BAOC 2007 Sprint Series

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Summary Information


Cumulative standings will be divided into all USOF age classes and genders (although it is not expected that Event Directors will format their results in any special way—I will sort that out).

Currently, these events with qualifying Sprints are planned:

Jan 21 – U.C. Berkeley (results)
Feb 24 – Emerald Hills (results)
Mar 18 – Point Pinole (results)
Apr 29 – Stanford University (results)
May 19 – Indian Valley (results)

We are trying to schedule events at Lake Vasona, Lake Elizabeth, and other venues as well. If you can help with course-setting or directing and have a site in mind, contact (Rex).

The finale will be May 19 at Indian Valley. Anyone can participate, even if they haven't run enough qualifying races. There will be 4 sprints featuring head-to-head excitement—it will likely be mini-mass starts of 4 people each. Cumulative standings from the series will determine seeding, and there will be brackets of 16 runners each. A first bracket, a second bracket, and more—enough brackets to accommodate all participants. Anyone without enough qualifying races will be put into the last brackets. Each person will run 4 sprints averaging 1.5 km each. I will try to keep the lag-time between your runs low, and offer great spectating of the runners and the excitement as the courses weave in and out of the campus and its wilder surroundings.

So how will points be awarded at each sprint? The best runner on each Sprint gets 1 point. Then every other runner is awarded a percentage based on their time compared to the winner's time. If the winner finishes in 15 minutes, and you finish in 30 minutes, then you get 0.5 point. If the winner finishes in 18 minutes, and you finish in 24 minutes, then you get 0.75 point. This is different than the system that Peter Gagarin uses for the U.S. Sprint Series (, but keep in mind that results for probably all of the BAOC events will be reported to his standings as well, just using a different tally.

Your standing in the BAOC series is determined by the average of your best races. The more races we have, the more will count. If it's 4, then your best 3 will count. If it's 5, then your best 3. If it's 6, then your best 4. If 7, then your best 4. If 8, then your best 5. So given a certain number of races, the lesser number is the minimum you need to run to qualify for a seeded spot in the finale at Indian Valley and the overall club sprint championship. If you course-set for a Sprint event, you are awarded the same amount of points as your best race, and it counts as one of your races for qualifying purposes.

The Indian Valley results will determine the champion in each class. Winners will receive tremendous recognition, certificates, and hopefully medals or T-shirts. We have some time to cook up an attractive and feasible package. It might be built into the price of the Indian Valley event, e.g., a surcharge of $5 for Sprint competitors only to cover the costs of the goodies. Please contact me with your ideas of what you think would be good awards for this.

April 6 Update

There are two more qualifying events for the Sprint series:

  1. Tomorrow at Golden Gate Park (results)
  2. April 29 at Stanford (results)

The current standings are available here (

Your score for each race is how fast you were compared to the winner—I divided the winner's time by your time. So the winner gets 1 (100%), and if you're twice as much time as the winner, you get 0.5 or 50%.

Then I averaged your 3 best scores. If you do not have 3 sprints and 3 scores, then your average was brought down by 1 or 2 zero scores.

Since there will be a total of 7 races (Berkeley, Emerald Hills, 2 sprints at Pt. Pinole, Roberts, Golden Gate Park, and Stanford) I will take your best 4 races when figuring seedings for the Sprint Champs at Indian Valley May 19th.

So if you run 3 sprints, and win each one, but don't have a 4th, which counts as zero, your average will be 0.75 and you will be seeded lower, possibly out of the championship flight. So it's to your advantage to run sprints at the final two events and get the highest average possible.

I haven't done any age/gender differentiation in the standings yet; this will happen closer to the championship. For now, you probably know who you'd like to compare yourself with, if you do that sort of thing.

I haven't run super well myself in the series, so it must look strange for me to be second place (they must think the guy who made up this system designed it for himself). Well, I was 2nd to Eric, fairly close, at one sprint, and with the Course Setter's bonus, I get to use that score twice. Next time, with four scores being averaged, I should fall lower into the pack, unless I do dramatically well tomorrow. Plus, if some of the ringers with only two sprints show up well at the last two sprints, it will make the standings more representative of the club's performance, I think. All course setters, including Vlad (who I credited ahead of time for course setting tomorrow) and Steve Gregg and Steve Beuerman have received their best run score duplicated.

Regards, Rex

April 28 Update

Standings have been updated to include Golden Gate Park, but not to include 4 sprints yet. After I figure Stanford in, it will be based on 4 Sprints.

Nonetheless, a few people like Martin and Mikkel moved up. James has 2 perfect scores (wins) but not 3 sprints yet.

