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2014 Golden Goat, Golden Kid, & Golden Pygmy Goat

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

Date: (Sun.) Nov. 2, 2014
Location: Livermore, CA
Event Directors: - 209.928.4771, - 209.928.4771
Course Setter: Martin Kunz
Type: Extra long courses, and a beginner-friendly course, all with mass starts.

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Event Write-Up

By and Petersen

The first rains of the season arrived just days before our 19th annual Golden Goat. The showers settled the trail dust and softened the ground ever-so-slightly, but the threatening clouds vanished overnight leaving sunny skies and cool, crisp autumn air at the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve, north of Livermore California. Nearly 100 runners showed up for the end-of-year orienteering endurance event that featured three course choices this year: a rugged 12.6 km Golden Goat, a 7.8 km Golden Kid, and a beginner-friendly 4.8 km Golden Pygmy Goat.

The Pygmy Goat, set by Katie Petersen, provided runners with a kinder, gentler Goat experience featuring somewhat less challenging terrain and navigation, but still offering a long, hard run nevertheless. Martin Kunz, the Goat and Kid course-setter, made strategic use of some of the finest orienteering terrain in Northern California to break up the mob leaving the mass start. The early legs of the Goat and Kid courses were long and rugged. The runners were later split up by "butterfly" loops sending half the pack clockwise, and the other half counter-clockwise through the same series of controls. Near the end, runners were offered a "forked control" choice to further separate them. The design was evidently effective as soundly-exhausted finishers returned at widely spaced intervals. BAOC Goat veteran Tapio Karras remarked that this was his "Loneliest Goat" (wasn't that a song by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass?).

The winner of the Golden Goat was Mikkel Conradi with a finishing time of 1:46:29. Mikkel was followed by Matej Šebo arriving about 4½ minutes later. Tori Borish was the first woman runner, with a time of 2:18:47. Fillan Swift was the first finisher on the Kid course, with an impressive time of 1:09:02, followed by first woman runner Nadja Rutz (BAOC visitor from Switzerland) in 1:12:30. Julia Doubson dominated the Pygmy Goat with a blistering time of 32:19 (which translates to a 6.3 min/km pace!), with second place going to Daniel Šebo, who finished at the head of a tight pack in 43:51.

Top male and female runners in each of the three courses were honored with their choice of prizes: Bottles of "Flying Goat" Pinot Gris (photo ID required), the ever-popular "Goats in Trees" 2015 calendars, Goat Milk Bath Soap, or Pygmy Goat Christmas ornaments.

We also want to mention that the winners of the spirited "underground" competition for fastest time from the last ("GO") control to the Finish (in this case, a brutal uphill leg complicated by a cattle gate) was a tie between Gavin Williams and Katie Petersen at 45 seconds.

We are most grateful for the assistance of the many dedicated BAOC club members who helped in the 2014 Goat. The courses by Martin Kunz and Katie Petersen were well-planned and well-received (dare we say, enjoyed?). We also would very much like to thank: Marie-Josée Parayre and François Léonard for vetting the Goat and Kid courses; Martin Kunz (again) for setting and later collecting controls and running the Goat & Kid starts; Chuck Spalding for "real-time" updating of the BAOC event website; Bob Cooley for publishing course maps and helping us get into the equipment storage locker(!); Jeff Lanam for full-time staffing of the E-punch downloads and results operations and posting times on-line; Mark Blair for assisting with E-punch & results; Steve Haas for registration of the mass-start mob; Sarah Petersen for Pygmy course vetting, registration assistance, and control pickup; and Matej Šebo, Gavin Williams, and Katie Petersen for control pickup. A special thanks goes to Ranger Patrick McIntyre and the East Bay Regional Park District for assisting us in procuring park access, and for allowing the club use of this wilderness oasis so near our Urban Jungle.


