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“Corona” training course in North Berkeley (Thousand Oaks)

Dates: May 31, 2020 to ??
Location: El Cerrito, CA
Course Setter: , 510-525-1574
Type: Training; One Street-O course for practice/exercise during the shutdown

General Notes

I have designed a second East Bay Street-O course. This one covers the Thousand Oaks neighborhood of North Berkeley. It is hilly, with numerous paths and steps connecting the winding roads. A fun place to explore for beginners and families. Competive orienteers should also enjoy it as there are many legs with route choices.

Use these two PDF files for the course:

The "native" size of the map PDF file is 11"x17" (with unspecified scale). The scale will be different if you print on 8.5"x11" paper. 😉

The Start and Finish are located at 135 San Carlos Ave in El Cerrito, my house (i.e., the triangle on the map). There is ample parking on the street.

The object is to visit each of the 20 controls in numerical order. Upon arriving at a control point, circle the correct multiple-choice answer on your answer sheet. If you are running competitively, upon finishing drop the answer sheet into the labeled box on my front porch, including your name and course time. I will periodically publish the results.

The map is an Open Street Map (OSM) and has no contours (nice for hilly terrain 😉). The paths and stairways are depicted by faint red lines. The length of the course (actual distance) is about 7 km, and the total climb is about 250 m. The course can be casually walked in about 100 minutes.

There is light traffic on most of the roads and paths, although Colusa Ave and The Arlington can sometimes be busy.

If you are coming by, give me a call beforehand, and maybe we can have a social distancing chat. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

(May 31, 2020)