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21st Annual Golden Goat & Golden Kid

Sunol Regional Wilderness

Date: (Sun.) Dec. 18, 2016
Location: Sunol, CA
Event Director:
Course Setters: François Léonard, Nikolay Chukanov
Type: Extra-long courses with mass starts; No beginner or intermediate courses

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Icy field awaits the goats

Event Write-Up


A hearty herd of 64 goats and kids braved the early morning chill to compete in the 2016 Golden Goat at Sunol. Eventually the frost yielded to the rising sun, with near-perfect running conditions at the start.

François and Nikolay promised "epic" courses, and by all accounts they delivered.

Dennis Wilkinson turned in a phenomenal performance on the Golden Goat course to take the win. He was the only runner of the lead pack to take the left-hand option at the fork, gaining over two minutes on the 8-9-10 legs, and building a lead he would never relinquish. Mark Prior finished a strong second. Matej Šebo arrived in third, immediately followed by first-time orienteers (but obviously accomplished runners) Wayne Staats and Jeremie Dernotte, who proved that following a top navigator is a viable strategy in this unique Goat format, provided one can keep up. Their enthusiasm for the "new dimension" that orienteering adds to trail running reminded me of the first time I ventured off-trail with a map and compass.

On the Golden Kid course, Daniel Šebo emerged from the hills first, dethroning Fillan Swift, winner of the Golden Kid in three of the past four years. Gary Carpenter finished third.

There were multiple bobcat sightings, along with another large cat that was difficult to identify from a grainy smartphone photo.

And although many had already departed by mid-afternoon, Tapio Karras was recognized with the 2016 BAOC Service Award for his many contributions throughout the year, in particular for his efforts in upgrading and maintaining RouteGadget.

As a first-time event director, it was amazing to see the club's team of volunteers in action. Thank you to all who pitched in to make this event happen!

Getting ready

Course Setters: François Léonard, Nikolay Chukanov
Vetters: Fyodor Konkov, Kyle Halliday, Afsheen Mostofi
Setup: Marie-Josée Parayre
Start, Take-down: Fyodor Konkov, Julia Doubson
E-Punch: Jeff Lanam, Mark Blair
Registration: Steve Haas
Website: Chuck Spalding
Advice: Peter Graube, Gavin Wayatt-Mair, Steve Gregg
EBRPD Park Supervisor: Gordon Willey

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Ready for the start


21st Annual Golden Goat & Golden Kid

Sunol Regional Wilderness
Sunol, CA
Sunday, December 18, 2016

Golden Goat     Golden Kid

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results ( and linked on the event Attackpoint page ( (Note for those who did not finish: For technical reasons, you are listed in the splits as DISQ. This has been corrected in the results below.)

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget for this event ( (Use of RouteGadget is explained here.)

Note regarding RouteGadget for this event:
RouteGadget handles Goats and Score-O's nicely, as it has an option to use splits to determine the order in which each competitor visited the controls. In a way, each competitor makes their own course.
Unfortunately, it took massive editing to get the Goat set up for RouteGadget, as our E-punch software MeOS doesn't output the results in the format RouteGadget wants them. I had to manually remove the skipped controls, and then add all the missing splits that were only available in a format that RouteGadget does not support. I just couldn't let these epic courses go...

The updated Golden Goat Lifetime Points table is available here (PDF/85KB). Here are some notable aspects of this year's table:

[Editor's note: Please report any errors in the table or these comments to .]

