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BAOC Event Director's Guide

How do you organize a high-quality orienteering event? This guide will show you!

Revision History
10/14/09 – v3.4: Convert page to wiki. (Chuck Spalding)
04/05/06 – v3.3: Change links to Starts, Finish, & Expense forms to point at PDF files. (Chuck Spalding)
12/21/04 – v3.2: Added Beginner Clinic information. (Brad Wetmore)
02/04/04 – v3.1: Reformatted for new web site design. (Van Boughner)
03/26/01 – v3.0: Substantial content revisions, including e-punching; reformatted for better presentation. (Abby Wolfe)
10/26/99 – v2.5: Divided into several pages for better printing; separated meet director and course setter tasks. (Wyatt Riley)
05/26/98 – v2.4: Minor edits, especially on map-printing information. (Wyatt Riley)
06/21/97 – v2.2W: Various updates. (Tony Pinkham)
01/19/97 – v2.1W: Additional web-related info and minor HTML corrections. (Tony Pinkham)
01/15/97 – v2.1: Conversion to HTML for BAOC website. (Tony Pinkham)
10/30/96 – v2.0: Various changes. (Tony Pinkham)
1993 – v1.0 (Tony Pinkham)

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