“Corona” training course at Las Trampas

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Las Trampas Wilderness Regional Preserve, not at the “normal” place

Dates: April 23, 2020 to ??
Location: Alamo, CA
Course Setter:
Type: Training; Streamered course for practice/exercise during the shutdown (not at the “normal” place)

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September 3rd Update

Las Trampas Regional Preserve is currently open. You can check the status here (https://www.ebparks.org/parks/las_trampas/default.htm).

General Notes

To keep the trend going, another “training” course is available for you to enjoy​—​this one in Las Trampas (https://www.ebparks.org/parks/las_trampas/), on the east side, accessible from Alamo.

The course is ready now. All the information is available in the Course Setter’s Notes (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dtNdoRp5ZrWViLQH0e77ugH0eZ7kEQ5d/view?usp=sharing).

Here are the key details:

Trailhead location: 37.834097,-122.025931. The trailhead is on Camille Avenue in Alamo, with adequate street parking.
Trailhead to Start: 900 m hike with 100 m climb  
No facilities or water.  
Length: 5.2 km  
Climb: 310 m (Yes, it is Las Trampas!)
Controls: 10
Map scale: 1:10,000  
Contour interval: 7.5 m

As with the other “Corona” courses, there is a sign-up sheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-jN8c9obVsn86-1cgUgv7IDbpbt90Kru8atlCuHpq_g/edit?usp=sharing). Please use it.

The course map is available here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/17-cwuV7_XZEj1TL-3m3DjzaonVopf91w/view?usp=sharing).

Again, the Course Setter’s Notes are here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dtNdoRp5ZrWViLQH0e77ugH0eZ7kEQ5d/view?usp=sharing). Link to CS notes:

Comments on the course are welcome.

Have fun!

(April 23, 2020)

Course Comments

I had a good time at Las Trampas today. I took the safest reasonable route to each control, as the 7.5-meter contour interval hides a lot of terrain features, and the steep, vegetated reentrants can be difficult to impossible to climb in and out of. You are braver than I am if you opt to go straight on a couple of the legs.

All of the streamers were there, and I found them pretty easily, except for #7, which was low to the ground, and in a dot clearing that I could not distinguish from the rest of the terrain in the area. Spent at least 5 minutes wandering back and forth looking for it, and was about to give up and tie a new one when it suddenly showed up, in exactly the same spot where I had been all along, but not looking in the right direction.

Take Luc's warning seriously about the trails! You will encounter some major new trails that are not on the map, and a couple of the trails that are on the map do not exist anymore, as far as I could tell. So pay attention to the contours and to the vegetation first and foremost (the open fields are certainly all still there and mapped correctly), and consider it to be a bonus if the trail you are looking for is also there.

Steve Gregg
(April 26, 2020)

Status Update

I did a “maintenance” run in Las Trampas this morning.

Luc Poppe
(May 24, 2020)