2016 BAOC Service Award to Tapio

Golden Kid                  (8.3 km, 600 m climb, 16 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                      Club     Time     Behind  Time Lost
   1  Daniel Šebo                  BAOC   1:42:37              0:00  
   2  Fillan Swift                 BAOC   1:49:15     +6:38    7:21
   3  Gary Carpenter               BAOC   2:05:59    +23:22    1:58
   4  Jeffrey Kabel                BAOC   2:14:44    +32:07    6:05
   5  Joe Maffei                   BAOC   2:15:10    +32:33    0:00
   6  Marina Keating               BAOC   2:15:40    +33:03    3:52
   7  Matthias Kohler              BAOC   2:23:53    +41:16    1:23
   8  Christine Brew               BAOC   2:25:17    +42:40    4:54
   9  Stephanie Maclean            BAOC   2:25:18    +42:41    4:44
  10  Justin & Leah Galbraith             3:11:08    +88:31   12:34
  11  Evan Custer                  BAOC   3:24:48   +102:11    0:00
  12  Ginny Laforme                       3:28:17   +105:40   24:38
  13  Sheila Cotter, Christy Slye  BAOC   3:31:31   +108:54    6:42
  14  Olga Kraght                  BAOC   3:33:24   +110:47   16:45
  15  Scott Sampson                BAOC   3:40:41   +118:04    4:59
  16  Bart Laenens                 None   3:41:25   +118:48   15:20
      Catherine Kazbour            BAOC     DNF  
      Erin Magers                  GCO      DNF
      George Minarik               BAOC     DNF
      Johanna Merriss              BAOC     DNF
      Nancy Lindeman               BAOC     DNF
      William Murphy               BAOC     DNF
      Doug & Luca Caviness         BAOC     DNF

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Golden Goat                 (12.5 km, 1000 m climb, 21 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                      Club     Time     Behind  Time Lost
   1  Dennis Wilkinson             BAOC   2:09:42              1:16  
   2  Mark Prior                   BAOC   2:18:58     +9:16    0:00
   3  Matej Šebo                   BAOC   2:22:53    +13:11    6:00
   4  Wayne Staats                        2:23:01    +13:19    4:29
   5  Jeremie Dernotte                    2:23:02    +13:20    3:23
   6  Mikkel Conradi               BAOC   2:30:59    +21:17    1:18
   7  Mats Jansson                 GCO    2:52:54    +43:12    5:43
   8  Charles Triponez                    2:53:26    +43:44   20:21
   8  Roy Malone                   GCO    2:53:26    +43:44   20:27
  10  Stephen Harrison             BAOC   3:00:24    +50:42   14:00
  11  Tapio Karras                 BAOC   3:00:47    +51:05    9:21
  12  Steve Gregg                  BAOC   3:04:13    +54:31   12:35
  13  Graham Brew                  BAOC   3:04:31    +54:49   15:28
  14  Lubo Šebo                    BAOC   3:07:58    +58:16   13:34
  15  Lori Huberman                BAOC   3:16:11    +66:29    2:21
  16  Presto Huberman                     3:16:17    +66:35    5:35
  17  Kim van Berkel               BAOC   3:21:01    +71:19    8:45
  18  Eric Robinson                BAOC   3:21:03    +71:21   13:03
  19  Marie-Josée Parayre          BAOC   3:21:39    +71:57   13:46
  20  Misha Kreshlavsky            BAOC   3:28:28    +78:46    7:39
  21  Sam Coradetti                       3:37:53    +88:11   18:10
  22  Derek Maclean                BAOC   3:38:51    +89:09   19:46
  23  Kyle Peter                          4:06:09   +116:27   35:38
  24  Eric Rosenzweig              BAOC   4:11:32   +121:50    1:54
  25  Luc Poppe                    BAOC   4:33:14   +143:32   16:35
  26  Theo Verhoven                BAOC   4:45:18   +155:36   24:41
  27  Gavin Wyatt-Mair             BAOC   4:47:20   +157:38   19:04
      Trevor Clark                          DNF  
      Penny DeMoss                 BAOC     DNF
      Greg Favor                   BAOC     DNF
      Ivan Lopez                   BAOC     DNF
      Johanna & Michelle                    DNF
      Kevin Hinkley, Terri Hunt    BAOC     DNF
      Nick Giori                   BAOC     DNF
      Steve Haas                   BAOC     DNF


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)