2014 Golden Goat, Golden Kid, & Golden Pygmy Goat

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve
Livermore, CA
Sunday, November 2, 2014

Golden Goat   Golden Kid   Pygmy Goat

Notes from the E-punch crew:

There were a few people who started after the mass start. The times for Andrew Masalkov and Harold DeMoss have been adjusted in the results below. There were also a couple of groups on the Pygmy who started slightly later​—​sorry I don't remember which groups those were.
We used a program called MeOS, which is new to us but has been used in Sweden for some time. One of the things it does is produce some analysis of the splits to compute lost time on each leg. The "Lost Time" column of the results below is the sum of the lost time of each leg. It does some comparison of your time to the fastest time on the leg. I don't know the exact algorithm. Those of you who got a splits printout before the printer ran out of ink will see that data for each leg. Of course, as the results come in, these numbers change. I don't know if this information is useful. WinSplits does a similar computation to decide which legs to color pink. There are a few strange numbers in this column​—​I have no explanation for them.
Apparently, RouteGadget cannot handle the format of the splits that MeOS emits. Tapio has been in contact with the developer to see if he can change it to accept IOF XML 3.0, the standard interchange format. Stay tuned.
Finally, WinSplits displays the control number 52 for both forks. This is a deliberate design feature of MeOS. I'll see if there is some way to determine the different forks. Or we can do like we used to, and have an email thread on the BayONet ( where everyone discusses their route choices. The email address is (you must be subscribed to post messages).
– Jeff Lanam, E-Punch

Also see control-by-control timing in the WinSplits results (

You can see the event map with the actual routes traveled by participants, and draw your own route for comparison, in RouteGadget. (Use of RouteGadget is explained here. RouteGadget for this event is here (

The updated Golden Goat Lifetime Points table is available here (PDF/83KB). Here are some notable aspects of this year's table:

[Editor's note: Please report any errors to .]

Golden Goat     (12.6 km, 650 m climb, 26 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                     Club       Time      After   Time Lost
   1  Mikkel Conradi              BAOC     1:46:29               1:50   
   2  Matej Šebo                  BAOC     1:50:58     +4:29     1:23
   3  Dennis Wilkinson            BAOC     1:53:55     +7:26     2:47
   4  Andrew Peterson             BAOC     1:55:52     +9:23     2:52
   5  Pierre Delforge             BAOC     1:58:48    +12:19     8:12
   6  Marius Millot                        2:08:36    +22:07     6:27
   7  Brendan O'Brien             BAOC     2:09:03    +22:34     4:21
   8  Vladimir Gusiatnikov        OCIN     2:10:39    +24:10     5:22
   9  Tapio Karras                BAOC     2:14:30    +28:01     5:36
  10  Tori Borish                 BAOC     2:18:47    +32:18     8:28
  11  Steve Gregg                 BAOC     2:25:10    +38:41     5:48
  12  Cornelia Coolen             BAOC     2:29:50    +43:21     7:27
  13  Graham Brew                 BAOC     2:31:13    +44:44    11:21
  14  Pete Cameron                         2:33:02    +46:33    22:31
  15  Miguel Clark                BAOC     2:33:04    +46:35    18:40
  16  Jonas Libell                GCO      2:33:27    +46:58     5:14
  17  Lubomir Šebo                BAOC     2:41:35    +55:06    21:57
  18  Nikolay Chukanov            BAOC     2:46:37    +60:08    16:25
  19  Andrew Masalkov             BAOC     2:48:36    +62:07     6:46
  20  Werner Haag                 BAOC     2:49:00    +62:31     8:03
  21  Greg Favor                  BAOC     2:52:16    +65:47    15:17
  22  Derek Maclean               BAOC     2:58:23    +71:54     8:00  **
  23  Eric Rosenzweig             BAOC     2:59:31    +73:02     8:42
  24  Penny DeMoss                BAOC     3:02:45    +76:16    24:19
  25  Gavin Wyatt-Mair            BAOC     3:13:10    +86:41     4:29
  26  Damian Swift                BAOC     3:18:04    +91:35     6:05
  27  Theo Verhoven               BAOC     3:19:34    +93:05     7:19
  28  Steve Haas                  BAOC     3:48:48   +122:19    25:07
      Afsaheen Mostofi                       DNF   
      Terri Hunt, Kevin Hinkley   BAOC       DNF
      Nick Giori, Roy Lambertson  BAOC       DNF
      Carl Gabrielson             BAOC       DNF
      John Batcheller                        DNF
      Scott Sampson               BAOC       DNF

