Big Basin State Park, Boulder Creek, CA 
Run in the Redwoods

A two-day USOF sanctioned A-meet and Western States Championship
Regular BAOC Event

November 14-15, 1998

Note to Local and Beginner orienteers: The "A-meet" event is open to all orienteers of all abilities.  You'll just see better organization and some fancier stuff than you may be accustomed to at regular BAOC events.  You may sign up for White, Yellow & Orange courses (for one or both days) at the event site.  Other course runners must preregister using the A-meet forms below.  White, Yellow & Orange course competitors are also welcome to register in the A-meet where they'll get more event information, national ranking points, and maybe even competitor numbers...

Link to: Start Times, Results (available as soon as possible after Nov. 15th)
Weather forecast (as of 11/11): High temp.: ~60, chance of rain: 30%.  See also Bay Area Weather Pages.

Big Basin State Park

Imagine 18,000 acres of towering old growth California coastal redwoods interspersed with conifers, oaks, and chaparral. Don't bother to include any sizable clearings or poison oak. Just think of an everlasting forested canopy with lots of room to run. That's Big Basin, California's oldest State Park and one of the most challenging BAOC orienteering venues.

Also imagine an orienteering map covering 15 square kilometers and showing hundreds of fallen trees. When you're running for the gold, a 75-meter downed redwood with a 4-meter trunk is a mapped object to reckon with. This year we will use both new and older parts of the map to show off the best that this beautiful terrain has to offer.


This event includes all standard courses for USOF classes. If necessary, smaller USOF classes may be combined. There will also be recreational courses (WYO), beginner's clinics, and Start-O courses on both days.

We will present awards to the following participants:

  • Top three finishers in each A category.
  • Top qualified Western States finisher in each A category. To qualify, your primary residence or USOF club must be in a state that tops out above 10,000 feet (3048 meters) in elevation.
  • Top finisher for each open category.


Entry fee, adult (21 & older) $17 per day
Entry fee, junior (under 21) $6 per day
USOF/IOF discount -$3 per day
Late fee (after Oct. 31) +$5 per day
Saturday night dinner $13 adult/teen
$5 under 12
T-shirts (please indicate size) $10 short sleeve
$15 long sleeve
Camping (group site) $10 per night/car
Copy of 1996 competition map $3

Day-care is available each day at the Competition Center. Pay on-site $4 per hour per child.

How to Register

Register by filling out the registration form:

  • In Adobe PDF 3.0 Format (old USOF standard form)
  • In Word 6.0 Format (preferred)
  • In text format

Send it with your check (payable to BAOC) to:

Steve Beuerman
963F La Mesa Terrace
Sunnyvale, CA 94086.

He will confirm your registration by E-mail or postcard. Be sure to include your E-mail address on the registration form so we can let you know about any event changes.

For more information, contact Steve Beuerman at 408-739-9376 or

Important Dates

  • Oct. 31 Last day to postmark registration to avoid a late fee.
  • Nov. 13 Pick up packets at the Brookdale Lodge from 7 pm to 10 pm.
  • Nov. 14
    • Pick up packets at the meet site beginning at 9 am.
    • First starts at 10 am.
    • Dinner and course reviews at 6:30 pm.
  • Nov. 15
    • Pick up packets at the meet site beginning at 8 am.
    • First starts at 9 am.
    • Awards ceremony at 2 pm.

Start Times

To determine your start times, either look at the BAOC Website ( a few days before the event or provide your E-mail address so we can send the start list to you.

You can pick up your registration packets at the BAOC Competition Center. On Friday the Competition Center will be located at the Brookdale Lodge between 7 and 10 pm. On Saturday and Sunday it will be located at the Big Basin State Park event site.

Results will be posted on the BAOC Website, and printed in the BAOC newsletter and the Orienteering North America magazine.

Local Information

The closest town to Big Basin is Boulder Creek. This town is located at the southern junction of Highway 236 and Highway 9, about half-way between Saratoga and Santa Cruz. For more information on the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Highway 9 corridor, check out Web Santa Cruz or *Highway 9*.

In mid November, Big Basin has an average high temperature of 58°F and a 15% chance of rain.

Team Redwood

  • Registrar: Steve Beuerman,  tel. 408-739-9376,
  • Meet Director: Thorsten Graeve
  • Course Setters:
    • Dan Greene
    • Tapio Karras
    • Dennis Wildfogel
  • Map Coordinator: Bob Cooley
  • Mapping/OCAD:
    • George Kirkov
    • Felix Moser


Some of the medium-size downed trees... these, fortunately, have a trail underneath... (photo by Joel Thomson, 1996)

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