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Bon Tempe Reservoir — "Pop-up" Event

Date: (Sun.) Jan. 24, 2016
Location: Fairfax, CA
Event Director: - 415.378.6416
Course Setter: Greg Ehrensing

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Event Write-Up


Twenty-eight runners took a chance on the weather, and made the trek to Bon Tempe for a short-notice, informal, "Pop Up" event. They were rewarded with not only a beautiful, sunny day at a beautiful venue, but also a chance to run on a brand new map of one of BAOC's favorite venues. Special thanks to our map guru, Bob Cooley, and to Bill Cusworth for weeks of field work! All the runners successfully navigated the "Hillside of Death", which may now need a new name​—​still treacherous, but now navigable. Thanks also to Laurie Offenbach with the Marin Water District for making the permitting so painless.

Apologies to the Long runners for a misplaced control. I'm blaming it on the stormy Saturday weather and the muddy ragged remains of my map (and I'm sticking with that story!). Despite spending at least 10 minutes virtually surveying the hillside for the control, Matej Šebo was still able to post the winning time on a demanding Long course.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, the courses, the new map, and the beautiful venue.

Thanks for coming!


Bon Tempe Reservoir — "Pop-up" Event

Fairfax, CA
Sunday, January 24, 2016

Short Course   Medium Course   Long Course

Short Course
  Pl  Name                       Time
   1  Evan Custer               1:11:20   
   2  Deron van Hoff & family   2:12:00
      Jennifer Kerr               DNF     
      Nancy Lindeman              DNF

Medium Course
  Pl  Name                       Time
   1  Steve Gregg               1:01:05   
   2  Chuck Spalding            1:12:08
   3  Daniel Šebo               1:19:43
   4  Julia Doubson             1:20:00
   5  Gary Carpenter            1:23:20
   6  Matthias Kohler           1:27:20
   7  Dennis Wildfogel          1:28:55
   8  Fyodor Konkov             1:33:42
   9  Vicki Woolworth           1:42:45
  10  Gary Kraght               1:45:52
      Olga Kraght                 DNF     

Long Course
  Pl  Name                       Time
   1  Matej Šebo                1:15:04   
   2  François Léonard          1:17:03
   3  Tapio Karras              1:34:22
   4  Mark Prior                1:40:55
   5  Aron Walker               1:41:52
   6  Ann Marie Cody            1:47:05
   7  Greg Favor                1:56:00
   8  Penny DeMoss              1:59:03
   9  Lubomir Šebo              2:10:40
  10  Gavin Wyatt-Mair          2:33:22
  11  Marina Keating            3:15:05
      Jay Hahn                    DNF     


DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)