The current standings are available here (

It might make the seedings more reasonable for the May 19th Sprint Champs if some of those (like James) who won't be able to get 4 sprints, but have 3 already, to run a fourth. Also, it would give others a chance to have a higher average.


May 1 Update

Everybody qualifies and can participate in the club Sprint championships May 19th at Indian Valley.

The Sprint standings only determine your seeding within your age/gender category.

If you are coming, or even just thinking about coming to the May 19th event, I would like to know now the following information. Please send it to me by .

  1. Name:
  2. USOF Age/Gender class (like F21 or M60 or F10):
  3. Percent chance I will attend May 19th:
  4. If you would like to have another Sprint race to improve your average, this might happen or be possible. Check off which dates you could attend a barebones, small attendance sprint event:
___ Thursday evening, May 10th
___ Thursday evening, May 17th

Current Standings

The current standings include 7 races.

The following standings are updated to reflect the Stanford event scores:

  1  Eric Bone               1.0
  2  Rex Winterbottom        0.9932
  3  Mikkel Conradi          0.9429
  4  Benjamin Legg           0.9415
  5  Syd Reader              0.936
  6  Tapio Karras            0.8711
  7  Russell Neilson         0.8531
  8  Dennis Wildfogel        0.8177
  9  Andrejus Masalkovas     0.8035
 10  Derek Maclean           0.7937
 11  Steve Gregg             0.7912
 12  Greg Khanlarov          0.741
 13  Kent Ohlund             0.737
 14  Martin Kunz             0.7135
 15  George Minarik          0.7114
 16  Peter Graham            0.7024
 17  Dan Greene              0.6989
 18  Vladimir Gusiatnikov    0.6818
 19  Chuck Spalding          0.6703
 20  Wesley Willett          0.6524
 21  Bob Cooley              0.6397
 22  Manfred Kopisch         0.627
 23  Matthias Kohler         0.6107
 24  Gavin Wyatt-Mair        0.6046
 25  Bob Strauss             0.5647
 26  Brad Wetmore            0.5625
 27  Robin Gustaffson        0.5368
 28  Stephanie Maclean       0.5309
 29  Terry Farrah            0.5053
 30  James Scarborough       0.5
 31  Jeff Lanam              0.4866
 32  Jason Hogan             0.4824
 33  Francois Leonard        0.4774
 34  Eric Rosenzweig         0.4625
 35  Jean-Charles Baritaux   0.4295
 36  Bjorn Widerstrom        0.4109
 37  Ido Green               0.4053
 38  Joe Scarborough         0.4028
 39  Steve Beuerman          0.3965
 40  Frederick Lee           0.335
 41  Oleg Shakhnovsky        0.3249
 42  Jennifer Kerr           0.3217
 43  Pete Olsten             0.3068
 44  Marie-Josee Parayre     0.2853
 45  Viktor Passinsky        0.2631
 46  Joe Maffei              0.253
 47  Morten Bostrom          0.2482
 48  Mark Prior              0.2459
 49  Julia Doubson           0.2446
 50  Vadimas Masalkovas      0.2408
 51  Evan Custer             0.2313
 52  Brian Kirshner          0.2301
 53  Dag Ainsoo              0.2297
 54  Jari Ikaheimonen        0.2284
 55  Rick Baraff             0.2207
 56  Trinka Gillis           0.2073
 57  Oren Rigbi              0.2005
 58  Johan Heiber            0.1953
 59  Mitsumi Sugizaki        0.1944
 60  Anja Kahampaeae         0.1941
 61  Robert Lewis            0.1914
 62  Tomer Maymon            0.1891
 63  Terry Gleason           0.1765
 64  James Wilson            0.1701
 65  Sean Campbell           0.1684
 66  Jim Fish                0.1673
 67  Anand Varma             0.1616
 68  Shura Krechetov         0.1453
 69  Stefan Stefanov         0.1273
 70  Fyodor Konkov           0.1193
 71  Tatiana Fedyk           0.1142
 72  Joan Roos               0.1076
 73  Thierry Legall          0.1064
 74  Marsha Jacobs           0.0985
 75  Jamie Caplinger         0.0982
 76  Dwight Freund           0.0966
 77  Daniel Kopisch          0.0963
 78  Margaret Longstreth     0.0917
 79  Laura McKeegan          0.0847
 80  Shirley Pierce          0.0757
 81  Rosemary Johnson        0.0692
 82  Terri Hunt              0.0633
 83  Bronwen Caplinger       0.0612
 84  Nancy Lindeman          0.0599
 85  Dean French             0.0586