first place with a time of 61:54. And, on Brown, Deron Van Hoff managed to edge out his competitors with a winning time of 59:47.

Thanks, everyone!

As always, this event could not have happened without the help of a lot of folks. In fact, the response was so generous that we had more volunteers than we needed. Please don't let that deter you from volunteering at future events, as most meets are understaffed and a few harried helpers have to stretch to do everything.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank my course-setters, Thorsten Graeve and Steve Beuerman, who doubled as assistant meet directors, each overseeing one of the course venues on event day. Thorsten started designing the advanced courses way back in February and lobbied hard to use the northeastern area of the map, convincing me that shuttles were a viable option (he was right!). He tweaked the courses up until the last day, and I think his careful course-setting (and compassionate climb ratio) was appreciated by all. Likewise, Steve put a lot of thought into his WYO courses, producing courses that were appropriately challenging without producing a lot of DNFs.

One of my biggest concerns was transporting the advanced orienteers to and from their remote venue. Evan Custer, Mark Rice, and Kelly Wells generously loaned their vans for the shuttle runs, and Olivia Graeve and Julie Wells spent all day shuttling people back and forth along the very curvy Mt. Hamilton Road, with Harold DeMoss also doing a lengthy shift. Thanks to them, all advanced runners got to the remote starts and we had no backups or complaints.

Because the WYO and advanced courses were in locations separated by a lengthy drive, I was concerned about having enough helpers at the WYO venue during peak event hours. Six gentlemen agreed to get up very, very early and pre-run their courses at 7:30 am so they could help afterward. Their sacrifice is especially noteworthy considering the temperature at that hour. Warm thanks to Syd, Doug, Van, Matthias, Dean, and Cecil.

Several other folks also put in extra effort for this event. Penny and Harold DeMoss arrived at 8:30 and worked all day - finishes and results, shuttle driving, even control pickup - despite having colds and deciding not to compete. James Scarborough vetted the Blue course and gave Thorsten detailed feedback that was quite helpful. And we need more volunteers like Erin Krueger, a new club member who emailed me a month before the event to offer her help, totally unsolicited!

Again, a big "thanks!" to everyone who made this Joe Grant meet a success:


WHITE	3.1 km, 40 m, 9 controls - 18 entries, 59 participants

 1. Bill, Doug, & Alice Lenard                35.24
 2. Andrea Daley, Tab Taber, Pete Haughney    40.23
 3. Chris, Anna, Sarah, Neda                  42.06
 4. Jonathan & Kathy Harris                   42.38
 5. James, Fox, Meyer                         43.35
 6. Ku Ku Birds 1147                          53.48
 7. Randi Sprague, Diane Hall                 53.57
 8. Eve Kedar                                 56.12
 9. Travelers 1147                            57.38
10. Nova Morgan                               61.35
11. Georgia, Ann-Christine, & Jeff Riker      62.27
12. Girl Scout Troop 1087                     62.41
13. Kelly, Alyssa, & Janie Krag               63.40
14. Shawn Brady (6)                           65.15
15. Peter Lubbers (2)                         71.05
16. Amy Heches, Emily Allen                   72.02
17. Kaitee, Lori, Carol, Lara (Ayyar & Eder)  99.07

    Martha Apaza                               DNF

YELLOW	3.5 km, 95 m, 10 controls - 17 entries, 39 participants

 1. Przemek Mazur                                55.28
 2. Ed Richards                                  57.46
 3. Terence, Patrick, & Matthew Rabuzzi          64.07
 4. Sundeep Abraham, Karl Qi, Ken Pu, Shu Chu    65.42
 5. Rachel Care                                  69.54
 6. Cool Guy Hiking Club (11)                    71.14
 7. Ryan & Kevin Pei, Scott Westbrook            73.25
 8. Rains House, Stanford (6)
      (Olga Troyanskaya & friends)               77.54
 9. Steve Anderson                               84.40
10. Wendy Yu, Rachel Lim, Ken Ma, Charles Cho    84.52
11. Alan, Susan, Ian, & Evan Pendleton           87.02
12. Galena Shakhnovsky                           90.12
13. Al Berkowitz                                101.25
14. Tom, Judy, Libby, & Nicole Cronin           105.28
15. Brian Richardson, Matt Blanck               106.20
16. John Albrecht                               115.31

