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National Training Camp #1

Date: Jan. 2 - 5, 2015
Location: Petaluma, CA
Event Director:
Type: Training; Offers elite-level training for Orienteer's who are interested in improving their approaches to training, learning new training methods and techniques, and to improve physical and navigational skills

Junior National Coach, Erin Schirm, has set a goal of organizing four National Training Camps in 2015. The goal of these camps is to offer elite-level training for Orienteer's who are interested in improving their approaches to training, learning new training methods and techniques, and to improve physical and Navigational Skills. These camps will include both in-terrain training and talks on various topics pertaining specifically to athletes.

The Junior Team Executive Steering Committee is excited to announcement the first of these training camps. It will take place in Petaluma, California, January 2-5th. The focus of this camp will be on physical training, and how to prepare and plan for the upcoming competitive year. We are hoping to have online registration up in a couple weeks, but if you are interested in coming, please email Erin Schirm right away at to reserve a spot. Information about the camp is below.

When: Starts Friday, Jan. 2, 2015, at 3 PM; ends Monday, Jan. 5, at 12:30 PM.

Where: More specific details about training locations to come. All training will happen around Petaluma, California.

Who: Open to all athletes who are interested and feel they can handle the physical strain of the camp. A recommendation would be 16 years and up, however if you are under 16 and feel you can handle the physical training, contact Erin.

Schedule of Activities


3PM-5PM – Start: Fun run at the beach
6-8PM – Dinner at Erin's house
8-9PM – Presentation on self-care while training as an athlete; this presentation will cover topics such as warmth and cold​—​how they are used affectively, basic nutrition concepts, making healthy food choices, caring for injuries and illness


9AM-10AM – On the track: 3 km or 5 km time trial
10-11AM – Running drills, agilities, fun group physical training exercises
12-2PM – Lunch out in Petaluma
3-4:30 – Talk on course setting as it pertains to training, arm chair training, maximizing the benefits of your training, preparing for a race
5:50-7PM – Twilight night run (will need head lamps)
7:30-10PM – Dinner and a movie at Erin's house


9-10AM – Posture and running-form workshop, using curves to get alignment
10AM-12PM – Longer run out at the coast
1-3PM – Lunch in Petaluma
3:30-5:00PM – Presentation on creating a training plan, basic principles to include in various kinds of training
5-6:30PM – Dinner at Erin's House
7-9PM – Salsa dancing


9:30-10:30AM – Interval test workout
10:30-11AM – Fun field sprint activities
11:30-12:30 – Talk on simple ways to practice orienteering when you don't have the resources on hand
12:30 – Lunch in Petaluma, exploring, head out

Training Camp Fees

U.S. Junior National Team Members: Free
JDT and Canadian Junior Team Members: $90
U.S. Senior National Team Members: $140 (Note: Senior ESC may cover)
National Team members from all countries: $140
All other participants: $250

Included in the Camp Fee:

What you will have to cover while at the Camp:


Registration for the Camp is available here (

The list of people currently registered is available here (


Erin's House can hold 6 people on the floor, and they would need to cover costs of breakfast ($10 per day). Erin would like to offer this to people who need help with the lodging costs, who are traveling from a long distance, and to juniors who may not have an adult's support at the camp.

Other lodging: There are a few reasonably priced hotels in the area. Erin is happy to arrange this for people. Grouping together in hotels would cost much less. This will be done at your request. Pick up will be arranged from hotels each morning for training.


The plan is to rent cars for the camp. All attendees of the camp will be included in this option. Please let Erin know if you plan to use your own means of transportation. We are looking for interested drivers.

Arrivals and Departures

To and from San Francisco and Oakland airports, Airporter Express shuttle runs back and forth every hour. Pickup will be arranged to and from Petaluma stop.

For Santa Rosa Airport arrivals, pick up will be arranged.

All other airports, you will need to figure out your own transportation. For help with this, please contact Erin.

Athlete Sponsorships

This is a meaningful opportunity for athletes who are looking to improve. However, it's not always easy to cover the travel and training costs. If you are interested in sponsoring an athlete's costs for this training camp, please email Erin privately. Your support goes a long way.

Please stay tuned for more information and where to sign up. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Schirm at . Thanks for taking the time to read this message. Hope to see many of you at the camp.


Junior Team Executive Steering Committee


Note: The information above is also available in a PDF file.