Golden Kid      (7.8 km, 450 m climb, 16 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                     Club       Time      After   Time Lost
   1  Fillan Swift                BAOC     1:09:02               4:26   
   2  Nadja Rutz            OLG Pfaeffikon 1:12:30     +3:28     2:23
   3  Reid Mayfield                        1:17:45     +8:43     9:03
   4  Gavin Williams              BAOC     1:20:17    +11:15     5:43
   4  Gian Coolen                 BAOC     1:20:17    +11:15    10:19
   6  Katie Petersen              BAOC     1:24:25    +15:23     3:17
   7  Carlo Giacometti         GAJA Italy  1:29:21    +20:19     8:19
   8  Ralf Burgert                BAOC     1:33:34    +24:32     9:34
   9  Christine Brew              BAOC     1:33:37    +24:35     8:02
  10  Johanna Merriss             BAOC     1:35:02    +26:00     4:12
  11  Holly Gaston                BAOC     1:36:05    +27:03    15:22
  12  Joe Maffei                  BAOC     1:42:34    +33:32     3:48
  13  Stephanie Maclean           BAOC     1:46:26    +37:24     5:28
  14  Marina Keating              BAOC     1:46:43    +37:41    13:44
  15  Gary Carpenter              BAOC     1:51:15    +42:13    19:35
  16  Fyodor Konkov               BAOC     2:01:55    +52:53    10:26
  17  Bryan Gaston                BAOC     2:11:20    +62:18    32:29
  18  Frederick Lee               BAOC     2:15:44    +66:42    23:24
  19  Philip Hoare                BAOC     2:16:37    +67:35    12:58
  20  Tom Gabrielson                       2:19:29    +70:27    32:20
  21  Richard Chiburis            BAOC     3:00:28   +111:26    26:09
  22  Alan Glendinning            BAOC     3:10:03   +121:01    32:34
  23  Carl & Sarah Williams       BAOC     3:20:18   +131:16    20:30
  24  Judy & Tom Cronin           BAOC     3:40:22   +151:20    46:22
      Adam Knight, Cathy Rose                DNF   
      George Minarik              BAOC       DNF
      Leslie Minarik              BAOC       DNF
      Nancy Lindeman              BAOC       DNF

Pygmy Goat      (4.8 km, 125 m climb, 14 controls)
  Pl  Name(s)                     Club       Time      After   Time Lost
   1  Julia Doubson               BAOC       32:19               1:29   
   2  Daniel Šebo                 BAOC       43:51    +11:32     2:06
   3  Davy Williams               BAOC       43:54    +11:35     4:20
   4  Kayvon Mostofi                         44:01    +11:42     2:55
   5  Rory & Jamie Maclean        BAOC       51:13    +18:54     4:39
   6  Lisa & Jonathan Brody                  53:30    +21:11     4:47
   7  Lisa & Niklas                          56:23    +24:04    10:55
   8  Sara Wegner                 BAOC       56:59    +24:40    11:06
   9  Jay Hann                    BAOC       59:50    +27:31     3:00
  10  Michael & Sean Robinson     BAOC     1:14:23    +42:04     4:45
  11  Lela Mostofi                GCO      1:15:29    +43:10    11:56
  12  Sergey Kashperskiy group             1:16:07    +43:48     9:10
  13  Harold DeMoss               BAOC     1:26:53    +54:34    15:49
  14  Katie & Anna Robinson       BAOC     1:43:41    +71:22    13:14
  15  Donna & Anthony Tiano                2:07:38    +95:19    37:05
  16  Kevin Harrington, Denise Ebright     2:18:41   +106:22    32:11


**  = The Time Lost computed by the software was clearly wrong. This is a rough guess based on the WinSplits results.
DNF = Did not finish (missed one or more controls)