Second course: 
    Emily Allen, Amy Heches                      88.54

ORANGE	4.9 km, 230 m, 10 controls - 24 entries, 38 participants

 1. John Marshall                         53.31
 2. Albert Estrada, Rafael Ruiz           74.56
 3. Tuyen Nguyen                          75.56
 4. Erin Krueger                          77.49
 5. Catherine Golden, Robert Doolen       81.47
 6. Don & Stacy Palermini                 88.09
 7. Angelica Riley                        90.20
 8. Michael Sobczyk, Michael Pisanski     91.43
 9. Scott Henderson                       98.30
10. Jeff & Edward Boenig                 101.03
11. Christine Shirley & Katie Anthony    112.37
12. Anna, Geoffrey, Andrew, Al Theiss    120.01
13. Grant Glouser                        121.36
14. Judy Koehler                         129.44
15. Eric Carlson & Jamie S.              137.10
16. Ron Thumann                          139.26
17. Thomasina Ann Trautwein              144.41
18. Kevin Walker                         156.04
19. Jack Myers                           157.44
20. John Pagendarm                       171.23

    John Basbagill, Jim Robertson          OT  (84.56 - after 2 pm)
    Kaiwen Kam, Andy Chang, Charles Lo     OT  (137.47 - after 2 pm)
    Ed Landefeld                           OT  (266.01 - over 3 hours)
    Harry Hall, Kristen Pitsenbarger       DNF
BROWN	3.5 km, 200 m, 8 controls - 23 entries          

    1   Van Hoff, Deron           59:47 
    2   Ramberg, Eric           1:01:06 
    3   Maclean, Steph          1:06:03 
    4   Gupta, Parag            1:11:42 
    5   Freund, Dwight          1:11:53 
    6   Donohue, Brian          1:16:20 
    7   Shakhnovsky, Oleg       1:20:54 
    8   Lewis, Robert           1:21:05 
    9   Widerstrom, Bjorn       1:21:56 
   10   Kirschenbaum, Leif      1:24:45 
   11   Ernst, Tim              1:29:20 
   12   Kopeikina, Svetlana     1:29:46 
   13   Stevenson, Frazier      1:30:34 
   14   Jacobs, Marsha          1:37:52 
   15   Gerstner, Meg           1:37:53 
   16   Gillis, Trinka          1:42:43 
   17   Hann, Jay               1:53:44 
   18   French, Dean            2:14:20 
   19   Wemmer & Van Hoff       2:45:15 

        Lee, Vivian               mp 
        Cobey, Chris              dnf 
        Cobey, Carolyn            dnf 
        Arnocey, Aubrey           dnf 

GREEN	4.5 km, 270 m, 11 controls - 21 entries       

    1   Fjellbirkeland, Lars    1:01:54 
    2   Custer, Evan            1:02:19 
    3   Wildfogel, Dennis       1:06:04 
    4   Glendinning, Alan       1:06:28 
    5   Brunzell, Anna          1:13:35 
    6   Cooley, Bob             1:15:34 
    7   Wilson, James           1:19:51 
    8   Jorgensen, David        1:19:56 
    9   Scarborough, Joe        1:31:11 
   10   Fleishman, Mike         1:39:01 
   11   Wojkowicz, Debbie       1:39:13 
   12   Porrat, Dana            1:42:54 
   13   Goss, Stacy             1:47:58 
   14   Conkle, Cecil           2:07:41 
   15   Madrid, Louise          2:30:05 

        Hintz, Stew               dnf 
        Cardoza, Chris            dnf 
        Moran, Tim                dnf 
        Lanam, Jeff               dnf 
        Johnson, Rosemary         dnf 
        Petersen, Janet           dnf 

RED		5.9 km, 350 m, 14 controls - 15 entries         

    1   Karras, Tapio           1:07:34 
    2   Kohler, Matthias        1:12:58 
    3   Petersen, Mark          1:17:27 
    4   Greene, Dan             1:22:53 
    5   Carpenter, Gary         1:24:23 
    6   Rosenzweig, Eric        1:28:45 
    7   Weber, Nik              1:28:50 
    8   Schoenfeld, Kevin       1:44:44 
    9   Pinkham, Tony           1:44:49 
   10   Jaehn, Rod              1:45:36 
   11   Thomas, G. & Price, S.  2:14:08 
   12   Masalkovas, Andrejas    2:27:35 

        Blair, Mark               dnf   (skipped a control)
        Maclean, Derek            dnf 
        Rice, Mark                mp 

BLUE	7.5 km, 450 m, 18 controls - 13 entries         

    1   Reader, Syd             1:09:52 
    2   Riley, Wyatt            1:10:44 
    3   Karlsson, Marcus        1:11:46 
    4   Stoll-Hadayia, Dan      1:19:48 
    5   Lewis, Jeff             1:21:29 
    6   Stein, Doug             1:22:48 
    7   Valmaki, Mikko          1:25:53 
    8   Boughner, Van           1:42:43 
    9   Winterbottom, Rex       1:48:00 
   10   Britton, John           1:48:26 
   11   Graube, Peter           1:53:41 
   12   Masalkovas, Vadimas     2:05:21 
   13   Vomund, Mark            3:12:59